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KabouikHey guys, my (elder !) father just purchased a Samsung Rex 60. I don't know that phone, but it seems like a terrible choice at first look. Do you confirm? Is an Asha the best choice in that price range (50€) for someone who will not use internet or any smartphone feature?21:39
EztranReally low-end Androids tend to be painfully slow. If he's not using any of the features, it seems a bit pointless paying for Android, too - though I guess the difference in price between that and feature phones is pretty low now?21:42
KabouikI guess it is quite low indeed, and I'm afraid the Rex features a very obscure OS.21:45
EztranOh, you're right, sorry, I was looking at the wrong model.21:45
KabouikI thought that maybe the Asha OS was kind of close to Harmattan, and thus quite straightforward. But I don't know if they are actually good simple phones21:45
EztranThat Rex looks like it's using one of the crappy Java-based Symbian ripoffs? Not usually much fun to use.21:47
KabouikI have no idea. It just seemed awfully unknown to me21:48
EztranI find hardware T9 to be more considerably easier effective than on-screen, too, though obviously that's a personal thing. Screens that size make QWERTY near-unusable to me.21:48
Eztraneasier AND MORE effective, sorry.21:48
KabouikYes I agree, but I just heard from him saying that he couldn't properly use T9 with his previous phone (he hasn't grown with SMS and finding the right letters requires some thought)21:49
KabouikPerhaps a hardware full keyboard would be best, but that will be hard to find in that price range. Or even in another price range. :D Perhaps the Asha 21021:50
EztranUnderstandable, just suggesting that really tiny touchscreens are useless for this kinda thing (previously owned a Nokia 5530, ugggh typing on a 2.9" screen).21:50
KabouikEven on the large Jolla, typing any sms is still a huge huge pain.21:51
KabouikMy brains always tries to find a solution not to type that sms.21:51
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KabouikI only have one. Almost one.21:52
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EztranMakes you reword things to be concise even when you have no limit =)21:52
EztranAnyways, bit of research suggests the OS is proprietary and supports Java apps. There are about a million of those, Chinese manufacturers particularly seem to make one for each low-end device.21:53
EztranOf course, there's no reason that means it won't work as a phone or anything.21:54
KabouikYeah but 60€ for that in 2014 :/21:54
KabouikI really think he can find better for the buck21:55
EztranUsually the goal is 'make it run Opera Mini and some messaging apps'. If he doesn't want the latter, you probably can find better.21:55
KabouikHe most likely doesn't care about Opera mini, but will use sms and I could make him use emails if the OS was good enough, at least for reading21:56
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EztranActually I've been surprised before about how decent the email is on an Asha (501, I think? Slightly higher price point if so, but should be similar across the line).21:59
KabouikDoes the 501 have GPS?22:00
EztranDon't think so.22:01
KabouikI like the 210 because of hardware keyboard (he has big hands), but the screen is tiny and no GPS22:01
EztranAsha (at least, for touch) does at least seem to be the first OS where they realised, 'Oh wait, we have a tiny screen, let's use big buttons'. GPS is gonna be tricky at the price point.22:02
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Eztranusing the 'GPS' filter on GSMArena basically just picks out smartphones. I guess that's not too surprising.22:17
KabouikYep Eztran, I was just asking!22:26
KabouikWell I told him to try to type SMS and see how it turns out. The point will be to sell him the Asha 210 if he has trouble typing sms on a touchscreen (Amazon reviews seem relatively good on the 210)22:27
KabouikOr investigate other Asha phones (501-503, don't know how they differ), which will have the same touchscreen issues, but perhaps a better OS and build quality.22:28
EztranIf he's happy with it, then not much point worrying =)22:29
KabouikI don't like him buying some random Samsung-Java low-end product a seller sold him in the shop. :<22:30
KabouikJust because you will only spend 50€ and don't know anything about phones doesn't mean you don't deserve good advice in the shop :(22:31
EztranMy experience with said shops tends to be 'have you looked at these smartphones over here?'. Even when I wasn't looking for a phone =/22:31
KabouikWell he was looking for one here22:31
EztranI suppose if they're paid on commission particularly, emphasis will be on selling high-price devices (hey, kinda rhymes) and contracts.22:32
KabouikYeah but I couldn't see my father being trapped that much on an expensive phone :P22:32
EztranHehe, not if he doesn't want smartphone functions. Thankfully that does kinda open up the market a bit, unfortunately manufacturers treat it as a reason to have no build quality whatsoever.22:33
KabouikAt least the Asha seem to be properly built. I think Samsung should be decent too, but the OS seems to be like the old Samsung Player's one22:34
EztranThat's pretty common, I think. They can't make the ridiculous profits they make on smartphones, so little-to-no actual effort goes into the device beyond making it work.22:35
KabouikIt seems the 503 just features higher res camera and flash, compared to the 501.22:37
EztranWell, certainly looks a bit better, but given that neither are going to be comparable to a cheap point-and-shoot, it's debatable whether that's worth anything.22:40
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