IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2014-12-10

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Denommushow to get started in harmattan development?20:31
DenommusI have a N9, and my computer is an Arch Linux20:32
coderusinstall Harmattan SDK20:32
rZrhi coderus20:38
rZrdo you have irssii working in repos ?20:38
rZrI think mine is f'ed up20:38
rZrusing others repos20:38
Denommuscoderus: there isn't a Harmattan SDK on the AUR, is it meego-sdk instead?20:42
Denommuscoderus: though there is a flasher-harmattan, but I bet this is just the flasher tool, not the SDK20:42
coderusget it here:
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rZrDenommus, I can tar my debian scratchbox install if it helps20:55
rZrbut prepare to spend lot of time to have it working on arch20:55
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DenommusI'm lost because I don't know if there's an existing package21:00
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Denommusif, instead, I want to install Sailfish OS, I should install the flasher-harmattan, right?21:05
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coderusDenommus: wtf are you talking about?21:07
coderusyou want develop for N9 or you want install sailfish on N9? or you want to develop sailfish for N9?21:08
rZror want to install sailfish sdk on n9 ? :)21:08
DenommusI'm facing two options, actually21:09
DenommusI either try to develop to N9 directly, or I try to install Sailfish on my N9 and develop to Sailfish instead21:10
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coderusDenommus: you just need to install harmattan sdk and sailfish sdk21:33
coderusall you need is included in sdk21:33
coderusevery come with own Qt Creator and ready for development tools21:34
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rZrhi may I bother you about next maemo election22:36
rZrIt would be good to have harmattan pple in it22:36
rZrJonni, still hacking on h ?22:36
rZritsnotabigtruck, same ?22:37
* rZr invite you to check
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JonnirZr: well I still have a few N9's, actually I was just playing with squeezelite last week, turning N9's into squeezebox clients.23:18
rZrJonni, can I nominate your for next council ?23:19
Jonniworked pretty nicely, 1st I did couple raspberry squeezelite boxes, but then I figured out that I have spare N900's and N9's to use.23:19
rZrno more n950 ? ;)23:20
rZrI need a lcd23:20
Jonniwell I still have a few n950's :)23:20
rZrkeep them warm23:20
rZrbtw have u seen recent meltemi leaks23:20
Jonni3 when I last counted, one in unopened box, brand new.23:20
rZrtry to charge the batteries from time to tiem23:20
Jonniyes, I saw the pics23:21
Jonni(well I have bunch of spare batteries for N950's so no problem)23:21
rZrdo u have hints for screens ?23:22
rZrmine is bleeding23:22
rZrI tried to find some in china23:22
rZralmost impossible23:22
rZrwell I didnt try that hard23:22
JonniI used to have some spare screens, but I think that Ive used most of them, since my wife as breaking one every 3 months :).23:30
rZrIs it easy to fix ?23:32
Jonninow I've given her Jolla so she cant touch my remaining n950's :)23:32
rZrthe problem I have is not the glass but the lcd23:32
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Jonniwell its easy to replace, just unscrew and detach/attach 2 cables (if you have glass+lcd combination as spares).23:33
Jonnibut otherwise its was a pain, as they really didnt ship seperate lcd's or glasses.23:34
rZrI have made some investigations on the units23:34
Jonniso basicly there are no spares available anywhere, other than collectors hands. (As nokia care runned out of spares last december).23:35
rZrok thx for the tips23:35
JonniI'm willing to sell one of N950 if needed (but as out postal office doenst allow batteries to be shipped, it would be without battery, or shipped inside finland with battery) :)23:37
Jonnis/out/our (finnish)/23:37
infobotJonni meant: I'm willing to sell one of N950 if needed (but as our (finnish) postal office doenst allow batteries to be shipped, it would be without battery, or shipped inside finland with battery) :)23:37
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rZrJonni, I would prefer it to be into a developer hand23:38
rZrbut thx for the offer I'll consider it when I will need it again23:38
rZrand those are NFS right ;)23:38
Jonniwell I've won couple of them in coding competitions, so I didnt need to sign any not for sale papers :)23:39

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