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kupohello chan03:54
kupoI could use some help with reflashing n9 to ubibooot03:54
kupoin order to try sailfish03:55
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friesehi guys13:52
frieseanyone has the default kernel command-line for pr1.3 on n9?13:52
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kupohello all14:56
kupoI'm stuck at a uniboot prompt with no OS after trying sailfish tutorial14:56
kupohow do I get harmattan and sailfish booting?14:56
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Jonnikupo: by clicking on harmattan or sailfish on the boot menu :)15:08
kupoJonni: alas I never get a boot menu15:08
Jonnikupo: and you have read the manual? that you need to detact usb cable to get into boot menu?15:08
kupoJonni: if i detach the usb cable I get a message "Boot menu script not found"15:09
kupoin another uniboot type menu15:09
Jonnikupo: ah then you havent followed the howto right, and need to do it again. :)15:10
kupoyour insights are truly astounding15:10
kupothank you for your thoughtful advice15:10
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Jonniyour welcome. I've installed nitdroid+harmattan+sailfish by using ubiboot to 3 N950 devices and to 4 N9 devices, never had any troubles when following the instrusctions :)15:11
kupothe tutorial while better than the one that was up yesterday still leave some information to be desired15:12
Jonniohwell on 1st harmattan + nemo attempt I got the same script not found error, but then I noticed that I typoed one step15:12
kupoah that might be helpful15:12
kuporemember which step?15:12
Jonninope, since I did that last summer so its been a while ago.15:13
kupoI'm redoing the sailfish instructions atm since it obviously has ubiboot running15:13
kupothe problem is I can ssh into the n9 now to utar the sailfish image locally15:13
Jonniusually boot menu script not found just means that config files has been extracted to wrong partition or dir.15:14
kuposhould be in /home/user/MyDocs/ right?15:14
kupoand extracting will create boot under there15:14
Jonniwell untarring locally is just optional step. You can also just bootup the device with cable connected, and it exports the other os dir to linux host machine15:14
Jonniand you can untar from your linux.15:15
kupoyea thats my only option at this point since no OS will boot15:15
kupothe only other thing I noticed when doing this last night was I couldn't remove any directories like /home/user/.accounts or .aegis15:16
Jonniand no extract will not create boot directory, you need to create /home/user/MyDocs/boot dir yourself and extract files into it.15:16
kupoI kept getting a permission denied even as devel-su15:16
kupoJonni: i think the moslo step created it15:17
kupoand extracting the sailfish.tar.bz2 created one15:17
kupomoslo for the MyDocs partition15:17
kupoutar'ing the boot folder15:17
Jonniyeah, but they only create boot dirst to their partition, you still need to create ubiboot dir yourself15:17
Jonnias sailfishos/boot dir is on different partition thatn MyDocs/boot dir15:18
Jonniand also in different partition than harmattan/boot dir15:19
Jonniso you basicly have 3 different boot dirs on different partitions15:19
kupoheh I ALMOST overwrote my machines root partition with these instructions15:19
kupoinstructions read tar -xvf sailfish.tar -C /15:19
kupothey assume on the n9 though15:19
kupothat / should be the rootfs partition on the n9 right?15:20
Jonniusually I just follow those instructions, and then just untar sailfish.tar to other_os,15:20
Jonnimuch easier than some other instructions.15:20
kupoAlt_OS ?15:20
Jonnialt_os yes, well I usually have renamed it to something else15:21
Jonnifreenode also has #ubiboot channel, so if you have troubles getting bootmenu showing up, they can usually help on debugging what paths are wrong.15:22
kupoyea this readme has some good info too15:23
kupoalthough this one is more applicable15:26
kupoJonni: you sure it needs to be extracted to other_os / Alt_OS partition?15:28
Jonnidefine what does "it" mean 1st?15:34
Jonnifor ubiboot files no, but for sailfishos.tar yes.15:35
Jonnithat ubiboot_for_sailfish extacts the ubiboot files to 2 different partitions actually :)15:37
Jonnias Mydocs is on different partition than /boot and /sbin.15:37
Jonnibut yes, that doc is quite clean, but it requires that you managed to boot into harmattan.15:38
kuposo to fix this where should I be extracting?15:41
Jonnibut yes you can still fix it with ubiboot recovery mounts, as mydocs is mmcblk0p1 and for boot and sbin you can extract to mmcblk0p215:41
kupoI understand now that it's stuck in maintanence mode and the boot log complains about no ubiboot configuration file15:42
Jonniso basicly you need 4 files in    mmcblk0p1/boot/ubiboot.conf   mmcblk0p1/boot/ubiboot-02.035_SF_v1.cpio  and mmcblk0p2/boot/zImage_2.6.32.54-openmode_l2fix and mmcblk0p2/sbin/preinit_harmattan15:43
