IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2016-01-29

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fishbulbI've tried flashing my n9 with every tool there is01:32
fishbulbit says failed every time01:32
fishbulbthere's still stuff on the phone after the factory reset01:34
fishbulband it's working. seems to be.01:34
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coderusfishbulb: there is only one tool you should use: flasher06:23
coderusand there is only one instruction you should read:
Dante_JHi coderus I just wanted to say thanks for all the cool work you do on N9s and Sailfish06:48
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fishbulbI tried ALL the tools.09:44
fishbulbif they all came back with the same error09:44
fishbulbthis probably means the phone is messed up?09:44
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fishbulbif that flasher tool doesn't work, on any OS, even forcing it, this phone COULD be corrupted09:59
fishbulbbut it still has a bunch of crap on it from when I factory reset it.09:59
fishbulbsomething I shouldn't have done10:00
fishbulbbecause of the repos chicken egg thing.10:00
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coderusfishbulb: fishbulb sorry i can't guess what is your problem. try telling tetails or call Vanga :)11:02
fishbulbhey I remember your name, I told you the details a while ago11:03
fishbulbusing all the tools on all operating systems to try to flash it and/or force flashing it11:03
coderusokay, but i dont remember :)11:03
coderusif so then i really cant help more :)11:03
fishbulbwhat's vanga11:25
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