IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2016-07-16

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Oni^how to get chmod +x to work17:12
valdur55Oni^: what error do you get?17:14
valdur55when it says: Premission denied,  then use it with sudo  or as root17:15
valdur55Oni^: for what  purpose do you want17:15
valdur55to use it?17:15
Oni^mmh, it's working now17:17
coderuschmod is very dangerous, be careful :D17:18
Oni^Maybe aegis-dev-mode worked17:19
Oni^\o/ got bin I copy elsewhere to work17:22
valdur55well. it smells like Fat32 filesystem.17:24
valdur55Actually MyDocuments folder have different filesystem17:25
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Oni^mmh, after reboot chmod +x bit is gone21:48
valdur55Oni^: please give more information about your plan?22:43
Oni^I have newer version of Meegopas in /opt/Meegopas/bin/ I try to give it x bit so I can run it22:48
Oni^so how to make that chmod command to stay even after reboot22:49

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