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teleshoeshey anyone know of a good white n9 housing on ebay06:34
teleshoesor black or blue06:34
bef0rdalready dropped it and chipped one of the corners ;_;06:38
teleshoesi mean, which listing?06:38
bef0rdhold on06:38
bef0rd I asked here06:39
bef0rdand bought from this seller06:40
bef0rdit's better if you get the screws, I broke one of mine06:40
teleshoesi got a t4 and t5 torx-plus screwdriver06:40
bef0rdhad to use a dremel to remove it06:40
teleshoesbecause i read your post!06:40
teleshoeshowever, i dont see the white case06:41
teleshoesi think they have stopped selling it?06:41
bef0rdand didn't have one to replace it, my n9 is slightly lighter06:41
bef0rdI asked the seller to send me a white one06:41
bef0rdask him in the comments06:41
teleshoesoh, thanks!06:41
teleshoesdoes the camera fit nice?06:41
teleshoeslots of folks on the forums say it doesnt for the ones they bought06:41
bef0rdyea, it fits and works ok06:42
teleshoesooh and i get a chance to use my spanish06:42
teleshoesugh its quite rusty06:43
bef0rdyou can probably use ebay.com06:43
teleshoesmy spanish not the case06:43
bef0rdI used that one as he shipped internationally, most of the sellers just ship to USA06:44
teleshoesoh i see06:44
teleshoesi thought the vendor spoke spanish06:44
teleshoesunfortunately, i am in the us06:45
teleshoesand they wont send it to me06:45
teleshoesoh well thx anyway06:45
teleshoesill just pick one at random06:46
bef0rdyea, I see now :/ excludes usa06:46
teleshoesmy n9 case is broken in like 6 parts06:47
teleshoesliterally taped together06:47
teleshoesoh shit06:47
teleshoesi just bought one, and didnt notice the extra long shipping time06:48
teleshoesnormally hong kong => us is 2-3 weeks06:48
teleshoesthis is 5-6 weeks06:48
bef0rdah sucks :/06:49
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faenilZogG_lap1op, 'the hell is wrong with you?14:04
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