IRC log of #maemo-devel for Tuesday, 2010-01-26

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lardmanin a QTableWidgetItem, what does QTableWidgetItem::Type vs QTableWidgetItem::UserType actually do/mean?01:29
woglindehe lardman01:35
woglindeI saw you finished octave01:35
lardmanhi woglinde01:35
lardmanyeah, though am not sure if it will actually install and work properly01:36
lardmanthought I'd at least push it so someone else can take a look at it if I don;t have time01:37
lardmanhmm, my table cells are not wide enough01:39
woglindesame here01:39
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lardmanah, finally, my table appears to work, with custom item and widget to paint02:31
lardmannight all02:39
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shinkamuianyone know what accessibleName is07:12
shinkamuiand the method setAccessibleName?07:12
shinkamuiis that part of QT?07:12
shinkamuitrying to port LMMS, but those appear in a number of source files, yet its not defined in ANY of the headers07:12
shinkamuiI learned C++ pre this namespace crapola07:13
shinkamuiso a lot of this new scope definition is new to me07:13
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jeff__Hi! I was looking for some information about webdav-support in Maemo5, and especially on the n900, but the internet didn't tell me much... Can anyone here enlighten me? I know that cadaver was avaliable on the n800. The most optimal thing would be if PyMaemo had api support for it...10:12
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blubbihi, can someone show me a good howto or instructions on how to connect to the Contacts database? I Want to integrate the contacts into my python/QT program14:25
blubbibasically just selecting phone numbers from the addressbook14:26
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lardmanexample in the wiki?14:44
lardmani.e. developer guide14:45
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ufabti package in extra-devel is working alright \0/17:00
ufafor n81017:00
lardmandragly_: you about?17:10
fiferboylardman: Are you having fun with model/view classes?17:13
lardmanyeah, finally got it working, thanks :)17:14
lardmanstill not so hot on how to specify the cell size mind you17:14
lardmanand I hate the ui designer17:14
fiferboyWhat are you trying to get for the size?  Change the height?17:16
lardmanheight and widtth17:17
lardmanas I'm using a custom widget to render the contents17:17
fiferboyChanging cell size is a bit weird, since it is easiest to use the horizontal and vertical headers (even if hidden) to do sizing17:17
lardmanah, I wondered about that17:17
fiferboylardman: Does your widget implement sizeHint?17:17
lardmanok, will give that a go17:17
lardmanfiferboy: it didn't seem to do much17:17
lardmanbut that might be the best bet as each cell will contain something different17:18
fiferboylardman: In order to take advantage of sizeHint you have to set the headers to auto resize17:18
lardmanah ok17:18
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w00tlardman: did you fix your problems?18:36
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lardmanw00t: yes thanks18:41
lardmanfinally realised I needed a TableListItem as well as inserting widgets18:41
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w00tah :)18:49
lardmanneed to sort out the plugin arch and get the cell widgets to actually decide for themselves what to render next18:50
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DocScrutinizerLP5523 datasheet claims 96 instructions for the 3 engines in total19:02
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lardmandoes Qt have some utility fn to tell you the size of a given bit of text (in pixels)?19:41
w00tQPainter::boundingRect() might be what you're after19:45
lardmanfiferboy: when you were talking about resizable headers, which property is that?19:45
lardmanw00t: ah, yes, that sounds like something I've seen somewhere, thanks :)19:46