Jonni(and windows users is nogo, as ubiboot rescure mode only exports the partitions to linux machine)15:44
kupoit's fine I'm a linux person15:44
Jonnithen putting those 4 files in place should make it show boot menu15:45
kupofor some reason ubuntu doesn't like calling these partitions mmcblk though and referes to them as regular sata mounts15:45
Jonnihas it can refer tham as sdb1 and sdb215:45
kuposo sdc1 Nokia N9 sdc2 Alt_OS etc15:46
kupoyea exactly15:46
kuposo mmcblk0p2 -> Alt_OS right?15:46
kuposo mmcblk0p1 -> Nokia N9 right?15:47
Jonnithen it would be sdc1/boot/ubiconf.conf  and sdc2/boot/zImage_2.6.32.54-openmode_l2fi , and no mmcblk0p2 is not alt os15:47
Jonnimmcblk0p1 == MyDocs, mmcblk0p2 == N9 /, mmcblk0p3 == N9 /home, mmcblk0p4 == AltOS15:48
kupoI don't have any partition that shows up as MyDocs15:48
Jonniso basicly would be extracted to sdc415:48
kupoyea tried that one a moment ago15:48
kupodidn't boot still15:49
kupotar -xvf sailfish.tar -C /media/Alt_OS15:49
kuposince I can only do it from the attached pc15:49
Jonniwell you can do mkdir /foo; mount /dev/sdc1 /foo/; mkdir /foo/boot; sp ubiconf.conf /foo/boot/;15:49
valdur55You can do same operation inside Harmattan15:49
kupovaldur55: can't get into harmattan15:50
Jonnivaldur55: his device doesnt boot to harmattan currently15:50
kupostuck in ubiboot maintanence mode only15:50
Jonniso how does ls -la look like from sdc1/boot dir and from sdc2/boot dir? Pastebin please.15:51
kupoone sec switching the phone over to this machine15:51
Jonnias those are the important ones to get the bootmenu showing, so lets not worry about sdc4 sailfish yet15:51
Jonnisdc1/boot dir is most important to get the menu showing, all the others are just needed for harmattan or saiflish to boot.15:52
valdur55kupo: you can flash your phone directly to open mode15:52
valdur55with open mode kernel15:52
valdur55withoud ubiboot.15:52
valdur55then you should get it booting.15:53
kupoi believe it's already in open mode15:53
Jonnior you can just flash harmattan back like valdur suggests and extract files in right places and then flash ubiboot kernel back on15:53
valdur55yea. open mode... but  ubiboot's kernel :D15:54
kupoI was never able to get a flash of harmattan working15:55
kupoit always complained about downgrade15:56
kuposince I was already at 1.315:56
valdur55are you using right region coded image?15:56
kupoused the world image15:57
Jonnikupo: well thats easy then put files into /media/Nokia/boot/ubiboot.conf /media/Nokia/boot/ubiboot-02.035_SF_v1.cpi15:58
kupoJonni: looked at the paste?15:58
Jonnior you can check with ls -la /media/Nokia/boot and see if those files are there already15:58
Jonnias accorting to your paste thats the location they should be in.15:58
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kuponah the only thing in nokia boot is the logs of failed ubiboot15:59
kuposo thats good!15:59
Jonniah there is whitespace so " /media/Nokia N9/boot/ubiboot.conf" even15:59
kupowhat about preinit and the kernel image?15:59
kuposwitch the phone back to other pc16:00
Jonnikupo: /media/rootfs/sbin/preinit_harmattan and /media/rootfs/boot/zImage_2.6.32.54-openmode_l2fix16:00
kupook gotcha16:01
kupolets do this shit!16:01
Jonniand if you want also to do the sailfish extract from linux then: tar –numeric-owner -xvjf -C /media/Alt_OS16:04
kupoyea tried that earlier remember16:04
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kupoi think it worked it just has no hooks to start it16:05
Jonniah then that is already there16:05
kupoyea I see where the problem is now16:05
kupowonder why it happened though16:05
kupobut was working on this till 4am16:05
kupomaybe just brain fuzz16:05
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kupoi got some fancy shmancy icons!16:07
kupoJonni: valdur55 thanks a lot for the help16:08
kupoJonni: use bitcoin at all?16:08
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Jonnisorry nope havent had time to use that, I'm just happy paypal user.16:09
kupoah too bad16:09
Jonnias not so many places accept bitcoins yet.16:10
kupoonly one way to start though16:10
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Jonniand I'm too late from the party, should have bought bitcoins few years back to be rich :)16:10
kupoI mined all mine back in 200916:12
kupoit's very strange16:12
valdur55How to start safetly charging  with flasher?16:13
valdur55oh. i got  an idea...   start flashing with wrong region codec rootfs16:15
Jonniflasher -i16:21
Jonnithat just queries info, and doesnt reboot the device, instead it just continues to charge16:21
JonniI use that with dead batteries16:21
valdur55ok. it don't show %  ...16:25
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Jonniyeah, it just shows breathing led when it charges and display is black18:21
valdur55it displays nokia logo  with USB mark18:22
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