IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2016-08-25

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mortlindhi all, i am trying to revive an old n9. i have trawled trying links to various firmwares but without success. is there some consensus about where to download firmwares?10:22
mortlind(problem is, i left the phone with a screen lock code a couple of years ago, and i have forgotten the code. needs to reflash)10:23
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mortlindvaldur55: i tried the 480 there, but it had an error when trying to flash. besides, i dont know what to look for to get the right image for my phone. how, for instance, do i find out what firmware version is already on the phone? it is necessary to know, since downgrade is not allowed.12:18
mortlindvaldur55: and what emmc-image should i get?12:18
coderusflasher -i12:19
coderusemmc any, its not versioned12:19
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morlinvaldur55 and coderus: thanks for the help guys. now i got it flashed17:08
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valdur55coderus: well. mortlind is third person who asks about frimware... And whe have bot on chat....17:28
valdur55Is it possible to put that link behind some command?17:30
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