IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2015-06-03

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chopix^hello guys01:33
chopix^i fugged up01:33
chopix^i deleted my account on whatsup01:34
chopix^so all the messages are gone^^01:34
chopix^any chance those messages are saved in a nbu when nokia suite does a bkp?01:35
chopix^guys? :(01:41
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chopix^anyone knows where whatsup stores the messages on the phone?01:46
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chopix^im running photorec INSIDE the phone02:42
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chopix^anyone alive...?03:58
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coderusyeah, but on mornings, not night :D11:22
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chopix^coderus: you here?18:31
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coderuschopix^: here18:38
coderusabout whatsup?18:38
chopix^im desperate18:40
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chopix^i think someone should make clear that when you delete an account you delete all the conversations :(18:41
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chopix^rescued some blob that is unusable :(18:42
coderus.config/cepiperez i think18:45
chopix^whats in there?18:45
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chopix^its the conf18:50
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coderusah, history is in .whatsup folder18:55
chopix^yeah phonenumber.db18:55
chopix^and deletic account delets the db18:56
coderussure :)18:57
coderusbecause it deleting account :)18:57
coderusso you can give phone to somebody18:57
chopix^account is a thing, conversation its another18:57
chopix^i tried photorec but it didnt work18:58
chopix^found 2gb of sqlite dbs18:58
chopix^but mega corrupt18:58
chopix^messages are in it, but not usable..18:58
chopix^any thing i could try?18:59
coderusi don't know18:59
chopix^years of msgs :I19:03
coderusyears with no debug of sensitive data19:03
coderusno backup i mean19:03
chopix^who knew where the messenger would save the msgs19:04
coderusfind all *.db *.sqlite on edvice19:05
chopix^i found some large files19:08
chopix^with numbers in it19:08
chopix^ahem messages in it19:08
chopix^as i said, all corrupts19:08
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