IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2017-03-01

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fish-bulbis there anything else that can be installed on the n9?16:20
fish-bulbI have one that's factory reset and I can't get anything to work. it's some shit that can't be instaleld without repos, and the repos can't be changed without the shit that needs to be installed. it's a 100% stalemate16:24
coderusfish-bulb: ?16:26
fish-bulbI've tried every fucking "solution" and they can't work now. if it was like... the 8 months when this thing still had any official support: it would have16:26
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fish-bulbtried it16:27
fish-bulbthere's no bash16:27
fish-bulbbash can't exist without repo changes16:27
fish-bulbrepo changes can't happen without bash16:27
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fish-bulbso can I flash something else on this?16:28
fish-bulbit doesn't work on a clean device. none of that is possible on a totally clean device16:29
deramdid you try the steps in the first post? I can't see anything requiring bash in those steps..16:33
coderusyou can't flash anything on it. if you find device useless for you, consider sending device as donation to community program16:34
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fish-bulbsurely I can reflash something onto it16:43
fish-bulbthis is very frustrating, I got it from nz in perfect condition16:44
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fish-bulbdidn't trust the content, factory reset, why would that brick it18:00
fish-bulbis there anything I can flash onto this? otherwise it probably becomes a music player18:01
coderusthere are no replacement for meego18:06
coderusyou can only follow guide step by step to activate developer mode18:06
coderusor if you dont want you can listen music18:06
deramthat first post is btw more up to date than few pages of followup18:07
deramreports of bash being needed is for older package..18:08
fish-bulbthere is no terminal18:13
deramthe first post instructions do not need one18:19
deramterminal comes from devel mode, which is the last step18:20
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