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ZogG_lap1opGeneralAntilles: slowly slowly but going forward01:00
GeneralAntillesZogG_lap1op, learning much?01:01
ZogG_lap1opGeneralAntilles: currently i can list ll available devices and refresh them ( sowatch uses name to chech if it's metawatch so woul i)01:04
ZogG_lap1opi scan - keep them in model and return it to qml01:04
ZogG_lap1opas well added context menu to connect01:04
ZogG_lap1opand i can pair01:04
ZogG_lap1opit's mostly half pair01:05
ZogG_lap1opas it asks for code on phone and after input it would show on watch thats's it pairing but i need to exchange data with it01:05
GeneralAntillesHow infeasible is it to use sowatch's rendering on BlackBerry?01:05
ZogG_lap1opdidn't check it actually01:06
ZogG_lap1opsowatch is too complicated01:06
GeneralAntillesThat was my opinion after looking at the code01:06
ZogG_lap1opit's separeted in libs01:06
GeneralAntillesBut I'm a noob.01:06
GeneralAntillesMaybe bug javispedro for assistance if you need it.01:06
ZogG_lap1opand it's supports few watches01:06
Win7MacHi GA!01:06
GeneralAntillesHi, Win7Mac.01:06
Win7Macplease check in!01:06
ZogG_lap1opi do understand parts of it i need01:07
Win7Macmissed my mail?01:07
Win7Macsorry for OT01:07
ZogG_lap1opGeneralAntilles: i bet my arch and logic wouldn't be the best as my practice is oob and developing is not that rich :) but we learn for that, don't we01:07
ZogG_lap1ophope for next weekend to be able to connect and send something to watch and back from watch :)01:08
GeneralAntillesWin7Mac, done.01:11
GeneralAntillesWin7Mac, I think I saw it when I was at work, and forgot to follow up when I got home.01:11
GeneralAntillesZogG_lap1op, nice resume fodder all around.01:12
GeneralAntillesZogG_lap1op, THANK YOU for working on this. I have neither the time nor skillset for it.01:12
Win7MacGA, thanks could you remind chemist + Jaffa please, I might miss the right tone ;)01:13
GeneralAntillesI'll poke them if I see them01:14
ZogG_lap1opWin7Mac: no one takes GeneralAntilles seriously nowdays. Not anymore, not without his bear01:14
GeneralAntillesI, uh, miss the authority it lent me.01:14
ZogG_lap1opbef0rd: here01:14
GeneralAntillesBut old ladies don't look at me like a criminal so much anymore.01:15
ZogG_lap1opGeneralAntilles: i shave once few months and cut hair once a year01:15
ZogG_lap1oppeople don't recognize me everytime01:15
ZogG_lap1opi look 12 withut bear01:15
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GeneralAntillesThere's something to be said for being about to look between teens and late 20s depending on hairstyle.01:16
ZogG_lap1opbtw what are the thought on jolla and android01:16
ZogG_lap1opi don't get why people are so happy about it01:17
GeneralAntillesIt's nice to have as a user, painful as a free software person01:17
ZogG_lap1opit's like to tell "we open own car factory, but we'll sell other's cars, not most official but 3rd party copy-cats"01:17
GeneralAntillesIt's a nice feature on BB1001:18
GeneralAntillesAt least we can get apps01:18
ZogG_lap1ophow can i contact Futurama creators, i want to ask them to create give me my money back meme so i can use it !01:18
bef0rdI have mixed feelings about it on BB10, as a developer, why should I do something in cascades/qt if there is an android port that kinda works01:18
bef0rdbut as user it's nice to have it01:19
ZogG_lap1opnot nice as user01:19
ZogG_lap1opskype sucks, waze sucks01:19
ZogG_lap1opit's laggy, looks not native ( i even would prefer web frameworks app that would act native over c++ android one :(01:19
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GeneralAntillesbef0rd, because it's much less sucky that way.01:20
ZogG_lap1opand by telling - you 'll get those apps we can't give you from android - is like to tell you - you need android to get those app, so why would i buy jolla?01:20
GeneralAntillesBB10 hasn't been killed by Android player01:21
GeneralAntillesI mean, even MLB (baseball) shipped a native application.01:21
ZogG_lap1opand again NO OFFICAL PLAY STORE, but 3rd party chinese store with you know what context01:22
