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teleshoesi...cant figure out how to remove the disclaimer from cal00:07
teleshoesi need a root terminal. to get one, i need to flash ubi or rescue kernel to modify sources.list00:08
teleshoesbut then cal is locked....00:08
coderusteleshoes: you can't remove disclaimer00:08
teleshoesoh no00:08
teleshoesare you sure?00:08
teleshoestheres no clever thing i can do?00:08
coderusyou can do it only from original firmware before flashing to open00:09
coderusonce in open cal is locked and you can't00:09
teleshoesyes, that i know00:09
teleshoesthe problem isnt that i mind flashing the original fw00:10
teleshoesthe problem is that once i do, i still cant run disclaimer-cal00:10
teleshoesbecause i cant get dev-mode installed00:10
teleshoesthe only way i know of to install dev mode is to boot with ubi kernel and stick your mirror in00:11
teleshoesim looking for another way, one that doesnt trigger openmode00:11
teleshoesare you saying that this is impossible, coderus?00:12
teleshoesi can think of extreme ways to do this, like spoofing and redirecting it to your mirror00:13
teleshoesbut i dont really know how to do that00:13
teleshoesoh i can just grab the terminal deb off the interwabs00:21
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teleshoesjust gotta manually type in the sources.list....00:23
teleshoesfuck, you dont even need root to write to cal00:25
teleshoesok, this was in fact easy and i was just panicking00:26
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teleshoesanyone know how to grab call logs from n900 into n9?02:00
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teleshoesit was easy enough to write a script to parse it into callbackuprestore's format02:44
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sunny_sthat is how looks like attempt to login to google talk in logs
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pahi, anybody around?17:58
pais it possible to somehow spawn a browser from python commandline app, and then somehow get some data back from the browser into the app?17:59
pain other words drive the OAuth2 authentication process18:02
coderusno, you need to use pyside afaik18:10
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pacoderus, pyside to spawn the webview?18:22
paah i see18:29
pai was checking some 3rd party (i think) lib for google oauth, it seems that there they rely on user copy/paste18:29
pacould be an option..18:30
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pais it possible in harmattan to spawn the stock browser somehow?18:32
coderusjust start browser process?18:33
payes, with a custom URL18:34
paok, grob18:42
coderus/usr/bin/invoker --type=m /usr/bin/grob url18:42
pasomehow through /usr/bin/invoker (what does that do?)18:42
pahehe at the same time :-)18:42
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