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e-yesanyone has success with playing with vibrator (nokia n9)? I mean interaction between userland and /dev/input/vibra node, not mce or even higher level APIs19:07
e-yeslooks like ioctl payload driver sends directly to vibra amplifier (thru spi bus). therefore, without knowledge about chip it's hard to understand what I should send to get, let's say 100ms vibration19:08
e-yesyet another "open source" aspect of nokia n9 :(19:09
javispedroe-yes: what protocol does it speak? have you tried normal kernel FF one?19:14
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e-yesjavispedro, it accepts only FF_PERIODIC+FF_CUSTOM. so, no idea what I should send as payload (unsigned short array, effect.u.periodic.custom_data)19:17
e-yeslooks like this custom_data is finally is being transmitted thru spi19:17
javispedroall I've used is the layer that is immediately above FF, which is vibetonz/immvibde19:18
javispedrothat is also propietary though...19:18
e-yesdoes it work without mce running? do you have any examples how to use it?19:19
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javispedroe-yes: this is from my old SDL port:
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javispedroI don't remember where I got the info, but if you google around the function names you'll find some hits, mostly Android game devs19:21
javispedroit works without mce indeed19:22
javispedroafaik that's what mce uses.19:22
coderuse-yes: afaik juiceme played with vibra, but didnt succeded at initializing it, so it worked only after nokia frivers initialized vibra first.19:26
e-yesI managed to initialize it somehow, but vibra feedback is so "soft"19:33
e-yesnot strong at all19:33
e-yessimple test -
e-yesI changed custom_len to 200 and decreased usleep interval to 6000us - now vibra is stronger19:52
e-yeslooks like kernel sends smth on spi constantly while vibration19:53
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e-yesthat may mean that vibra amplifier doesn't have SPI interface, it interprets MOSI as PWM and amplifies it. this theory explains why there is no CLK used19:54
e-yesyep, sure. not SPI at all, despite driver uses spi_message_init+spi_message_add_tail+spi_sync20:05
e-yesOMFG! Nokia, what do you do, cut it off!1120:06
e-yesfscking disguise)20:07
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e-yesthat what I always call OOO programming20:16
e-yesOOO programming - overkill and overhead overengineered programming20:18
manqeloq1eheh, great way to save money20:25
e-yeswhy not to use PWM? I believe OMAP3 have it20:48
e-yesand I'm blind, actually... I just recognized that there is "Omap PWM" sign above SIMO (MOSI) line20:49
e-yesbut they use SPI API anyway)20:49
e-yesvibra_spi.c: "This file implements a driver for SPI data driven vibrator."20:52
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e-yesmodem activity affects vibration cleanness, predictable:(23:19
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