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rubdosHarmattan developer question: I'm trying to use the OfflineStorage API, but I get "QSqlDatabasePrivate::database: unable to open database: "unable to open database file Error opening database""13:24
rubdosAnd I really don't know why it wont open13:25
coderusyou probably need to mkpath it before trying to create database in unexisting folder :)13:29
Krikkecan I run own kernel on N9 ?13:52
KrikkeI'd like to run xen13:54
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Krikkeeven paravirtualization is ok13:54
Krikkeso is it possible?13:56
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tbrno idea13:58
tbrget the kernel, see if you can patch it13:59
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Krikketbr: which kernel is that?14:38
KrikkeI guess I'd use ubiboot or what's it called?14:39
Krikkeor just flash it over?14:39
tbrthe kernel source is available. you can grab it e.g. in the form of that "open mode" thing or e.g. the one from the Nemo N9/N950 hw-adaptation.14:39
rubdoscoderus, it's because of my broken phone, doesn't matter anymore lol14:50
Krikkeok, then to patch it with xen14:51
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rubdosOkay, could someone guide me a little? I want to install openmode/inception/ whatever on my phone. Aegis is bugging me to dead. Could someone explain me the differences between those things?15:23
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coderusrubdos: install aegis-hack and opensudo. an use whatever with sudo command16:46
rubdoscoderus, I already installed aegisctl now...16:47
rubdosCan I ask some specific questions?16:47
coderusaegisctl is other thing16:48
coderusits for stock kernel16:48
rubdosI'm still on stock kernel16:48
coderusand its for controlling aegis permissions for launching executables/kernel modules, etc.16:49
rubdosjust installed inception and aegisctl16:49
coderusthink about flashing ubiboot and using kernel plus16:49
rubdoscoderus, ubiboot? kernel plus? :P16:51
rubdosI have troubles with some permissions on files, AFAICT16:51
coderusits because limited privileges even for root user:)16:52
coderusafter installing modified kernel all your problems gone16:52
rubdoscoderus, sure of that? Eg.: my camera says it doesn't respond. Some apps don't store their settings (I was writing an app that didn't store them earlier this day)16:56
rubdosSo I think somethings wrong on my /home/user16:57
rubdosor some subdirectories16:58
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coderusdont want to reflash?17:09
rubdoscoderus, not really, but I'm preparing to flash ubiboot right now17:14
rubdoscoderus, bit afraid of downtime I guess17:14
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rubdoscoderus, what about openmode vs plus?17:16
coderusopenmode is just name of operation mode :)17:23
rubdosokay :) Do you've got the flasher executable somewhere? Can't find it on the interwebs --'17:27
rubdosnvm, found one17:31
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rubdoscoderus, so, running open mode, learned a lot of ubiboot...19:31
rubdosthanks for the moral and technical help ;)19:31
rubdosI was thinking about flashing something non-stock on it before, so now I actually did it19:32
rubdosTrying out plus now19:32
rubdoskernel plus19:32
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azkayAnyone know of a way to detect voltage coming in through usb port?20:10
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azkayI was thinking of trying out kernel plus some time, got my N9 on friday, so still trying to get myself updated on the last 3 years of outdated information ha20:11
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rubdosazkay, just tried to install plus, I'm in the ubiboot menu and can't get any further :P20:28
azkayWell you've gotten further than me, I haven't looked further than the original thread haha.20:29
azkayLast few days has just been coding random things to get back into the "coding mood" after like 2 years of not doing anything. Such a mission with all the dead links everywhere.20:29
rubdosazkay, yes indeed. But now I can't boot anywhere on my phone ^^20:32
azkayPretty sure I installed everything wrong anyway, it's not as I remember using it back with Maemo 520:32
azkayThat doesn't sound fun20:32
rubdosThinking about just flashing openmode again instead of ubi ;/20:32
rubdosno fun indeed20:33
rubdosokay, flashed the original kernel, let's see20:36
coderusrubdos: try to use readme before doing anything :D20:38
rubdoscoderus, I read you :P20:38
rubdosOkay. great. Stuck on the nokia logo --'20:38
rubdosback to ubi --'20:39
azkayThe joys of changing things :P20:40
rubdosYeh, indeed lol20:44
rubdosYEH, boots20:46
rubdoshad some broken depmod apparently20:46
rubdosluckily I'm quite experienced in Linux --'20:46
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azkayBetter than being that guy who breaks something then goes right back to the shop to get it exchanged or something20:50
azkayTimes like this I wish I knew how to do low level network stuff, like wireless etc. Would be nice to figure out how to mimic this flash trigger I have20:51
rubdosazkay, flash trigger? :D20:55
rubdoswell, what sort of low level network stuff? 801.11 stuff?20:56
azkayCamera flash, I've got a few wireless transceivers that are 2.4ghz, if I knew what I was doing I could use n9 to transmit or something, doubt it would work without having to code wifi drivers from scratch or something though20:57
azkayDon't even know what the triggers even send lol20:58
rubdosMmm. Can't you do IP over those tranceivers and send them some UDP packets? :P20:58
azkayOnly ways I can think of are via usb, detecting the voltage change though I don't think I can do that with N9s usb port, or some sort of signal to mechanical/electrical switch going from the 3.5mm jack to the trigger to activate it20:59
azkayNo idea21:00
azkayI doubt the triggers are smart enough to have any sort of networking like tcp/udp21:00
azkaythey're pretty "dumb"21:00
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rubdostrigger -> arduino -> 2.4ghz tranceiver? :P21:02
rubdosI guess you'll need to create the firmware for the transceiver, unless they know WiFi on their own21:03
azkayIf I went the arduino route I wouldn't need to bother with any radio stuff at all21:03
azkayI haven't used my arduino since I bought the start kit with a bunch of sensors, I did the thermometer tutorial then never used it again haha21:04
azkayBut I guess I could 3.5mm output to arduino, have the arduino send voltage trigger to the hotshoe on the flash trigger21:05
azkaywhen it detects sound coming from the jack21:05
rubdosindeed :P21:06
rubdosI love arduino :)21:06
azkayI guess I'll have to ask you for help later on then :P21:06
rubdosYou can :)21:10
rubdosIf i'm not on IRC, you can try twitter and a lot of other media21:10
rubdosgoogle on rubdos or Ruben De Smet, you'll definitely find me :P21:10
azkayCool cool, I'll keep that in mind. If you need any hand forged knives and such, just give me a shout :)21:12
rubdosforged knives ? :O21:12
azkayYep yep. I'm a blacksmith.21:16
rubdosOh cool. A programming blacksmith... :O21:21
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azkayJack of many trades :P21:27
azkayAaaaaand now I can't find my arduino ): Last time I saw it was last year in a big box full of scrap21:28
azkaynor can I find a usb cable for it if I did find it, it's one of those old square ports. I think I've cut up all of mine ):21:33
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rubdosazkay, can't find mine either lol21:45
azkayMight have to look again when it isn't 5am21:49
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azkayGuess when the shops open I'm off to buy an optocoupler, whatever that is :P22:00
azkayand a usb cable22:02
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azkay There's another way, using the LED and a light sensor to trigger it22:16
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azkayaaaaaand now I can't find aligator clips23:37
rubdosazkay, lol. I'm off to sleep now, good night :)23:37
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