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stef204hi, right place to get some help on serious n9 problem?17:58
stef204if anyone can provide feedback, would appreciate it.  Here is the problem.17:59
stef204I just bricked my n9 using apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade.  (the second command was really stupid to use, my bad.  Have no idea how to recover.17:59
stef204first negative impact after this wrong move was some apps desktop icons no longer there, replaced by exclamation point, when clicking on it, system said: app name can no longer be used, reinstall. and then it seems to go into infinite loop18:00
stef204rebooted but now just stuck at boot screen with nokia logo, nothing happening18:00
stef204how do I get out of this mess?18:00
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coderusthe only way is to get firmware somewhere and flash it18:19
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stef204coderus: Hi, I actually had some of your software installed on my phone, was really nice.18:25
stef204coderus: so the code behind the SIM holder seems to be 059L 5D018:25
stef204it is the 16GB version18:25
stef204coderus: are you able to point me to the links to the right firmware?  Most of the links I "find" in google are dead18:26
coderusyou need to find it yourself18:26
stef204and I can run Linux (preferably) or Windows18:26
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stef204do you know what string I should look for?  And also, what about the flasher?  this link id dead, I mean navifirm not available
stef204coderus: a bit more help would be really nice, I am really in trouble here with this.  I know you are an experienced developer and probably have idea where to find the software image, etc.  I would really appreciated it18:30
coderusflasher is available, you need to get firmware18:33
stef204coderus: ok, I cannot see the link to flasher, can you please give it to me? feel free to private message me if you prefer18:38
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stef204thanks, let me download it18:39
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stef204coderus: ok, I downloaded the flasher. How do I get the firmware? This is the N9 i have 059L5D0: N9 RM-696 Country Variant ********* ** Black 16GB V118:42
stef204I had updated that OS when Nokia was still "alive"--they had an OTA upgrade of OS.18:45
coderusyou need to google harder18:46
coderusi have no idea where to download images nowadays18:47
stef204you might have one from before? Are you able to put in on your website so I can ftp it? Or on a free download site, etc.?18:49
coderusi have no n9 firmwares18:50
coderusif you find one i can put it to website18:50
stef204thanks. Do you think this would work?
stef204it is of a different country than mine but it is 16 GB18:52
coderusstart flasher -i and connect device to get actual version of installed firmware18:57
stef204ok. I will do that.  In the meantime, can you please see if this russian website gives link to image files?  I tried translating it but difficult to see/understand.18:59
coderusyes but not your productcode19:05
coderuswith flasher -i you can get info about product variant number and try find compatible image19:05
stef204ok, I see i cannot install a .deb file (the flasher) on Ubuntu19:07
stef204I will try to use Windows7 inside a virtual machine I have19:07
stef204I should be able to install this deb file in Ubuntu, though, let me try via cli19:08
stef204ok, installed flasher in Ubuntu19:10
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stef204do I need to "mount" the phone? I am not sure ubuntu recognizes the phone is in usb19:31
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stef204flasher 3.12.1 is saying  "suitable usb interface not found, waiting..."19:35
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stef204i may have bricked the usb interface on the N9 with the dist-upgrade command19:35
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stef204i can try the windows VM19:36
coderusstart flasher -i19:39
coderusconnect usb cable19:39
coderuspress and hold power button until fasher recognize it19:39
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stef204ok, thank you19:39
coderusprobably you need sudo flasher -i19:39
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stef204i will go to a different computer which has Windows XP installed on HDD (NOT inside a virtual machine like Ubuntu is)19:49
stef204and use thw Winflasher version19:49
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stef204no luck in windows, I get the device driver not installed properly error20:12
stef204I have nokia suite and nokia software updater installed on the windows box but I don't know if this can help20:13
stef204ok I finally got it20:15
stef204let me post the exact version20:15
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stef204coderus: DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3.480.04.1_PR_48020:17
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stef204coderus: i found a torrent here but not exactly same version20:35
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coderustry this:
stef204thank you. let me download it.20:41
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stef204ok, it is downloading20:45
stef204coderus: Don't kill me but while file was downloading, I used something similar to "locate" for Windows and found on the Windows laptop my original image file and all of the rest of the files like .vpl .dcp and signature.bin, etc.21:25
stef204so I guess I should use the original file perhaps (I think it comes from a backup or a download I had done years ago using Nokia Software Downloader21:25
stef204so ready to flash now I guess.21:26
stef204coderus: what is the best command to use to flash the bin file, using WinFlasher?21:30
stef204flasher -F filename.bin  -f -c21:31
stef204I think I will try: flasher.exe -F "file name of firmware".bin -f21:37
stef204I get downgrade disallowed, failed to flash21:47
stef204it shows a table and some log, which says something like: imahe moslo nor present , image mmc not present, image tar skipped image config skipped21:52
stef204battery level 19% )I don't know if battery level is a problem, phone is plugged in to power)21:53
stef204well to USB I should say21:53
stef204and then at the end of table, Downgrade disallowed21:53
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stef204I will try the otehr image file, the one you linked to21:58
coderusyes you should flash image matching your current sw version taken via flasher -i21:59
stef204ok, thanks. this command is OK? flasher -F filename.bin  -f -c22:01
stef204or forget the -c?22:01
coderusforget -c22:05
stef204coderus: ok, flashing successful.  Now, just reboot phone? and then hard reset once it has booted?22:26
coderusyou dont need hard reset after flashing afaik22:27
stef204ok,, i read that it might get rid of some temp files, etc. let me try to turn on phone now22:28
stef204coderus: ok, phone boots now and I still have my contacts in it! But all of my custom apps are gone.22:46
stef204I need to install warehouse now22:46
stef204i hope I can get the developer mode back on22:46
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stef204cannot get developer mode back on, I need to install warehouse now and then figure how to reinstall all of my apps.22:54
stef204coderus: I really appreciate your help, at least I have recovered my phone now!22:54
stef204thanks for taking the time.22:54
coderusyou need this:
stef204coderus: ok let me read that,22:56
stef204ok, i am installing the 0.7.2 deb file23:00
stef204ok it is installing. Do i need to edit the mirror files and comment or remove the official (old) repos?23:07
coderusi dont know, try reading comments and asking author23:08
stef204i probably do, it is taking a really long time to update some old app, must be stuck in look to unavailable repo, perhaps.  Anyway, I need to install warehouse now.  And I hope to be OK once I have warehouse23:10
stef204coderus: I have Warehouse installed now. Thank you again for your help.23:53

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