IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2015-07-04

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fishbulbhey I have a nokia n9 which is factory reset07:24
fishbulbI want it to be able to do... anything07:24
fishbulbI mean something. it doesn't work, I can't change the repos, and can't put it into dev mode without the repos07:25
fishbulbis the n9 dead in the water or what?07:47
fishbulbit's a great device I "inherited" but I did a factory reset, and all the stuff disappeared, I didn't realise it needed access to working repos to put it into dev mode, and dev mode to alter the repos07:48
fishbulbis there ANYONE here?10:31
fishbulbseriously I can't find how to change this crap, this thing was factory reset to get rid of the previous owners info, now it's basically useless10:32
fishbulbI can use linux or windows to do anything to this phone as long as I have some instructions on what the hell to do10:32
tbrstep 1) patience10:35
tbrstep 2) more patience10:36
fishbulbcheers but those steps get me no closer to actually using the device for anything10:36
tbrI do think there are ways to do this and if everything fails you can just go down the MOSLO route as then you don't have any signature checks10:36
tbrI'd be surprised if noone has written this down yet on e.g. or such10:39
fishbulbI have access to any OS to do whatever is required, but I don't know what's required10:39
fishbulbI haven't found it10:40
fishbulbthis was bought new, and now there's no support, so none of the repos work10:40
fishbulband to enable dev mode to change the repos, you need working repos10:40
coderuswhat problem with using repomirror?10:41
fishbulbI don't know what repomirror is10:41
fishbulbmy every day phone is n90010:41
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fishbulbI open that with the phone?11:21
fishbulbI'm not an irc user11:22
fishbulbI'll have to leave the window open11:22
coderusthere is an answer to your question you already asked in past :)11:22
fishbulbactually I tried it and it ddn't work11:23
fishbulbtried sending it over with bluetooth too, I remember now11:23
fishbulbor like a wireless send or something11:23
fishbulbit wouldn't change the repos11:23
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auenfx4fishbulb, what version software?12:48
coderusfishbulb: you just open this page in browser, click on deb file (latest) to download, and then click in transfers to open. and it works for everyone, so it's you doing something wrong13:10
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