* w00t heads home19:46
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lardmancu w00t19:47
lardmanjob well done, thanks! :)19:47
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fiferboylardman: QHeaderView::ResizeToContents19:47
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fiferboylardman: You do a vertical_header->resizeMode(QHeaderView::ResizetoContents)19:48
fiferboyOops, setResizeMode19:48
lardmanhmm, is that owned by the QTableWidget?19:48
fiferboylardman: you can access it though QTableWidget19:48
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lardmanok, cool19:49
fiferboylardman: table_widget->verticalHeader()->setResizeMode(QHeaderView::ResizeToContents)19:50
fiferboylardman: Beware that huge tables suffer a pretty sizable performance hit using this resize mode19:50
lardmanok, not a major issue for my 1x10 table then ;)19:50
fiferboyNo, probably not noticable19:50
lardmanthanks tho19:51
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jebbalbt: do you have access to the main builder boxes or just for Mer stuff?20:11
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jebbaI've gotten a couple config files from Ed, but it would be nice to get info about the whole setup (e.g. which version of sbdmock it's running, etc). I cloned the extras-caulderon cvs, but there's not much there that would apply in this case.20:14
DocScrutinizerLP5523 Branch Instructions      LP5523 Data Transfer and Arithmetic Instructions   -    sheeesh this isn't exactly a LP5521 with 9 outputs rather than 320:16
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SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: yluo got hte ds?21:15
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: It's a turing complete LED driver? :)21:15
DocScrutinizerseems like that yeah21:15
DocScrutinizereven multicore ;-P21:16
DocScrutinizertri-core to be specific21:17
SpeedEvilI suppose if it's done in a low voltage process, and it's got power drivers on, and it's a high res process - the compute element is damn near free21:17
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lardmanso what's the plan here?21:43
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lbtjebba: which builder boxes?21:54
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jebbathe maemo ones21:55
lbtno :)21:55
lbtI'm just a user of the openSuse OBS21:55
jebbaok, i set one up, but there are a few differences. I'm tweaking out the kvm for max disk io at the moment...21:55
lbtbut we're having a Mer builder21:55
lbtthe is smdock (sp?)21:56
* w00t waves21:57
lbtso I've not used sbdmock21:57
lbthey w00t21:57
w00tlo lbt21:57
w00thow goes?21:57
lbtbut I *strongly* recommend OBS21:57
lbtas a mechanism for managing native debian builds21:58
lbtnot bad w00t - been rather busy21:58
lbtdecent holiday though :)21:58
lbthoping to get back to work on that proposal though21:58
jebbalbt: ya, but i want to use the identical thing as the main builder box.21:58
lbtjebba: *nod*21:59
lbtI'm going to try to talk to Ed about OBS too - it has been floated a few times21:59
jeremiahsbdmock sucks21:59
lbtjebba: what's your objective?21:59
lbtprivate builder?21:59
jebbawell, lbt i do have a public SDK box available.22:00
lbtor would you be interested in improving the garage build systems?22:00
w00tlbt: on that, did you get my messages the other day?22:00
jebbaand I i do have a private sdbmock builder running22:00
jeremiahHis objective is to be subversive! =]22:00
jebbabut it woldn't have to be private22:00
lbtpersonally I think we (community) could help develop the next-gen of autobuilder22:00
jeremiahlbt: So you are leaving OBS?22:01
lbtw00t: I did - we time-shifted22:01
jeremiahNokia will never let you host proprietary bits.22:01
jeremiahUntil we claw it out of their hands.22:01
lbtjeremiah: we think they would22:01
lbtthey'll allow it for Mer22:01
jeremiahlbt: Can you point to reasons why you think so?22:01
jeremiahMer is meant to fill the EOL hole22:02
w00tlbt: cool22:02
