IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2013-11-17

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corecodei'd like to reinstall harmattan on my n9 - any suggestions what the preferred way is to do so?00:11
dm8tbrtake images, flash00:13
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corecodedm8tbr: you got some pointers on how to take images? is copying the userdata fat FS enough?00:26
dm8tbrno, you download the firmware images00:28
stasuis harmattan relevant for anything other than n9?00:31
corecodedm8tbr: ah that :)00:31
corecodestasu: n950 also uses harmattan, i think00:32
stasuwell yea but that's still technically the n900:32
EztranWell, it's a slightly different device, but sure. Never heard of Harmattan working right on anything else, though, no.00:33
HurrianHarmattan UI should work on other MeeGo systems that support GLES.00:36
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corecodei keep getting "[app name] is not responding"00:43
corecodeunsure what the reasons are00:44
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corecodewhere do the backups go to01:20
corecodethe one from settings->sync/backup01:21
dm8tbrto the regular location01:23
dm8tbrdirectories might be hidden. aka .backup01:24
corecodeyes, i don't know where that location is01:24
corecodefound it, thanks01:25
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corecodeseems everything went fine - thanks!03:59
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corecodewhere can i find the contacts database?  i guess somewhere in /home/user, but /home/user/.contacts looks wrong13:51
corecodemhm, maybe it's that odd tracker file13:52
corecodeof unknown file format13:52
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payes i think it's in the tracker14:20
corecodei can't find how to change the syslog setting - i'd like to see sshd log messages14:25
corecodeany idea how to configure ssyslogd?14:25
corecodestandard /etc/syslog.conf doesn't seem to work14:29
corecodeok, installing sysklogd14:30
corecodeno, just copying the .contacts/tracker file does not restore the contacts14:39
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corecodeuh, everything is in .cache/tracker/meta.db?14:47
corecodewhat a great name14:47
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azeem_corecode: that is not a user-facing interface I guess, so it doesn't matter14:49
corecodesloppy nonetheless :)14:49
corecodedata in .cache should be wipable14:50
corecodei just want to restore my contacts without all this other gunk that has accumulated14:53
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azeem_corecode: do you have a backup?15:15
azeem_hrm, that appears to not be very helpful either, I take that back15:17
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corecodei have a backup created with the backup+sync tool15:30
corecodeand i have a disk image backup of /home15:31
azeem_for some reason I thought the contacts were also stored as vcards in the backup15:32
* azeem_ has exported the contacts as vcards periodically and transferred them off the mobile15:32
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azeem_corecode: it might suffice to put the sqlite database back in place15:33
azeem_but obviously this should be done offline somehow, or at least you need to reboot or restart tracker15:33
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corecodebut i'd like to avoid getting all the other cruft there15:35
corecodeso basically only partially populate t15:35
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corecodeoh god damn you aegis15:42
corecodenow i can't access meta.db15:43
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corecodethis is all documented extremely poorly16:03
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corecodeoh wow.16:12
corecodeno wonder this tracker db is so huge16:12
corecodehas all spammers' mail addresses in contacts16:12
corecodewhat's that good for?16:12
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corecodeoh god... tracker16:44
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corecodeok, for the record: tracker-control to export old db, new db.  import sections from old db into new, clean up database to remove all the trash, tracker-control -r , -o, reboot, contacts are back21:54
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