IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2015-09-30

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seichii_coderus, im sorry i fell asleep03:20
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seichii_coderus where can i download firmware05:53
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seichii_ where can i download firmware for my n909:59
seichii_coderus, are you there now?09:59
seichii_anyone know how to use flasher --load -k ubibootfile -a firmwarefile --boot10:03
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seichii_Jonni, thanks for the link10:43
seichii_but im not trying to flash10:43
seichii_coderus, said i could use flasher --load -k ubibootfile -a firmwarefile --boot10:44
seichii_instead of flasher --load -k /home/seichii/Downloads/vmlinuz- -n /home/seichii/Downloads/initrd.img-rescue- --boot10:44
seichii_i also dont know what variant my phone is also10:45
Jonniso you want to load rescue kernel and copy some files off your phone?10:46
Jonni(which will also trigger open mode)10:47
seichii_yes im trying to fix malf10:47
Jonniyou can download any firmware file as -a only uses the the boot algo from that file10:47
seichii_cause my phone just crash while im using it10:48
seichii_it hang then i cant start any program,nor the settings10:48
seichii_then it tried game and it crash10:48
seichii_then it stuck on boot loop10:48
seichii_i have the same problem from this
Jonnisounds more like the need for total reflash, but yes that rescue kernel can be used to save off important files, and if you know whats causing the malf then fixing it10:49
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seichii_whenever i run flasher using rescue kernel10:53
seichii_it reach this Suitable USB interface (bootloader/phonet) not found, waiting...10:53
seichii_then i connect usb10:53
Jonniand you remembered to press power button upto 15-30 seconds untill it vibrates to get into boot mode?10:55
seichii_and it shows this Sending kernel image (2497 kB)...10:56
seichii_100% (2497 of 2497 kB, avg. 24731 kB/s)10:56
seichii_Sending initfs image (1920 kB)...10:56
seichii_100% (1920 of 1920 kB, avg. 24615 kB/s)10:56
seichii_but the problem is the blinking white led powers off10:56
seichii_thats why i think in dmesg it says10:56
seichii_[27483.093072] usb 2-1.1: Product: N9 (Update mode)10:57
seichii_[27483.093077] usb 2-1.1: Manufacturer: Nokia10:57
seichii_[27483.093081] usb 2-1.1: SerialNumber: 35792304325978910:57
seichii_[27483.742558] usb 2-1.1: USB disconnect, device number 1210:57
seichii_while talking with coderus the other night the 3 partition appeared10:57
seichii_but i dont know how10:57
seichii_since then i cant make 3 partitions appear,probably cause it disconnect like what dmesg says10:57
seichii_jonni i cant do that10:58
seichii_my power button is broken10:58
Jonniwell booting up can take some 30 seconds after the disconnect untilll partitions show up10:58
seichii_the power button cant be push cause it goes push so far10:59
seichii_i tried opening n9 by the guide of a video from talk.maemo11:00
Jonniif power button is broken then the hard code version is to unplug and replug the battery, requires a bit dismantling :). or if its in a boot loop then "flasher -i" will stop it in booting mode11:00
seichii_but i realize i need to remove all to to get to the power button backside11:00
seichii_so i didnt fix it11:00
seichii_its not broken by function its just cant be push11:01
seichii_like the button went too deep11:01
seichii_so i can use flasher -i?11:01
seichii_I really appreciate your help Jonni ive been tyring to fix this since last night11:02
seichii_was waiting for coderus till i fell asleep11:02
Jonniyeah -i basicly just means info, but as side effect it stops in bootmode and stops rebooting, and in bootmode you can issue next flasher commands without that waiting message11:04
seichii_so i type flasher - i then flasher --load -k /home/seichii/Downloads/vmlinuz- -n /home/seichii/Downloads/initrd.img-rescue- --boot11:05
seichii_Jonni did i understood it right?11:16
Jonniyes, you ofcourse need to wait for -i command to succeed11:19
Jonniand you might need to supply -a firmware image to second command11:20
seichii_but i dont have firmware11:22
seichii_i dont know what firmware to get11:22
pacoderus, 10€ + shipping? :)11:28
seichii_Jonni, you know where the firmware in nokia software updater is located11:33
seichii_or I cant use that on flasher?11:33
Jonninokia doesnt how the files anymore, you need to download the firmware from link that I pasted earlier11:35
