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mtdAnyone have a BV-4D battery and can run "lshal | grep" and tell me what number (mAh) it reports?00:38
mtdI bought one on ebay that claims to be 1400 mAh but HAL is reporting only 120000:38
mtdI can't actually find anyone with a from-Nokia BV-4D actually quoting what HAL reports00:39
SpeedEvilDo not trust the battery reports00:43
SpeedEvilthey are not especially likely to be accurate, or meaningful00:43
SpeedEvilwhat you care about is actual capacity in use, not the reported capacity - which is basically just a label.00:43
mtdSpeedEvil: yeah, I'm skeptical, but the reported capacity on my stock BL-4D does match the label...00:44
mtdSpeedEvil: while I'm sure that the label / reported capacity is a slightly artifical number cooked up in lab conditions, I'm owrried that my "BV-4D" off ebay is really something else with a BV-4D sticker, and wanted to see if anyone had a from-Nokia BV-4D with which I could compare.00:45
SpeedEvilFrom memory - there is a nice energy profiling app on the n900:45
SpeedEvilthis will tell you the total integrated discharge since unplug. So, charge fully, leave an hour, unplug, and see what it gets up to00:46
valdur55installable via security - developer mode00:46
valdur55power monitor?00:46
SpeedEvilIt's a lightning bold logo - I forget teh name00:46
mtdSpeedEvil: yeah -- I have EnergyProfiler (and an n950), but I was hoping to avoid actually running a test to see what the battery gave me.00:46
mtdSpeedEvil: yup, that's the one: "EnergyProfiler"00:47
SpeedEvilmtd: The reported number is litreally the elecronic equivalent of sharpie.00:47
SpeedEvilIt has no significant meaning. As nokia did not document it - it's not quite clear what it should be if you're making a cell.00:47
mtdSpeedEvil: yup, understood.  It would be nice to know what a real BV-4D reports, just for comparison.00:47
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paanyboydy who already had to replace the battery on N9?21:27
pamine started to die in the night from more than 20/30% battery..21:27
SpeedEvilOld li-ions dying isn't news.21:29
SpeedEvilAnd is quite expected.21:29
pai see21:30
paso it's normal and i should start getting a replacement21:30
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pado you know whether li-ion (or li-poly) akkus also expires even if not used?21:41
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SpeedEvilWell - you can discharge to 40%, and keep in the fridge.21:50
SpeedEvilBut nobody does that.21:50
SpeedEvil(make sure they're charged to that level every year)21:50
SpeedEvilOr freezer, even.21:51
paso if i buy these batteries now, and not use them right away, i should keep them cold?21:51
SpeedEvilBasically, charge, discharge to 40%, put in fridge.21:51
SpeedEvilThey should be almost as good as new for at least several years.21:52
SpeedEvilI personally put them in the freezer, which works for me.21:52
pathanks :)21:52
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miseria"no confies en la roca con la que puedes chocar, apartala del camino por los que vienen atras" bienvenidos: *temo_a_un_ser_sin_rival*22:31
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valdur55SpeedEvil: are you freezing your phone?23:19
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