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* tigerfoot is looking for a way to repair a N9 failing /home dmesg output is there
tigerfootI can still start it, but most of fs are ro, I've developper sdk + terminal + ssh running (good) but when I try umount /home it tell me are you root ?17:15
tigerfootwhoami say you are root :-)17:15
tigerfootoups sorry just saw channel topic ...17:16
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mgedminback up what you still can and reflash?17:21
mgedminif reflash fails, n9 is bricked17:21
mgedminsomething similar happened once to my n95017:21
mgedminthe flash just died and couldn't be written to17:22
mgedminno idea why (hairline crack on the motherboard after an accidental drop?)17:22
mgedmingot it replaced17:22
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Jonnitigerfoot: mount and umount commands need hacked capabilities, if you have installed opensh with all the capas, you can mount and umount with that one17:53
Jonninormal root does not have access to umount capa17:53
tigerfootJonni: okay18:00
tigerfootmgedmin: well I don't know if Nokia will replace it by same device :-)18:00
tigerfootI'm continuing the repair in #n918:00
mgedminooh, that can get painful18:01
Jonniyeah nokia care will give you cheap Lumia instead. So better reflash yourself18:01
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tigerfootdid you also seen that the phone storage is not fully used, I've a partion1 vfat and p3 ext4 but a hole in the middle18:10
tigerfootparted show this
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tigerfootmgedmin: you already seen that kind of 4GB hole in the storage ? Is it done on purpose ?18:18
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mgedminno, I didn't notice18:21
tigerfootlook like I can have 4Gb more, IF I save it :-)18:22
mgedminthat's the eMMC device, right?18:22
mgedminnot internal flash18:22
tigerfootmgedmin: well I don't know all the details18:24
tigerfootI saw the sdc after running flasher -vv -k /home/bruno/Documents/z-Naboo/sos/zImage_2.6.32.54-ubiboot-02_040613 -l -b18:24
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Jonniwell if you have sdd then you would have more space,  harmattan has 3 partitions normally    / (root ext3) /home (home ext3) /home/user (vfat)18:39
Jonniso you really are not getting more space :)18:39
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Jonniif you install nemomobile, then you usually split vfat parition to be smaller, and then then create 4th parition into that.18:40
sledgestigerfoot: paste pls `fdisk /dev/sdc -l`18:41
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tigerfootsledges: sfdisk is
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sledgesok it is there, but type is empty18:53
sledgesthat should not be a problem, i.e. it should still mount18:53
sledgesso it must have gone bad18:54
sledgesyou can try to reboot into ubiboot again and do `mount -t ext3 /dev/sda2 /mnt`18:54
sledgesjust to save whatever's left there18:55
* tigerfoot will try this right now :-)18:55
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sledgesbut things seem to be quite borked there18:55
sledgessda2 is your / (root)18:55
sledgesand it mounts fine18:55
sledgesis the /home (p3) the one which spits errors18:56
sledgesin dmesg18:56
sledgesso if you have everything backed up18:57
sledgesreflash is the shortcut to salvation :)18:57
sledgesunless you want to tinker badly :)18:57
sledges(i.e., backup your /home byte-to-byte, permission-to-permission (of what can be backed up), format it and refill from backup samewise :))18:58
sledgesbut i believe NAND erase (is what flashing does hopefully) will solve all of your problems18:58
sledgesmarking bad blocks as18:58
sledgesmarking unreadable blocks as bad18:58
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tigerfootlook like I will try to rebuild it from scratch after picking up all what I can.18:59
tigerfootI don't have thousands of apps on it so will be easy, and the best way to check if there's still errors or whatever.18:59
tigerfootsledges: can I use the flasher exe with the img I have ?19:00
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sledgesthis is your way to flash: sudo flasher -F DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin -f --no-preserve19:05
sledgeswith your bin ofc19:05
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tigerfootokay cool ... I only cross my finger the device is not destroyed ...19:07
tigerfootI can't imagine myself with another phone19:08
sledgesyou can't brick n919:08
sledgesnot easily ;)19:08
sledgesi gues you have to mess with CAL bits to brick it19:08
tigerfootor having neighbor playing with EMP :-(19:09
Jonnidont forget to flash the emmc content too19:16
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sledgesJonni: link to tutorial on how to do that?19:17
sledgestigerfoot will need a *EMMC*.bin file as well19:17
* tigerfoot is still prudent, there's a lot of different system, and I can't access actually to the model info inside the phone19:18
Jonnijust "sudo flasher -F main.bin -F emmc.bin -f  --no-preserve -R"19:18
Jonniflasher -i will give you model info, and if its 001 then vanilla it is and you should use the same file that sledges pointed to19:19
sledgesJonni: how to know which hw variant i have?19:19
* tigerfoot hopefully has still the original blue box with imei and material19:20
Jonniyou should just ignore hw variants, and see what "flasher -i" returns as sw-release line19:21
Jonnias that will tell you want image you can flash on top of current one19:22
sledgesi just wondered if that's possible. i lost my orig sim tray, and would like to know what was there originally19:22
sledgesfun story:19:22
sledgesi got my n9 from australia19:22
sledgesand iirc i reflashed it once19:23
sledgeswith a european firmware19:23
sledgesno complaints19:23
sledgesnow about to reflash it again with ukireland19:23
sledgeswe'll see....19:23
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sledgeswill try -i first for sure19:23
tigerfootJonni: for the emmc.bin did you know which file I should pick
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tigerfootI got those information DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_00919:33
tigerfootwhich is not 1 :-(19:34
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tigerfootbut found it in navifirm+ yeape19:36
sledgesis navifirm still alive? O_o19:36
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Jonnichoosing emmc is a bit more free, usually you can choose whatever region maps you want to19:47
tigerfootsledges: it is navifirm+ is needed to browse the full firmware collection, but for 3 bucks minimum it's really nothing19:50
sledgesi thought nokia took down the servers, but aha now i know it was just extra security layer19:51
tigerfootJonni: but I don't have a emmc.bin file is there elsewhere I should download them ?19:52
sledgestigerfoot: it's *EMMC*.bin19:53
sledgescheck with that bit in19:53
Jonniheh yes always the second biggest file in the release19:59
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tigerfootomg I need a beer, thanks mate20:03
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tigerfootflashing ended look it has worked but trying to poweron the N9 it says authorized to install operating system21:26
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* tigerfoot still working on command line ...21:44
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