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DocScrutinizer05pa: yes - use bash00:19
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imunsieAn update on the discussion a couple of week's ago on my collegue's N9's "low power" lock screen displaying the clock in bright cyan instead of dim white10:14
imunsieHe finally got around to using N9QT to change it to red, which worked10:15
imunsieSo whatever the cause was, it's fixed now and he's happy10:15
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ncikdo we have any new release of nemo upcoming?18:41
Morpog_PCdon't think so18:43
Morpog_PCit's a big mess atm :)18:43
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Morpog_PCconversion from x11 to wayland and Qt4 to Qt518:43
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Lava_CroftThe Future!18:44
Morpog_PCand after that HW adaptions for N9(50) needs to be optimized18:44
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ncikthat seema like a lot of work18:50
nciklipstick not working for us anymore?18:51
Morpog_PClipstick is ported to QT5 by Jolla18:51
faenilncik, ?18:53
nciki thought lipstick was a open ui on mer18:53
faenilit is18:53
ncikusing nemo18:53
Morpog_PCit's just the system that drives the UI18:53
Morpog_PCJolla uses lipstick too18:54
faenillipstick is the library used by Nemo's opensource homescreen (lipstick-colorful-home-qt5) and Jolla's closedsource homescreen (lipstick-jolla-home-qt5)18:54
ncikso we have a ui ready.. the qt5 coversion is to use jolla apps?18:55
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ncik what about a jolla port to n919:00
ncikisnt it the hardware they started testing on19:00
mime2013can anyone plz xplain how to reinstall watsapp on nokia n919:00
ncikdownload the .deb from the wiki page and install it19:01
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Morpog_PCncik, we have default UI ready, but thats just step 1, after that they start to port to Glacier UI.19:02
Lava_Croftncik: I have only seen Holla run on the N95019:02
Lava_Crofter Jolla, what19:02
Morpog_PCmime2013, just open the deb with file manager19:03
Morpog_PCbe sure to use latest nightly version19:03
Lava_Croftshouldnt whatsapp starts to block the n9 soon19:03
Lava_Crofti thought i saw something on twitter about that19:03
Morpog_PCnot yet here19:03
Morpog_PCmaybe they stopped it due to our shitstorm? :)19:03
mime2013ya it blocked it thats y its nt reinstalling19:04
ncikit blocked me for a day.. then it stopped19:04
mime2013same here its saying old version19:04
Morpog_PCmime2013, thats bullshit, you can always reinstall it19:04
Morpog_PCare you using LATEST nightly version?19:04
ncikdownload the nightly 2419:04
Lava_CroftMorpog_PC: i dont think the whatsapp folks care for any shitstorm of maemo users:)19:05
Lava_Croftwhy would they:)19:05
Morpog_PCwell, if they don't care, why they do care to block us?19:05
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Lava_Croftyou are using their servers, obviously19:05
Lava_Croftwith a client they dont approve of19:05
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Lava_Croftno matter what you think of whatsapp, but thats pretty sane behaviour19:06
mime2013cnt reinstall it. searching 4 anothr free chat for nokia n9.19:06
Morpog_PCnot if they don't provide a client19:06
Lava_Croftwhy should they provide a client19:06
Lava_Croftits a waste of development money19:06
Morpog_PCmime2013, are you using nightly version?19:06
mime2013watsapp cool bt they block it as soon as u use it 4long19:06
Lava_Croftthey have to put a guy on it to make the client19:06
mime2013wooh yaa ..19:06
Lava_Crofttheres just no profit to be made for them19:06
Morpog_PCLava_Croft, they already have BB version, easy port19:07
Lava_Croftit takes time, which means it takes money19:07
mime2013infact here in mauritius its tough out here19:07
Lava_Croftwhatsapp is just a regulat company19:07
Lava_Croftthey want to make money, not please maemo people:)19:07
ncikthey even paid the guy who made wazapp to port it to bb1019:07
Morpog_PCthere are millions of n9 users out there19:07
Lava_Croftmost of them dont give a shit for whatsapp19:07
mime2013ya many n9 users hvng same prblms19:08
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Morpog_PCno mime2013 it works fine here19:08
Lava_Croftwhatsapp users are just a dumb, vocal minority19:08
mime2013u thnk so19:08
Morpog_PCmime2013, you still haven't said which version you are trying to install.19:08
Lava_Croftso all their noise makes it look like its very important19:08
Lava_Croftand like a lot of people care19:08
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Lava_Croftbut honestly, whatsapp is for silly people19:09
Lava_Croftwhy not stick to MSN, lol19:09