ZogG_lap1opthose apps we have in ovi for harmattan01:22
ZogG_lap1opthose like GPS ITALIA, GPS BERLIN, GPS THAT instead of one google maps app.01:22
ZogG_lap1opcheck for gps on bb10 store01:22
ZogG_lap1opone or two native apps and others are shitty clones01:23
GeneralAntillesThere are a few decent native options.01:23
GeneralAntillesYou know what I've realized, though.01:24
GeneralAntillesIs that the Maemo-type communities have such high quality devs01:24
GeneralAntillesthat software availability isn't a huge issue01:24
ZogG_lap1opGeneralAntilles: it is01:24
GeneralAntillesI mean, you miss Kindle/Kobo/Spotify/whatever01:24
ZogG_lap1opas Instagram comes not from maemo same as whatsapp01:24
GeneralAntillesBut for non-proprietary stuff you get much better apps.01:24
ZogG_lap1opall this android hype for those apps01:24
GeneralAntillesSee things like sowatch on Harmattan.01:24
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GeneralAntillesGaps will be filled on Jolla that'll never be filled on BB10.01:25
ZogG_lap1opGeneralAntilles: exactly that's why i'm telling THERE IS NO point in android, except just money and collect "hype users" instead of those who was loyal01:25
ZogG_lap1opGeneralAntilles: don't think so01:25
GeneralAntillesWell, hype users still pay bills. :P01:26
ZogG_lap1opharmattan has developers and support because of maemo01:26
ZogG_lap1oppeople bought it coz of maemo01:26
ZogG_lap1opif it would came without it wouldn't be the same01:26
ZogG_lap1opthey use it as shield01:26
ZogG_lap1opas well as jolla " yes we know as we were part .." both maemo and harmattan had poor support. if not community they would have nothing except idea. though maemo was awesome, but i remember those bugs when devs sent patches and they even didn't bother to apply them01:28
ZogG_lap1opso maemo is all about community01:28
ZogG_lap1opall those 4/5 steps01:28
ZogG_lap1opand than 5/601:28
ZogG_lap1opthey increased on both sides01:29
ZogG_lap1oppromises and promises only01:29
GeneralAntillesSymbian managers undercutting them at every turn.01:29
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ZogG_lap1opbut as you see less people went for meego and less are going for jolla01:30
ZogG_lap1opthey can't use maemo name forever :)01:31
GeneralAntillesJolla hasn't put much out there that's concrete01:33
GeneralAntillesI suspect a lot of people are in a holding pattern.01:33
tehdelyi'm in the "waiting for them to open up pre-orders again" pattern01:36
GeneralAntilles /msg ZogG_lap1op This is a bit random. But I have an Israeli Experience question for you.01:36
tehdelyi guess you could call that holding :)01:36
tehdelyMS<>Nokia sealed the deal for me01:36
tehdelyi was on the fence about whether to make the leap to a Lumia...01:37
GeneralAntillestehdely, missed the first batch?01:37
GeneralAntillesWindows Phone seems like a waste of time.01:37
tehdelydidn't have money when the first batch went live01:37
tehdelyi'm bummed because i'll never get my special Early Adopter jollla :>01:37
tehdelythen again my n9 is such a timeless design, ppl still ask me about it all the time01:37
tehdelyi don't imagine they'll have anything with american LTE bands in it for a while, though01:38
tehdelyso maybe i shoudl wait longer01:38
tehdelyit's tough...01:38
GeneralAntillesDon't worry, nobody in the US will get a special early adopter one either.01:38
GeneralAntillesand I pre-ordered on day one.01:38
tehdelyright.  will americans even be allowed in the next batch?01:38
tehdelyi have friends in finland who can order for me if necessary :)01:39
GeneralAntillesMay be allowed in the first batch with direct orders01:49
GeneralAntillesOne of the big problems with Jolla, lack of concrete info.01:49
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ZogG_lap1opGeneralAntilles: what version do you have on BB10?02:06
ZogG_lap1opbtw my pin is 2abfac5d02:07
GeneralAntilles10.1 something02:07
GeneralAntillesWhatever AT&T has managed to push out.02:07
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