IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2015-05-05

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marsjePeoples, is there a Meego browser emulator?00:16
marsjeWikipedia works kinda crappy on the N9 lately and I opened a bug for that00:16
marsjethe guy fixing it would like to have an emulator00:17
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bmansurovhello all, anyone knows of a link where I can download harmattan emulator?00:24
marsjethat guy --> bmansurov00:26
marsjejust asked the question, but no repsonse yet00:26
bmansurovoh ok00:26
bmansurov seems dead too00:26
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bmansurovmarsje: ok, QT SDK seems to have it:
bmansurovand the download link is dead ;(00:30
marsjebmansurov: yeah, the only thing I saw in my process list was QtBrowserProcess or something00:30
marsjeanyway, if you have anything you want me to run on my phone, such as some js detection stuff or something, I can do it00:31
marsjeaccording to I'm using Nokia Browser 800:34
bmansurovmarsje: great, thanks00:34
marsjeseems based on webkit 534.1300:37
marsjeJS support until version 1.500:38
bmansurovmarsje: do you have an option to disable JS?00:41
bmansurovmarsje: let's move our conversation to #wikimedia-mobile00:41
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Jonni for sdk download links, but he left the channel already00:50
marsjeI'll pass it on Jonni. thanks00:56
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