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Lava_Crofti would just not care for whatsapp if they dont care to make a client/give you acess19:09
ncikmy sister sends me her girls pics on it.. very useful for me.. ;)19:09
mime2013yep srry latest version19:09
Lava_Crofttell her to use one of the other 10000000000 options:)19:09
Morpog_PCtell us which version EXACTLY19:09
mime2013cnt react without it19:10
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Lava_Crofti dont get why the whatsapp folks dont just use fb chat19:11
Lava_Croftits basically the same19:11
ncikno file transfer19:11
Lava_Croftthats what you use whats app for... :D19:11
Lava_Croftnow i get the remark about the pics:)19:12
Lava_Croftuse email, lol19:12
ncikyep.. that is all.. :)19:12
Lava_Croftemail is free19:12
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Morpog_PCthat mime2013 guy was strange19:13
ncikits whatsapp for now.. soon it will be another silly app..19:13
Lava_Croftisnt whatsapp just xmpp19:13
Morpog_PCyep and it was a while icq and a while MSN19:13
nciknot really19:13
Lava_Croftah yes, customized xmpp19:13
Lava_Croftat least facebook keeps it 'open'19:13
Lava_Croftso i can connect to it from bitlbee orso19:14
Lava_Croftor any xmpp client19:14
nciknope.. :P19:14
Lava_Croftwhatsapp is customized xmpp protocol:)19:14
Lava_Crofti bet the only customization they did was to take care of their monetization19:15
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ncikwhat else.. i hope we have a better more open app.. i wish i could make one19:18
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Lava_Croftwhatsapp file transfer basically means upload to their server and send http link to reciever19:37
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ncikcant we have a piratebay like app then.. :)19:40
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teleshoesdoes anyone use a mail client on the n9 that isnt fenix?20:54
teleshoesi would really like to use something that can persist my accounts across flashing, as i have too many to manually set up20:56
ncikpeople have scripts if you care enough to browse through maemo.org20:58
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teleshoesi havent seen the thing youre talking about20:58
teleshoescan you tell me more?20:58
ncikthe next thing would be to get you the link from talk.maemo.org20:59
teleshoesi mean, im searching the forums, but im not precisely sure what you mean20:59
teleshoesscripts for saving the accounts in fenix?20:59
nciki dont remember exactly. its something to do with open mode kernel20:59
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teleshoesscripts for doing mail manually?20:59
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teleshoesyea, you mean removing all the aegis mount points21:00
teleshoesit doesnt actually work for me21:00
teleshoesim not sure it works for anybody21:00
ncikgo through the thread21:02
ncikit works for me bud. ;)21:02
teleshoesheh, my comment is the last thing anyone said on that thread21:02
teleshoesso, let me ask to make sure-21:03
teleshoesyou copy the accounts db off of your phone to your laptop21:03
teleshoesthen reflash the firmware and emmc21:03
teleshoesthen flash an open kernel21:03
teleshoesthen remove the aegis mountpoints with that script thedead summarized21:03
teleshoesthen you copy it back21:03
teleshoesand reboot21:03
teleshoesand your accounts work?21:03
nciksounds about right. i havent tried it though..21:05
teleshoesi did, and it didnt work21:05
teleshoesi found it DOES work if you dont reflash21:05
teleshoesif youre just going from closed=>open21:05
ncikhave you tried backing up using nokia pc suite or link?21:06
teleshoesas i said in that forum:21:06
teleshoesaccounts-restore is a shell script which removes the accounts db and  replaces it with accounts.db.bak; if this doesnt exist, accounts-restore  simply removes your accounts db.21:06
teleshoesthats literally the same thing im doing21:06
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teleshoesbut yes, ive tried using the nokia closed source account-backup/restore21:07
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teleshoes{it also could be the case that my custom restore scripts fuck something up that seems unrelated but causes the problem}21:10
teleshoesbut ive just never heard of anyone actually saying that this works for them21:10
teleshoesso i suspect it just doesnt work21:10
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teleshoesim also interested in divorcing myself from as many closed-source shitty nokia apps as possible21:11
teleshoesi recently killed off drive in favor of navit+waze21:12
nciktell me when you could change the ui.. ;)21:12
ncikand the feed21:12
teleshoesheh, 'as many as possible'21:12
teleshoesmthome is not one such possible app21:13
