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sledgescould someone run this on n9 and/or n950 please?
sledgesim mostly interested in model and productName values13:59
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coderussledges: board name not exists14:54
coderusa Manufacturer Nokia14:54
coderusa Model N914:54
coderusa ProductName RM-69614:54
sledgescoderus: many thanks!14:54
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vuvekkkWelcome. I've got a question about MeeGo on N9. Is it possible to compile OS from sources on my own (like Android ROMs)?16:32
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coderusvuvekkk: it's not opensource of course17:21
vuvekkkthank you for the answer17:35
vuvekkkI saw many tweaks on N9. But the system is not open source so at least part of them were made by a reverse engineering. Am I right?17:38
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Jonnivuvekkk: well qml files are cleartext so not much reverse engineering needed for tweaks. Only few binaries have been reverse engineered18:27
vuvekkkOk. Thanks for clarifying.18:29
rigoHi Jonni, my N9 still works like a charm :)18:29
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coderusJonni: most of n9 tweaks are css patches, not qml. n9 have very low qml because of MWidgets meegotouch :)19:53
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