IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2016-01-23

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HtheBdoes anyone here has success flashing an N9 on Windows10?01:58
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rZrHtheB, eresy02:33
HtheBrZr: ?02:41
rZrheretic windows10 user02:42
rZrare you actually using it ?02:43
HtheBdont judge/hate me02:43
rZris it ok ?02:44
HtheBfor me: yes02:44
HtheBgot the pro version02:44
rZrI judged without even knowing it02:44
HtheBI've turned all those privacy issues02:44
HtheBturned off*02:44
rZrbut I read scary stuff02:44
HtheBthere are simple apps for it02:45
HtheBlike shutup1002:45
rZrso you have a regular "updated" xp02:45
HtheBit's easy02:45
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rZrit works this time . but next one ?02:45
HtheBas in Windows 11?02:45
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MaxdamantusHm. The browser in Harmattan is Gecko-based, right?12:27
MaxdamantusIt doesn't seem to be able to parse the string literal `"\0"`12:28
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tbrIIRC groB isn't gecko based12:32
Maxdamantus"\0" seems to exist in both ECMAScript v3 and v5.12:32
tbrprobably whatever was in qt at that time12:33
MaxdamantusAh, right.12:33
Maxdamantusso either KHTML or WebKit.12:33
Maxdamantuspresumably KHTML/KJS.12:34
MaxdamantusI think KHTML was upgraded to WebKit later.12:34
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CreteilHi all18:44
Creteilsomeone up ?18:44
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coderuslol, there are alwways peoples who dont know how to use irc :)18:58
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chopixis whatsup working for anyone?21:30
chopixanyone alive? :s21:42
coderusi think it's better to ask in whatsup tmo thread, than here21:44
chopixhows life coderus?22:04
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xeloI'm wondering: Does a list of available kernels  OpenMode / Stock exist?22:12
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