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fishbulbhey is anyone here? I'm trying to zero my n912:45
fishbulbthrough linux, I need pr1.3 too12:46
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coderusfirmware on mrcrab.net12:55
coderusflasher here:
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fishbulbI have a black 64gb n913:39
fishbulbI want the unlocked firmware13:39
fishbulbwhich country do I download? the one I'm in?13:40
fishbulbor is there a totally unlocked version?13:40
valdur55look at you sim card tray13:40
fishbulboh thanks13:40
fishbulbI haven't used this thing once yet, it needs to be zeroed then flashed13:41
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fishbulbis the firmware country specific?16:28
fishbulbthis one is set up to work in "australasia" but I can't find the image16:29
fishbulbaustralia/new zealand and all the pacific islands16:29
fishbulbwait this is a malaysian one16:36
fishbulbwhich files do I need to reflash the whole thing?16:36
fishbulbI don't have WINE16:38
fishbulbI need to get all the required files for flashing16:38
coderusits country specific16:57
coderusyou need to get firmware for your product code16:57
coderusand read my link16:57
coderusit have very full explanation how and what to do16:57
fishbulbthis is the code on my simcard slot16:58
fishbulbbut when I click download it takes me to some advertising site16:58
fishbulbdo I get each individual file off there or what?16:58
fishbulbI can't run the windows software at the moment that downloads the files16:59
fishbulbdo you just use the two largest files or what?17:07
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fishbulbI need to flash it back to factory settings17:09
fishbulbis anyone here?17:23
fishbulbany linux users here? I need the flashing tool17:23
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coderusyou need tow largest files18:08
coderusand i sent you link to flasher18:08
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fishbulbI'm having trouble flashing this n918:26
fishbulbI use the flash tool under linux18:26
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coderusso what the problem?18:29
fishbulbit won't detect the phone18:30
fishbulbI run flasher -i18:30
fishbulbthen plug the n9 in18:30
fishbulbit doesn't say what to do after that18:31
fishbulbError claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy Error claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy Error claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy Error claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy Error claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy Error claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy Error claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy Error claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy18:35
coderushold power key until it will be detected by flasher18:38
fishbulbturn it on?18:39
fishbulbor turn it off?18:39
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fishbulbit keeps saying it's busy18:41
fishbulbdo I need all the files or just the two .bin files?18:41
fishbulbit won't initialise18:43
fishbulbdo I put it into sdk mode?18:46
fishbulbor mass storage or what18:46
coderusjust do what i said19:12
coderusconnect usb to pc and hold power key19:13
coderusand keep it pressed until flasher detects phone19:13
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infobotfrom memory, flasher is at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
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fishbulbI am trying to use the windows software19:44
fishbulbit still won't work19:44
coderuswhat windows?19:45
fishbulbwindows 7 6419:46
fishbulbI'm using it in administrator mode19:46
fishbulbit's still not finding the phone19:46
fishbulbdo I plug it in while off19:46
fishbulband then turn on?19:46
fishbulbplug the phone in while powered down19:47
fishbulbrun the command19:48
fishbulbthen plug it in and turn the phone on?19:48
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coderuscan you just read what i wrote?19:52
coderusstart flasher, connect usb to phone, and hold power key until flasher find phone a19:52
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fishbulbwhich files do i have in the directory?19:54
fishbulball of them or just the two largest .bin files?19:55
coderustwo big files19:55
coderuswhich are gigabytes19:55
fishbulbonly those?19:55
coderusyou need only two files19:55
fishbulbdo I run command as administrator19:56
fishbulbthen run winflasher_3.12.1 -i19:57
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coderusi think its installer19:59
fishbulbthe phone just boots up20:00
fishbulbdo I use as mass storage20:00
fishbulbsync and connect20:00
fishbulbor "SDK mode"20:00
coderusso flasher.exe -F ape.bin -F emmc.bin --no-preserve --erase-user-data=secure --erase-mmc=secure -f -R20:01
coderushold that fucking power key20:01
fishbulbI did20:01
coderusand connect usb cable to phone20:01
coderusdo not release button  until flasher detects phone20:02
fishbulbflasher.exe -i20:02
fishbulbdo that first right?20:02
coderusyou do not need to run this20:02
coderusit only give you info20:02
coderusstart flashing command20:03
coderusconnect usb and hold power key on phone20:03
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fishbulbit still comes up ith options20:06
fishbulbmass storage sync and connect sdk mode20:07
coderustry installing rndis driver20:09
fishbulbhow do I install that driver20:10
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coderusdownload both files and right click on inf file - install20:12
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fishbulbcoderus are you still here?22:49
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fishbulbit's still not working22:57
fishbulbUSB device found at bus 002, device address 005. Device identifier: 357923040705651 (SN: N/A) Error claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy22:57
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coderustry flasher.exe -c -F ape.bin -F emmc.bin --no-preserve --erase-user-data=secure --erase-mmc=secure -f -R23:02
coderusturn off device23:02
coderusstart command23:02
coderushold power button and attach usb cable23:03
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fishbulbWaiting for ASIC id... Got 69 bytes. ASIC ID: 05 01 05 01 36 30 07 07  13 02 01 00 12 15 01 11  e4 ff 29 41 ff 64 c9 46  63 28 2a f1 a2 02 0a 2e  d0 e4 ad 14 15 01 12 dd  2f 66 d4 55 fe 19 2c 62  b9 b8 e2 65 0a fc 1d 9f  3f 90 15 09 01 13 bf 3e  ef 15 52 e7 03  HW variant: HS Found matching 1st (916) Sending 1st image (26496 bytes)... done. Sending HWID query... Received 11 bytes from 1st usb_bulk_read: Input/output error Got HW23:11
fishbulbdo you know what's going on here?23:14
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coderusi don't know :)23:30
coderustry asking in that tmo thread23:31
coderushope someone can help you23:31
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