IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2015-10-02

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seichiiafter i successfully flash my n9 yesterday my sim card is not detected any idea why12:39
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coderuswhat is product code on your sim tray?13:06
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seichiisorry i fell asleep awhile ago18:01
seichiii have fever18:01
seichiiand cough18:01
seichiican i do Flasher -R to reboot my phone coderus18:02
coderusi dont know18:03
seichiithe produc code in the sim18:04
seichiiis that the one below the nokia corporation18:04
seichiiit says 059j24018:05
seichiii disassembled it18:10
seichiiand so remnants of paper inside sim tray18:11
seichiinow it jt charges again i guess i should just reflash18:11
seichiii tried flasher-R it didnt detect the usb18:11
seichiidamn stuck at Suitable USB interface (bootloader/phonet) not found, waiting...18:14
coderusokay firmware should be okay, probably your radio died18:16
seichiiradio died?18:17
seichiii havent checked if its because of the paper18:17
seichiicause i used to put paper to fit the sim card18:17
seichiicause the pins dont touch the sim18:17
seichiibut i cant check now cause the phone wont open18:18
seichiishould i unplug the power connector again18:20
coderusyou can't press power button, so yes18:27
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seichiii tried to flash it but it still wont open20:31
seichiiit says success20:31
seichiiand the power blinking properly20:31
seichiiall i did this afternoon is unplug the lcd and put it back like in 21:02 of
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seichiii made sure there's no scratch but nothing appears on amoled display20:37
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seichiicoderus, Jonni  any idea how to fix led not displaying anything20:52
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coderuswhat led?21:27
deramn9 had amoled screen (which I loved, RIP), no need for single led to indicate averything21:29
seichiiamoled screen21:41
seichiiits not displaying anything21:41
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coderusseichii: you broken it  when disassembled? congratulations :D22:10
seichiino i didnt broke it22:13
seichiithere's no scratch22:13
seichiiand i can flash succesfully22:13
seichiiBattery level 92 %, continuing.22:14
seichii    image        [state    progress         transfer     flash speed]22:14
seichii[x] cert-sw      [finished   100 %       1 /       1 kB      NA     ]22:14
seichii[x] cmt-2nd      [finished   100 %      95 /      95 kB      NA     ]22:14
seichii[x] cmt-algo     [finished   100 %     789 /     789 kB      NA     ]22:14
seichii[x] cmt-mcusw    [finished   100 %    6050 /    6050 kB    3164 kB/s]22:14
seichii[x] xloader      [finished   100 %      23 /      23 kB      NA     ]22:14
seichii[x] secondary    [finished   100 %      94 /      94 kB      NA     ]22:14
seichii[x] kernel       [finished   100 %    2714 /    2714 kB    1827 kB/s]22:14
seichii[x] rootfs       [finished   100 % 1170162 / 1170162 kB   10804 kB/s]22:14
seichiiUpdating SW release22:14
seichiisee it finished flashing without problem22:14
seichiiits just the amoled display wont work22:14
seichiii put back the 2 connector of amoled displayto the motherboard22:16
seichiii made sure it fits22:16
seichiibut still nothing on display22:16
coderusif it not working it's broken :)22:21
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