lbtCarsten works for them22:02
jebbaya, i'm a bit confused about the non-free stuff. I currently pull from nokia *every build*, which is of course inefficient...22:02
jeremiahBut you need more than that.22:02
lbtnot much22:02
lbtand that would be the discussion22:02
jeremiahYeah, Carsten is awesome. But he alone cannot get TI to GPL their software22:03
jeremiahAlthough he is doing a pretty damn good job.22:03
jeremiahBut from what I see, the new build tool is going to be linked to MADDE22:03
jeremiahThey have put a lot of work into that22:03
jeremiahSo I doubt they will just give you the keys to the autobuilder anytime soon22:04
lbtyeah, I've not investigated that22:04
jeremiahBut I'm a skeptic.22:04
jeremiahMADDE rocks22:04
lbtwe have the keys22:04
lbtit's called the SDK22:04
jeremiahNo you don't22:04
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lbtyeah, we do22:04
jeremiahDid you sign an NDA for Stage?22:04
* lbt waits for jeremiah to fill in blanks22:04
jeremiahi.e. stage.maemo.org22:04
jeremiahI know keepsie did22:04
jeremiahBut that is because he has to.22:05
lbtno I didn't22:05
jeremiahThen you don't have access to the SDK!22:05
jeremiahI win22:05
lbterr, I can dl it22:05
lbtI win22:06
jeremiahThey are binary blobs!22:06
jeremiahOf course you can download it.22:06
jeremiahand . . .22:06
jeremiah      and22:06
jeremiahblobs aren't source!22:06
lbtI want to build code22:07
lbtnot build the builder22:07
jeremiahwhy do you think they call it 'bootstrapping'?22:07
lbtI'd *like* to build the builder...22:07
lbtwe bootstrap using an old technique22:07
jeremiahWell. In any case. I love Mer and would love to have more time to hack on it.22:08
lbtI'm talking Mer and Fremantle22:08
jeremiahI want to install it on my N900 and dual boot22:08
jeremiahI know. :)22:08
lbtthis is part of helping maemo/garage drift towards open-ness22:08
jeremiahs l o w l y22:09
jeremiahbut yes.22:09
jeremiahYou guys are a ray of hope.22:09
lbtso I'm kinda looking to find people (like jebba) who can help too22:09
lbtinstead of simply copying the autobuilder22:09
lbtdo it better22:10
jeremiahyeah, keep jebba busy and off the damn lists and off of bugzilla!22:10
jeremiahHe is making the Finns boiling mad. =]22:10
jeremiahjebba: Are you still Stateside or are you back in Good Airs?22:10
lbtwell, he's got a bit of learning to do in the art of persuasion22:11
lbtbut shock tactics work for the community22:11
jeremiahSqueaky wheel gets the grease. :)22:11
lbtand he may not lose all credibility/respect if he follow up ;)22:12
jeremiahI think he already has gotten some cred for having a working repo when Nokia's went down!22:12
* lbt prods jebba until he agrees to do something constructive with Mer/Maemo....22:12
lbtnot enough22:12
lbtdon't let him rest on laurels ... although clearly he can't keep his connection to irc up...... :P22:13
jebbajeremiah: i'm in Colorado right now.22:16
jeremiah^^ great blog about using git22:16
jeremiahjebba: Oh cool22:16
jeremiahWhere in CO?22:16
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lbtI just got back22:16
jeremiahFrom Colorado?22:16
*** Docscrutemp has joined #maemo-devel22:16
lbtskiing in Snowmass22:17
jebbaNear masonville (fort collins)22:17
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5122:17
jebbai'm doing so many mer/maemo things at once i can't keep up with irc  ;)22:17
lbtjebba: you live there?22:17
jebbahere and i argentina (official residence in the latter)22:17
jebbadoing fresh mer install at the moment.22:17
lbtmy other hobby/passion is Tango22:17
jebbamoving the build server /scratchbox to a 3xRAID0 partition  :)22:18
jebbahah. really? lots of tango there for damn sure.22:18
w00tlbt: takes two22:18
* lbt considers making up to jebba and then crashing at his place22:18
* w00t twirls with lbt22:18
jeremiahI thought that it was jebba who said his passion was the tango. I nearly barfed.22:18
lbtoh mrs lbt is hot :)22:18
w00tyou're taken? boo22:18
jeremiahsimmer down a bit lbt22:18
lbtsorry mate22:18
