IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2020-12-30

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PaulePanterHi. I am using the Nokia N9 again, but it won’t connect with mobile internet (o2 Internet).15:03
PaulePanter(in Germany)15:03
PaulePanterThe SIM was reset, and the device restarted several times.15:03
PaulePanterI think, o2 internet worked three or four years agon.15:03
PaulePanterDo you know, if the providers (O₂) changed something in there 3.5G gear, so that the device can’t connect anymore?15:04
PaulePanterThe 3.5 icon in the top panel just keeps blinking white/blue.15:04
PaulePanterThe SIM card and o2 Internet works with the Jolla phone. So no idea, if the stack is the same, and it points to a hardware issue with the Nokia N9.15:13
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