ncikhave you tried restoring the file manually instead of using a script?21:13
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teleshoesurm, what does manually mean?21:13
teleshoesin the end, a computer has to do it21:14
teleshoesso im going to be running commands and the same things gonna happen, regardless of whether i have a tty in21:14
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teleshoesif you mean, 'am i sure i restored it and with correct perms?', then yes, md5sum and ls confirms21:14
nciki mean since you said it could be a problem with the script21:15
teleshoesah i see what you mean21:15
teleshoesi could try a reflash JUST to test this21:15
teleshoesand only run the bits of my restore that setup ssh keys21:16
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teleshoesyea, i guess i should try and minimize the things i do first21:17
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ncikyou are keen on it.. i dont like reflashing my phone21:17
nciktakes too long21:17
teleshoeswell, im only keen on it because of my restore system21:17
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teleshoesi plug my phone in, flash it, turn on developer mode, run passwd21:17
teleshoesthen i start my restore script21:17
teleshoeset voila21:17
nciki can test the script tomorrow only.. its midnight here21:18
teleshoesall my packages installed, all my pictures/music, my launcher buttons neatly organized21:18
nciktry make an app out of it.21:18
teleshoeseh, the important thing for me is that its human readable21:19
teleshoesi have a file which controls the ordering of my launcher-buttons21:19
teleshoesthat lives in a git repo on my computer21:19
teleshoesthe process i use isnt for everyone21:19
teleshoesits more like a discipline- never change any settings with the gui, figure out how to change them programmatically and store the changes in a repo21:20
nciknot fair man.. its supposed to be open.. you can add it to coderus's open repo21:20
teleshoesi mean, the git repo is on github!21:20
teleshoesits all gplv321:20
ncikahh.. ok21:21
teleshoesits just not really package-able21:21
teleshoesbits and pieces of it may be useful, like my launcher-buttons script21:22
nciklets make it work first then we can try.. i really hate restoring the contacts21:22
teleshoesheh, thats also automated for me21:22
teleshoesand sms and call log21:22
teleshoesi back up both nightly over wifi21:22
ncikthats not that important but still good. does it also back up the app debsl21:22
teleshoeswell sort of21:23
teleshoesi reverse that idea and store the custom debs in my repo21:23
teleshoesi never install anything on the phone itself21:23
teleshoesi add the package name to my install script21:23
teleshoesand run that21:23
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teleshoesif a deb isnt in a repo, i stick it in mine21:24
ncikhah.. wow21:25
teleshoesi have had an n9 get stolen21:25
teleshoeswhat did i lose?21:25
teleshoes$250 and one text message21:25
teleshoesthe previous days call logs, pictures, all my app configs like double-tap-to-unlock and my firefox bookmarks21:26
teleshoesall safe and sound21:26
teleshoes{i was still pretty sad}21:26
teleshoes{but imagine how much worse if i had lost my pictures and my texts, and then had to reconfigure from scratch?}21:27
ncikits always a bummer21:27
teleshoeshah yea21:27
teleshoesthen 4 months later21:28
teleshoesa hurricane destroyed everything i own21:28
teleshoesand i had to buy YET ANOTHER21:28
bef0rdseems like n9 gives you bad luck21:28
ncikdude.. you are like a bad luck magnet21:28
ncikbut your idea is brilliant.. do you use ubiboot?21:30
teleshoesno i should tho21:30
ncikmakes booting up a bit slower21:30
teleshoesoh then i shouldnt21:30
teleshoesi dont need multiple OSes, and im comfortable flashing the recovery n950 kernel21:31
ncikits no use unless you use nemo/android etc..21:31
teleshoeswhich i had to do on the phone that drowned in seawater21:31
teleshoesi install nemo from time to time21:31
teleshoesjust to see whats up21:31
ncikyeah me too.. but then you can do it without ubiboot21:31
teleshoesif i used android for something {cant imagine what} id do that21:32
teleshoeshmm, does android actually have anything?21:32
teleshoessrsly, i mean21:32
bef0rdi use it to check android apps21:33
bef0rdnothing  more21:33
teleshoesyea, jolla will be nifty for that21:33
bef0rdI don't really have use/need any android app, but like to test some of them from time to time, since I don't have an android phone, nitdroid just works for that21:34
teleshoesyea, i can imagine that being useful, like for testing a multi-platform app youre develing21:35
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teleshoesWHOA worked23:04
teleshoesit WAS me23:05
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