jebbaya, tango aint my passion ahah22:19
lbtbut men tango together too22:19
lbtjebba: boo22:19
w00tI have two left feet anyway22:19
jeremiahHow do you know w00t is a dude?22:19
lbtnah, anyone with a brain can dance22:19
w00the knows me a little bit (I am)22:19
lcukw00t, he operates his love life like lis linuxes, he has many virtual machines all with their own address space22:19
w00tlcuk: hahah22:19
w00tI once set up a server with each process in a seperate KVM, I got very tired of maintaining it very quickly22:20
* lcuk lurks again22:20
w00tlcuk: how goes? i've not seen much of you lately :P22:20
jebbaw00t: i'm doing kvm tweaking, if you know much about it... Ever use qemu-nbd?  Also know anything about KVM and PIE?22:20
jebbai just enableded AIO for the first time.22:21
w00tI know that PIE is delicious22:21
w00tto be honest, I don't remember a lot22:21
w00tthis was quite some time ago, and I had it all hidden away in scripts so it just did what I wanted it to do22:21
lcukw00t, ive been very busy :) things are looking fantastic though.22:21
w00tlcuk: good good22:21
* w00t is feeling quite positive atm too22:23
w00tgot a wicked set of ideas I want to work on in the next few weeks, and magically, I've suddenly got all the time in the world to do them!22:23
jeremiahman, I love that when that happens22:24
* jeremiah is jealous of w00t22:24
w00tjeremiah: well, technically, you wouldn't be if you knew the situation22:25
w00tbut it does sound nice, i admit22:25
jebba-drive file=/dev/sdb1,index=3,if=virtio,cache=none22:25
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*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5122:26
jeremiahI hope the free time is because of positive changes, not any negative stuff. :)22:26
w00tit'll be positive in the future, i hope22:26
w00tfor all intents and purposes, i'm done with my current job22:26
*** lardman has joined #maemo-devel22:30
jebba"***lbt prods jebba until he agrees to do something constructive with Mer/Maemo...."        Hmm. You serious?22:31
jebbauh, you dont think i've done anything constructive?22:32
lbtshould have added "builder"22:32
lbtnah, just I think it's not worth duplicating the autobuilder22:32
lbt(put your fists down ) ;)22:32
jebbajust wait22:32
lbtit'd be nice to come and play with the OBS stuff22:32
jebbapatience  ;) haha22:33
w00tnow now, boys22:33
w00tno throwing toys out of the pram22:33
lbtwe're hoping that Mer is going to show "how it should be done" from the community PoV22:33
lbtit's a subtext22:34
jebbapeople didnt think it was worthwhile setting up mirrors either...22:34
lbtand Nokia have already been watching that22:34
lbtso we know it isn't 100% a fools errand22:34
lbtand, tbh, it shows that they don't *need* a stick22:34
lbt(it doesn't hurt though)22:35
lbt(every now and again - to wake them up)22:35
jebbawhat has nokia been watching?22:35
lbtwell they hired Carsten22:35
lbtand sponsor Mer22:35
w00tlbt: cattle prods are still fun if just for amusement value22:36
lbtI work around Nokia now too (kinda)22:36
lbtw00t: very true22:36
lbtso jebba, they *do* truly listen to the community22:36
lbtboth of us were approached 100% because of our work in Mer22:37
lbtjust saying :)22:37
w00t(personally, I still think there was brainwashing involved when it comes to Stskeeps. :P)22:38
lbt*nod*  he did a real job on them <grin>22:38
lardmanmust be hard to type code and keep that pocket watch swinging infront of the Nokia HR people ;)22:39
jebbalbt: would figuring out that the SDK had been silently changed and about to be deployed in the autobuilder be constructive criticism?22:40
w00tevening lardman22:40
lardmanhi w00t22:40
w00tlardman: how goes the qt adventures?22:40
lardmanw00t: ok, given up for now though, day-job work to get done asap22:40
*** sleipnir has quit IRC22:40
w00tlardman: ah. my condolences :P22:41
* w00t pokes dh_make cautiously22:41
jebba(wrt to builder issues)22:41
