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marxistveganany folks around, I am trying to resolve aegis rejecting system-ui_1.3.2-1+08m_armel.deb: could not open debian archive error02:49
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Dante_JNo mention of if the key was used in Meego03:12
Dante_Jor just Symbian03:12
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coderusDante_J: you never used symbian, right?08:56
coderusDante_J: this key is for signing sisx files :)08:56
Dante_Jyes. I mostly avoided symbian, but someone stealing a private key for symbian has to make you wonder what access they had to Harmattan dev infrastructure. Yes the teams are different, but it was unauthorised access to the symbian dev environment to get that private key.09:02
Dante_JIt could have been just as unauthorised access to the Harmattan dev environment.09:03
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manqeloq1efinns are pussies who are too afraid to steal from  work09:50
fluxI am under the understanding not only the team for symbian and meego were different but also the organizations09:52
fluxso it sounds unlikely that access to symbian private keys means access to harmattan keys09:52
flux..but who knows how easily the harmattan keys were available.09:52
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derambroke the screen of my n9, video output is working.. is there a way to get past the lock screen somehow? the touch events don't work on vkb, so I'm guessing the touch part is also broken10:07
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RzRdo u known about ?21:34
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