infobotJonni meant: nokia doesnt host the files anymore, you need to download the firmware from link that I pasted earlier11:35
seichii_how do i know which firmware i need11:37
seichii_it says look at the sim tray for product code11:37
seichii_but i dont know what to make of it11:38
Jonniyou can download any firmware as algo (-a) is the same in all of them11:39
Jonniso 001 is fine11:39
seichii_in the link it says need the riht variant11:39
seichii_all i know is I need pr1.311:40
Jonniyou need the right variant if you do full flash11:40
seichii_*right variant11:40
Jonniif you only boot kernel with -a then it doesnt matter11:40
seichii_but just in case it doesnt work and i need to flash,i need the right firmware isnt?11:40
Jonniyes, you get the right firmware info from flasher -i command as it tells your current firmware11:41
JonniVersion of 'sw-release': DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.XXXXXXXXX the xxx part tells the firmware you need11:42
seichii_it says DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_00511:56
Jonnithen you need the PR 005 image11:56
seichii_i need to download navifirmex11:58
seichii_cause im on ubuntu11:58
seichii_or could i download on windows12:00
seichii_and use navifirm then use the firmware on linux?12:01
seichii_will that do?12:01
seichii_cause in linuz i still need to install wine12:02
Jonniseichii_: or just use wget or web browser
Jonnimuch easier :)12:03
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seichii_Jonni im done downloading firmware,thanks again for the link15:36
seichii_what do i do with this now15:36
seichii_should i do what coderus say flasher --load -k ubibootfile -a firmwarefile --boot15:36
seichii_or should i do flasher --load -k /home/seichii/Downloads/vmlinuz- -n firmwarefile --boot?15:38
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seichii_Jonni are you there now?16:33
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seichii_Anyone up now who can help me?18:10
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seichii_anyone online now who can help me?18:56
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seichii_what should i do with the firmware to fix malf18:59
seichii_i dont know what command i use with flasher18:59
seichii_please help,ill wait18:59
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seichii_i hope someone will logged in and help me:(19:13
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seichii_Jonni, coderus are you there now19:44
seichii_or anyone who can help19:45
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coderusyou could already try both ways instead of waiting for answer :)20:34
seichii_coderus, im afraind i do the wrong thing'20:39
seichii_and cause more errors20:39
seichii_im chatting on another chatroom anyway20:39
seichii_so its no big deal to wait20:39
coderusyou can't break by loading kernel20:57
coderusit will owrk or it will not work20:57
seichii_i see20:57
seichii_so what should i do now20:57
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seichii_flasher --load -k /home/seichii/Downloads/vmlinuz- -n DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_005-OEM1-958_ARM.bin --boot?21:07
seichii_or  -a DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_005-OEM1-958_ARM.bin --boot?21:08
seichii_or what about that ubiboot file you said21:16
seichii_flasher --load -k zImage_2.6.32.54-ubiboot-02_301013 -a DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_005-OEM1-958_ARM.bin --boot?21:17
seichii_sorry i dont know which files i should use21:18
seichii_and which -a or -n  suffix ill use21:19
seichii_i just want to fix my n9 from being on loop boot please!!!:(21:20
seichii_i really appreciate any help21:20
Oni_seichii_: try flasher -F -f your_legacy.bin -R21:29
seichii_no i wont Oni_21:29
seichii_i dont want to flash21:29
seichii_i just want to fix the boot loop problem21:30
seichii_i have important contact info on my phone that i wasnt able to backup21:30
seichii_and music sheets too21:30
seichii_jonni told me to download firmware and try -a firmware --boot21:31
seichii_but i dont know the partner of that21:33
seichii_ flasher --load  what21:33
seichii_and i dont know if its -a or -n firmware im confuse21:34
seichii_as i said im no expert,you guys are thats why i ask help and wait patiently21:34
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coderushe have 16gb variant23:27
coderusrecovery wont work23:27
coderusonly ubiboot23:27
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