IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2019-01-21

paso how to upgrade openssl?00:57
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coderusbuild openssl and upgrade08:55
pacoderus: i mean there are those pkgs from nieldk11:10
pabut i get the "not user package" error11:10
coderuspa: well, i guess you need terminal/ssh connection12:15
pacoderus: i tried via apt-get install12:20
pabut i was getting the same error12:20
pashould i dl the .deb and go via dpkg?12:20
coderuspa: you could try12:25
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valdur55Hey! One friend talked about My phone battery is dead so I  can't18:37
valdur55                    test it...18:37
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palooks interesting19:51
pai wonder how it compares to mer/nemo19:51
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