IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2013-10-15

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Andenugh.. tried to install grep from repo on my N9 cuz busybox grep isn't enough for me11:39
Andenfor some reason it started deleting every other package i had installed!?11:39
Andeni think i lost about 20 packages before i realised and pressed ctrl+c11:39
Andenwtf is up with that?11:39
Andenfor example it started by removing mp-harmattan-339-pr and that's not in repo so i can't get it back.11:41
psycho_oreosIt's most likely a subsequent dependency conflict which breaks the setup.11:42
Andeni hope it wasn't too important so my phone will survive a reboot11:42
Andenyeah clearly. but it freaks me out11:42
Andenstupid package manager thinking i want to uninstall practically everything :(11:42
psycho_oreosWhether or not your phone will survive subsequent boot/reboots, and/or would have no issues wholly depends on which packages were removed in the process. The package you mentioned is a meta package.11:43
Andenso until i solve the problem. any way i can exclusive grep with busybox grep?11:43
Andenokay. the rest was twitter/facebook/gmail related that it removed before i stopped it and i dont care for those anyway11:43
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psycho_oreosI guess the best way is to repackage grep in a way that has: 1) no dependencies and 2) installs in some other directory not in the path of /bin where most of the busybox aliases lives. Maybe something similar to what fremantle setup had with GNU binaries residing in /opt instead.11:44
psycho_oreosor even /usr/bin/gnu for that matter.11:45
Andeni see. so like a subdir with gnu coreutils?11:45
psycho_oreosYes because you don't want the pre-made binaries overwriting the exact same links that busybox would have.11:45
Andenthen i would like put PATH=/usr/bin/gnu:$PATH in .bashrc?11:46
Andeni installed bash btw.11:46
psycho_oreosYeah I guess.11:46
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Andenwell thanks for your help. i've never repackaged anything though so i wouldn't know how to do that11:47
Andenbut i guess i'll just leave it at this for now. don't wanna mess up my phone :P11:47
psycho_oreosIt might also be a bit too late in reversing the mess it did.11:48
Andenyeah :(11:48
Andeni'll reboot it now though to make sure it didn't break11:48
psycho_oreosRepacking I guess might not be that hard, you probably need something like a scratchbox environment (well scratchbox can be a bit of overkill at this rate). Grab the deb file, unpack it (through normal ways) rewrite/change a few settings within that package file and issue dpkg-deb to rebuild a custom deb for install.11:49
Andenok it still boots.. phew..11:49
Andennow i can breathe out11:50
psycho_oreosI wouldn't suggest rebooting, best is to grab whatever valuable information prior to reboot.11:50
Andeni figured it should've survived considering the names of the packages it removed11:50
Andenwell at least i dont have no stupid facebook programs now :P11:50
Andenwell thanks again for the help11:52
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psycho_oreosIt's not really all that hard to repack deb files. I was more or less like you in the beginning but using N900, etc at the time. I began reading up on how to unpack, description of contents etc and how to pack a deb file, I began packing custom deb files.11:55
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Andenok :)11:55
Andenyeah i should definately learn it anyways11:56
Andeni made a .deb once11:56
Andenbut it was like a year ago11:56
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Andenand it was kinda hard :P11:56
Andenbut i'm sure i'd be much better at it now11:56
psycho_oreosI've made a deb as well, based on what files and stuff the person said (whom at the time did not build a deb file and said the project was in alpha stage).11:57
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psycho_oreosClearly not a lot of fun building deb files from scratch for the first few times but once you get used to it. I guess it becomes relatively easy.11:57
Andenbut i guess in this case it would be easier if you'd extract one first because all the directory structure would be prepared for you?11:58
psycho_oreosWell yes if there is one available of course. Then again if you're writing some project from nothing you pretty much had to build it in a way that it's acceptable for package managers to digest.11:59
psycho_oreosAlso I'm not really speaking this for harmattan stuff. Harmattan has that extra layer of confusion, aegis11:59
Andenah yeah, of course12:01
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Andenpsycho_oreos: :( something got broken alright12:40
Andencan't view SMS'es anymore..12:40
Andenas in txt msgs12:40
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Andeni can see the preview but once i click on them it crashes12:40
Andenit would be a great shame if i had to reflash the device12:41
Andeni've done so many things on it for such a long time12:41
Andenand now the apt-get just ruined it? :( srsly?12:42
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Andenaww man, now it's preventing me from taking calls to13:06
psycho_oreosAnden, the only way I can think of is reflashing. Unless there was something like backupmenu for n9 (which I don't think there is) and provided that you have backed up your setup. There's no real other easy way than to reflash. Not that I like to rub this in but if it was me seeing that apt-get would have warned one the amount of packages that it needs to remove before installing X. I would have instantly known something was really fishy and wo13:20
psycho_oreosuld have prevented installation.13:20
Andenyeah i thought it'd come to that. :(13:21
Andenyeah i've seen it before and stopped it. this time i missed it though because it scrolled by so fast13:21
Andenbut it was long ago so i forgot about it13:21
Andenis it hard to get hold of the file i need to flash now that nokia more or less shut down everything related to meego/harmattan?13:22
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simbrownAnybody know anything about dynamic sections for libraries being at the wrong address when debugging with QT Creator?19:12
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