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seichii_i brought my phone on repair shop and was able to repair the parts needed09:02
seichii_but i need to flash my phone cause i forgot the key code09:02
seichii_where can i download emmmc.bin09:03
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seichiisorry got dc09:22
seichiiwhere can i download emmc.bin09:22
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seichiisorry i got dc again09:43
seichiiwhere can i download emmc.bin please tell me09:43
seichiicant download on navifirm anymore cause nokia close server09:44
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seichiianyone up here hello?09:58
seichiiplease i need it urgent09:58
seichiiis the emmc on this link work
seichiiplease anyone answer me09:59
seichiianyone please i need to know if this is the right emmc.bin10:03
seichiicause i need to download now and return my phone to the repair shop later10:03
seichiiand its big,so i want to make sure this is the right file10:03
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seichiiJonni are you there please help me10:07
seichiianyone please help i need this urgently10:08
coderusemmc is same for all variants10:08
seichiibut is the one from the link i gave the correct emmc10:09
seichiiim downloading from that one10:09
seichiii notice emmc.bin are different depending on variant10:09
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seichiidifferent in sizes10:09
seichiii meant this file DFL61 HARMATTAN 40.2012.13-7.SEAP EMMC SEAP.bin10:10
coderusit contain different preloaded maps and pictures10:10
seichiithats the emmc that match my firmware10:10
seichiiso is that correct if i download that?10:10
seichiicause its different from the DFL61 HARMATTAN 40.2012.21-3.ALPS.14 EMMC ALPS.bin10:11
seichiifrom here
seichiiits much larger10:11
seichiiso am i downloading the correct file?10:11
seichiisorry if i talk a lot i just need to download this cause the repair shop closes at early night10:12
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seichii_sorry i got dc10:14
seichii_so am i downloading the correct file coderus?DFL61 HARMATTAN 40.2012.13-7.SEAP EMMC SEAP.bin?10:15
coderusemmc doesnt matter10:15
coderusit contains different preloaded maps and pictures10:15
seichii_it does cause i cant remove the code10:16
coderusthere is also slim emmc somewhere without contents10:16
coderusyou can flash without emmc10:16
seichii_i tried flasher -f -R -F DFL61 HARMATTAN 40.2012.21-3 PR LEGACY 005-OEM1-958 ARM.bin10:16
coderusand then in phone settings format partition10:16
coderusflasher -f firmware.bin --erase-user-data=secure -f -R10:16
seichii_but it doesnt remove the code from the start10:17
coderuswithout first -f10:17
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coderusflasher -F firmware.bin --erase-user-data=secure -f -R10:17
coderusread tmo rtfm about flashing it have answers to al questions10:17
seichii_is that safe will the code be erase?10:17
seichii_sorry i dont have time to read i only have 5 hours left till shop close10:18
seichii_ill do it ill brb10:18
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seichiicoderus sorry i was in windows10:25
seichiii needed to change to linux10:25
seichiito flash10:25
seichiiits done coderus10:56
seichiithe code is gone thanks10:56
seichiibut I encountered a problem when i run camera10:56
seichiiit says Can't use the camera while you're connected to your computer10:57
seichiiit says connect phone as mass storage and format the drive11:00
seichiiand restart phone11:00
seichiibut i dont know if ill format whole mydocs and what filesystem11:01
seichiifat32/fat/ntfs/ ext/ext3?11:02
seichiiwhat should i do coderus?11:02
coderusgo to settings and format memory11:02
coderusdo you ever reading what i'm writing?11:02
seichiisorry i change to linux11:02
seichiii was on windows before11:03
seichiisettings then restore device?11:03
seichiii meant restore settings?11:03
seichiior clear device11:03
seichiii dont know where is format memory on settings?11:04
seichiii tried restore settings and it didnt work11:04
coderusclear device11:05
seichiiis it supposed to take this long?11:14
seichiithe spinning logo is still going11:14
coderushow fast do you thing formatting device can be?11:15
seichiisorry i guess im use too formatting in windows11:20
seichii*to formatting in windows11:21
coderusjust flash that ficking emmc then11:21
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seichiiyay thanks11:22
seichiiit shutdown11:22
seichiithen the camera is working now11:22
seichiiso i dont need to do another step?11:23
seichiicause you were saying then?11:23
coderusyou need one big step11:23
coderusfinally start sing this phone and never brick it again11:23
seichiii didnt brick it my dad did11:24
seichiiremember when you help me remove the pwer connector11:24
seichiii was able to flash it11:24
seichiibut the sim card wont work cause the paper i used to make the sim contact the pin got stuck11:25
seichiimy dad says its alright to remove the lcd11:25
seichiihe damaged the lcd/amoled display wire11:25
seichiiand the camera11:25
seichiithats how it got brick11:25
seichiithe repair shop replace it with new motherboard11:25
seichiibut i forgot the key11:26
seichiiso cant install new motherboard without it11:26
seichiionly the camera11:26
seichiiso they ask me to remove the code and see if the camera works11:26
seichiianyway thanks11:26
seichiii really really appreciae your help a lot T_T arigatou gozaimasu senpai11:27
seichiisee yah im off to repair shop11:36
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