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zbenjaminhello @ all16:41
zbenjamini want reset my Nokia N9 to factory default because there is Nemo installed on it. But i cannot find a moslo image anymore16:42
zbenjaminis there a place where i can get those images?16:42
marxistveganzbenjamin: you mean this
zbenjaminmarxistvegan: ah nice16:56
zbenjaminmarxistvegan: which images do i need it i also want to get the original moslo/rootfs back?16:56
zbenjaminmarxistvegan: that is the list for my device
marxistveganzbenjamin: not sure depends on where the phone is geographically coded16:56
marxistveganzbenjamin: don't tell me it matters which of those you download16:59
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auenfyou need to lookup the code in the sim tray dont you?17:09
marxistveganauenf: yes that too17:16
marxistveganzbenjamin: sorry I am distracted, but there has the instructions somewhere17:16
coderusflasher -F ape.bin --no-preserve -f -R17:17
zbenjaminauenf: code?17:17
zbenjamincoderus: heya, do you know if there is a working whatsapp client for the n9 ?17:19
zbenjamingreat i downloaded the wrong one oO17:21
zbenjaminauenf: thx for the hint with the code17:22
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coderuszbenjamin: it will be one in a mont or so:
zbenjamincoderus: ok, openwhatsapp is broken?19:35
zbenjamincoderus: ever considered a whatsapp client for ubuntu phone as well?19:35
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coderuszbenjamin: yes for ubuntu phone probably will be too22:38
coderusbut ubuntu-sdk is quite useless now22:39
coderusand yes, openwhatsapp is very old and not maintaining anymore22:41
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zbenjamincoderus: whats the problem with the ubuntu sdk?23:05
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M4rtinKI've heard some crazy things recently about ubuntu phone23:29
M4rtinKlike that they don't have real multitasking23:29
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coderuszbenjamin: 1. no qmake in qtcreator23:36
zbenjaminM4rtinK: apps that are not in foreground are sigsropped23:36
coderuszbenjamin: 2. qtcreator loosing emulator23:37
coderusthese two are stopping me atm.23:37
coderusi wanted to start porting mitakuuluu to upuntu phone, but decided to wait23:37
coderussdk is not ready23:38
zbenjamincoderus: i'm working on the SDK ;), do you use that ppa?
coderuseven Jolla more younger have much better sdk with great emulator experience23:38
coderuszbenjamin: yes23:38
coderusfirst i waited about month for this adb password bug to be fixes23:39
coderusnow i'm getting errors when trying to deploy examples app to emulator23:39
coderusit's all over my patience23:39
M4rtinKcoderus: well, that so sad it is funny! :P23:39
coderusi'll try again when normal developers can use it without tricks23:39
M4rtinKconsidering how long the Ubuntu touch/phone development has been going23:40
M4rtinKthat's really bad23:40
coderusi know what probably Jolla team more mature than young canonical developers23:40
coderusbut still23:40
coderusthat is not acceptable23:41
M4rtinKcould be also NIH23:41
coderusi mean sdk developes, not team itself or something23:41
M4rtinKfrom what I've heard its quite brutal NiH at Canonical23:41
M4rtinKeven long ago they had tons of patched libraries23:41
M4rtinKbig of of tree patches everywhere23:42
M4rtinK*out of tree23:42
zbenjaminlike no other distribution has its own patches?23:42
zbenjaminfrom what i see is that upstreaming work is done, but the distribution moves faster so things pile up23:43
coderuszbenjamin: do you suggest me to try again and contact you with bugs i'm getting? :)23:43
M4rtinKsure, OpenSUSE has patches distutils so you can't reuse their Python module packaging in most cases23:43
zbenjamincoderus: sure, since i'm currently the only developer working on that you can directly contact me.23:44
M4rtinKbut AFAIK Unity is almost unportable due to all the patched libraries it expects23:44
M4rtinKbut my information could be outdated23:44
M4rtinKzbenjamin: any plans for supporting PyOtherSide ?23:45
M4rtinKcould be a nice alternative to C++ only development23:45
zbenjaminM4rtinK: not that i know of, but if its a library you could ship it in your application package.23:46
zbenjaminM4rtinK: currently i work on convincing people that we should have proper sysroot and maybe qmake support.23:46
M4rtinKzbenjamin: sure, it should be possible to bundle it23:46
M4rtinKzbenjamin: on the other hand, having in present by default would make it easier to use it for developers & would make the packages using it smaller :)23:47
zbenjaminM4rtinK: i know that go support is planned but thats more a tech preview , not something useable atm23:47
zbenjaminM4rtinK: i know23:47
coderuszbenjamin: okay, first of all i need to know one thing: what wrong with qmake!?23:48
M4rtinKwow, black background - scary! :D23:48
zbenjaminM4rtinK: well probably its on the phone (i did not check) but if its not part of the official framework you can never be sure the next update will still have it23:48
M4rtinKzbenjamin: that's why I'm asking :)23:49
zbenjamincoderus: i asked the same question, the word was that it does not support proper cross platform compiling and that cmake is the way to go23:49
M4rtinKor to be more precise, proposing it as an idea or potential inclusion :)23:49
zbenjamincoderus: i  come from a pure Qt background so i know what most of the Qt community thinks about cmake ;)23:50
coderuszbenjamin: then you need to provide guide to switch existing project to cmake23:50
coderusi think nothing about cmake because i not used it in my projects23:50
M4rtinK...and that's wha I'm using Python & QtQuick - I don't have to care about compiling anything most of the time :D23:51
zbenjamincoderus: documentation is currently worked on, not sure about a conversion guide but i will suggest to create one23:53
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