IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2015-10-18

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Malinuxwhere can I get Nokia N9 firmware? I need to reflash my nokia N9 with original firmware. Can't belive why I didn't save the bin-file from last time i reflashed my phone02:03
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coderusMalinux: mrcrab.net10:09
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Malinuxcoderus: thanks :)11:31
Malinuxcoderus: Is it the largest bin-file I should use?11:31
coderuslargest which is not emmc11:32
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MalinuxThath might be why I got an error11:55
MalinuxI chosed the one with emmc :)11:55
MalinuxSo I'll try again. I will also make a folder on my server with necessery tools :) in case I have to do this again later :) hehe11:56
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coderuswhat tools?12:12
Malinuxflasher and firmware :) just in case it dissappear from the internet12:13
Malinuxit worked. However, i have two links to phone and messages :)12:18
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MalinuxI can live with it, just a bit strange probebly?12:19
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Mike11hello all :)18:54
Mike11are there any active mirrors for nokia repositories that I can use on my nokia n9??18:55
Mike11I need to enable developer mode18:55
coderustry search on talk.maemo.org19:03
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