IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2014-09-24

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FreemantleKidany N9 owner online?00:18
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* Dhraakellian wonders how to simulate a left click on the touch screen so he can add a playback speed button to smplayer's toolbar02:33
Dhraakellianor alternatively, if vlc works02:34
Dhraakellianand a little bit of stare-and-compare on a config file plus having vim on the device, and now I should have those buttons02:50
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coderusDhraakellian: using x events send? same as on desktpo.14:16
JonniDhraakellian: personally I used xdotool to emulete fake x11 events from commandline14:28
Jonnibut there was some other tools available straight from harmattan repositories as well14:29
Jonnilike apt-get install xresponse14:36
Jonnithat can do mouse and key events too.14:36
JonniI just compiled custom xdotool for doing the fake swipe disable and enable events.14:37
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FreemantleKid'eveningin guys :D22:32
FreemantleKidcan some one enlight me?22:32
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FreemantleKidanybody online?:(22:54
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FreemantleKidhow are you?23:33
FreemantleKidyou are an N9 owner?:)23:33
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FreemantleKidany N9 owner here?23:38
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Oni^yes, why23:48
FreemantleKidoh finnally23:48
FreemantleKidsoeme body :D23:48
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FreemantleKidi ill buy a new phone23:48
FreemantleKidand i was ooking for the N923:49
FreemantleKidbut i wanted to know everything i need before taking the decision23:49
FreemantleKidin example23:49
FreemantleKid.deb packags form (in example( Ubuntu i can just put them on N9 and install them?23:50
Oni^no packages need to be compiled for n923:51
FreemantleKid?but i read alot of (old) things about "you need to compile and other boring stuff"23:51
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FreemantleKidso i can steal .deb for ubuntu and simply install them on the N9?23:52
Oni^need packages for arm23:54

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