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Jef91So, my nokia n9 battery ran out and now I can't get the device to turn back on06:50
Jef91left it plugged in for the last day and still nothing when I push or hold the power button06:50
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coderusJonni: start flasher, it will charge device in dead state08:25
coderusJonni: sorry, wrong mention :D08:25
coderusjef91 left and j<tab> choosed you :D08:26
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paanybody who feels helpful toward all the fellow harmattan users, and explain me how to fix the openvpn package so that it installs without the aegis error? 0:-)20:21
paI can repackage it, i just don't know how20:21
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coderuspa use aegis-hack or flash kernel-plus20:29
pacoderus, thanks for the tip.. could be an option!20:34
pacoderus, however i remember jonni saying that he fixed the package20:34
paonce.. he just doesnt remember how to do it again20:34
coderuswell, youcan just use proper manifest ofc.20:34
paso i thought that creating a fixed package could also be useful for those who does not want to use aegis hack or reflash the kernel20:34
coderusjust i dont remember credentials names openvpn using20:34
pacoderus, indeed. but i don't know how :(20:35
pamaybe i can start getting the package20:35
palet me see20:35
coderusand is it matching unknown or developer source credentials20:35
coderusJonni: ?20:35
coderuspa: there is aegis-add-*something* or similar tool20:36
coderusdont remember it name exactl20:36
coderusavailable on device20:37
coderusot can replace manifest inside deb to another one20:37
pacoderus, yes that was my plan20:37
pa(replace manifest)20:37
palet me see then20:37
pathere are some aegis-deb-,,,20:38
pawho is NielDK?20:41
pahe has an updated version of openvpn20:41
pa(in openrepos)20:41
coderusaegis-deb-add yes20:42
paah wait maybe it's for sailfish20:42
coderusnieldk is just a gyu who compiling everything he see :)20:42
coderusyou can trust him20:42
paarmv7hl -> is this sailfish?20:43
coderusyou need deb20:43
paok, then only rzr version available20:43
coderusnot rpm20:43
paah true20:43
pacoderus, ok so it seems that the problem is in missing openssl20:55
pathere's a package from NielDK but it does not install20:56
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RzRwhat are u looking for ?20:56
paa way to install openvpn :)20:56
RzRI did install it recently20:57
RzRit is more or less working20:57
pano errors?20:57
RzRI think I used the n9tweak helper20:57
RzRon n920:57
RzRit worked yes20:57
pai mean in the installation process20:57
pahere i can't find an openssl package that installs..20:58
RzRtry n9tweak package from openrepo20:58
pai am getting it now20:59
RzRuse forum if you have issue20:59
RzRI will report the version i used21:00
paRzR, i'm checking the n9tweak.. what exactly did you use it for?21:06
paadd/remove extra repo?21:07
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pamaybe i need n9quicktweak not n9tweak21:12
Jonnipa: what I just did, was to look dmesg about what aegis error the package gave, and just added the capa to aegis manifest, and then recreted deb package and installed it as
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paRzR, Jonni, indeed, N9QT (not n9tweak) do install openvpn, smoothly :)22:05
panot sure how to configure it, but i'll find out :)22:06
pathanks a lot!22:06
pacoderus, so after all there was no problem :p but thanks anyway!22:10
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coderuspa good :)22:32
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