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canardxhi ask someone to buy me a replacement usb cable for nokia n914:29
canardxhwhen she called me from the shop,she didnt mention it was usb3.014:30
canardxhi only find out when i came home14:30
canardxhwill the micro usb 3.0 cable work with the charger of nokia n914:30
canardxhand will it work on my laptop's usb2.0 port for syncing14:30
deramif the connector fits to the socket, I can't see any reason why it would not work.14:34
deramthere is though a possibility it won't physically fit, as there is a wider version of microusb connector for usb3 available.14:36
canardxhhow about voltage difference on micro usb 3.0 cable and the default original micro usb 2.0 cable?14:55
coderuswhat the hell is in your head?14:57
coderusif cable have backward compatibility for usb2.0 you can use it14:57
coderusif it's usb3.0 only you can't use it14:57
coderuscable is cable, it does not affect of voltage of your charger, lol14:57
coderusi do not know how do you imagine so yourself14:58
canardxhi mean  the voltage on the pins14:59
canardxhcause i know usb 3.0 has extra pin14:59
coderusdid you seen photos of 3.0 connectors?14:59
coderusgo and google it please14:59
canardxhand i dont know if its just usb3.0 or it has backward compatibility15:00
canardxhat the box it just say usb 3.015:00
coderusgo and google it15:00
coderusand look inside connector with youe eyes and a flashlight15:00
coderusit's easy for such a person who perfectly using irc, to google two images15:00
canardxhim just worried15:01
canardxhive never use ubs 3.0 before15:01
canardxh*usb 3.015:01
canardxhand i cant buy a replacement cable since nokia is now owned by microsoft15:02
coderusif you look at pictures you can check is your cable usb3.0 only or it compatible one15:02
coderuschoose any 2.0 cabe here and it will work, even if have no Nokia brand :D15:03
canardxhi cant buy on ebay im not from usa15:04
canardxhill just return it i guess and get 2.0 microusb15:04
canardxhi told the one who bought it to buy exactly similar cable15:05
coderusso where you from and why cant buy on ebay? :D15:05
canardxhim from philippines15:05
deramif it looks physically like microusb 2.0 cable, it will work, as usb is backwards compatible.15:05
canardxhthats the problem the micro usb 2.0 port looks the same on the small end15:06
canardxhbut at the other end it looks different15:06
deramif it looks like this: it won't work15:06
deramthe small end is all that matters here...15:06
coderusso you didn't tried this cable let because you worried about some voltage on pins?15:07
canardxhwhen i talk to the sales person on phone she didnt mention it is usb3.015:09
canardxhthis is it
canardxhsorry i cant find exactly on their website cause its chinese15:14
canardxhnvm i find it this is the cable she bought
canardxhso do you think this is backward compatible?15:22
deramall usb cables that fit the connector are backwards compatible15:23
coderuscanardxh: this is 2.0 cable, not 3.015:26
deramthat too.. all there is 3.0 in it is the chinese label15:29
canardxhyes it says 3.0 on the box and the website15:31
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canardxhhello anyone still here20:21
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canardxhi ask in forum but i dont get reply20:22
coderusask what?20:22
canardxhmy gps always on when i connect online20:22
coderusthere is some settings about location in settings as far i remember20:23
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canardxhthen facebook application opens20:24
canardxhwhen i close facebook app the gps also went off20:24
canardxhbut i want to make sure its the fb app that causing it20:24
canardxhtheres a way in terminal to know which app run the gps20:25
canardxhas seen on this post
canardxhbut the problem is the attached image is too small20:26
canardxhi cant see what command the user use in terminal20:26
coderuswell no, you can't check what app is using gps20:27
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