IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2017-02-09

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Michael_a320Is there a part number for this?
Michael_a320N9 interchangerble with "Lumia 800" ? Recommended place to source?08:41
Michael_a320*interchangeable.  These 2 look slightly different to the 1st ("more metallic" is visable?).
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Michael_a320Juesto: Does this help?
Michael_a320I thought you didn't notice the differences09:26
Juestodidnt even look09:27
Michael_a320nw.  I suppose my best bet, is to remove the one on my phone & buy the one that looks most similar  ?09:30
Juestohow a meego phone can be interchangable with a windows phone09:35
tbrbecause hardware runs software.09:36
Juestono, i mean the entity09:36
tbrThough it should be noted that there are not many similarities between the N9 and the L80009:36
Juestohardware is different so is software09:36
Juestoespecially software availability09:37
tbrthere are phones that are very similar by hardware and only differ by software. This is not the case here though.09:38
Michael_a320I was just thinking about the 'sim reader/jacket'.09:39
JuestoMichael_a320: you need a nano-sim compatible sim09:40
Juestothen you can just transfer it09:40
JuestoSIM is a standard09:40
Michael_a320*refering to the 'nano sim reader/jacket'09:41
Juestoand when you get from your career you get a sim capable of three sizes: sim, micro sim, and nano sim09:41
Juestoyou'll need an upgrade if your sim doesnt have the marks to make it smaller09:42
Michael_a320My phone needs a soldering job, just need to decide on where to buy the part from.09:42
Michael_a320I bought 2   N9, that can't read nano-SIM, because of broken pins09:44
Juestonano sim are new also09:45
Juestopretty recent09:45
Michael_a320I think it's actually micro-sim09:45
tbryes, N9 uses micro10:05
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padoes anybody know if there's an internet radio alternative to musikloud2 that works?19:20
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