*** tbf has joined #maemo-devel22:41
lbtjebba: ask about it. Show your evidence. Ask why. Assume good intentions and people who work very hard 'cos they love what they do.22:44
lbtyou know your earlier posts got people riled up.... I assume you want to be more .... gentle this time :)22:45
jebbalbt: I did. It was the reason they went with the previous SDK in the autobuilder. There were 2 threads about it in maemo-devel.22:45
lbtthen people like graham cobb etc can pipe up too22:45
jebbathey did. etc.22:45
lbtah, thought you meant *again*22:46
lbtthat was a good thing to point out22:46
lbta *Very* good thing :)22:46
jebbaso i've done *something* then apparently, wrt to builder issues, no? In fact, something quite fundamental to it, no?22:46
*** t-tan has joined #maemo-devel22:47
lbttoo easy22:47
jebbawell, no one else noticed it....22:47
lbtthat's just beginners luck22:47
lbtcome and help build a better mousetrap and we'll see22:47
jebbait was never my intention to rebuild how they are doing the builder.22:48
lbtyou aim too low then :)22:48
lbtto be fair it wasn't our intention either22:49
w00tit wasn't?22:49
lbtwe started by hating how maemo sdk used sbox22:49
* w00t grins22:49
lbtI looked for a build system to use (vs cd <dir>; make)22:49
w00tI got around that by not writing anything requiring compiling so far#22:49
lbtand OBS was the first one I liked enough to try22:50
lbtinvestigated and tested it22:50
lbttried it for a while22:50
lbtthen ended up using it22:50
w00tand one day, children will sing songs of your mighty battles, and statues in your honor will be carved22:50
w00tSir Lbt, the Brave22:50
w00tthey shall call you22:50
lbtI already did that22:51
jebbafedora's system is pretty rockin', but probably hard to convert over for .debs.22:51
lbtdo you want the tune?22:51
lbtjebba: indeed22:51
lbtthe nice thing about OBS is it's not a build system22:51
w00tjebba: there is some script that attempts to do that22:51
w00t(convert spec to debian packaging)22:51
lbtit's a build-system agnostic build-system scheduler22:51
w00tI don't know whether it works, or anything22:51
w00tjust that it exists22:51
lbthell, the main thing OBS does is schedule VM creation22:52
* w00t nods22:52
w00tthe way it should be, really22:52
lbtyep - so it's Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/Suse agnostic22:53
w00tlbt: stskeeps is making me learn things the hard way :(22:54
*** Stskeeps has joined #maemo-devel22:55
w00t01/26@21:54:55 <#maemo-devel/w00t> lbt: stskeeps is making me learn things the hard way :(22:55
w00t01/26@21:55:08 <#maemo-devel/lbt> aww22:55
*** onen|openBmap has quit IRC22:56
lardmanmust have felt his ears burning ;)22:57
Stskeepsbest way to deal with maemo stuff22:57
Stskeepshead first, attack22:57
w00tStskeeps: but what if I'm simultaneously burying my head in the asnd!22:57
w00tsand*, gosh, I seem to be dyslexic today22:58
lardmanglad it wasn't e.g. s/nd/s22:58
* lardman has his dyslexic days too, normally every morning22:58
lbtblt is glad he's immune22:59
w00tI'm probably still a tiny bit hungover22:59
* w00t hates weekday drinking22:59
lardmanmmmm blt ;)23:01
lardmanhates post weekday drinking surely? You can't hate the drinking itself?!23:01
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk23:02
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC23:04
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo-devel23:05
w00tlardman|afk: I do23:05
w00tmostly because it usually ends Badly23:05
w00tlast night I had far, far too many vodka redbulls23:05
w00tand as a result I didn't sleep23:05
*** kamui__ has joined #maemo-devel23:17
*** zgold_ has joined #maemo-devel23:18
*** Pengman has joined #maemo-devel23:25
PengmanG'evening all - In python, how do i empty the list of items for a hildon.TouchSelector?23:28
*** kamui has quit IRC23:36
*** JPohlmann has quit IRC23:41
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC23:42
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo-devel23:47
*** fiferboy has quit IRC23:50

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