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teleshoesargh, i just bought an n9 screen and its awful04:59
teleshoeshas no proximity sensor04:59
teleshoestouch is nice, and screen is quite pretty but theres a little more bleeding in white-on-black than the original05:00
teleshoesjulistrade on ebay05:02
teleshoesoh snap, i think im crazy05:05
teleshoesand i have discovered prox sensor is part of a removable assembly05:12
teleshoesyay i dont need to kill myself05:12
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teleshoeshey, anyone know stuff about amoled screens and the n909:39
teleshoesi just replaced my screen and immediately started worrying that the replacement is actually an lcd screen09:40
teleshoeswhich would be awful because i use the lowpower screen intensively09:40
teleshoesand read books with a black background09:40
teleshoesand having a constant backlight would eat the battery to pieces09:41
Jonniwell, just read howmuch mA's its eating with commandline when in low power screen and you know.09:41
teleshoesexcept i just replaced my battery09:41
teleshoesand the voltage reading isnt accurate yet09:42
teleshoesbut is it possible to have it be an lcd?09:42
Jonniif its eating less than 10mA, then you are golden.09:42
teleshoesyea, i used to have it ~409:42
teleshoesbut it currently reads that it is charging09:43
teleshoesit reads the current by reading the voltage and extrapolating right?09:43
teleshoesoh thats nice09:44
teleshoesand also kinda worrying since its reading it wrong09:44
Jonniwell depends how you are reading it?09:44
teleshoesheh, i forget what im using, lemme check my src09:45
teleshoesbetter yet, what do you use?09:45
teleshoesim using qmbattery in qmsystem09:46
teleshoesi dont know what the lowest level calls available are, but i should probably use those09:46
Jonnibmestat |grep current|cut -b28-09:50
JonniIm reading it directly from bme09:50
teleshoescool, thats accurate09:51
teleshoesdunno wth qmbattery is doing09:51
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teleshoeswith the screen off, 20ma09:52
teleshoesi think i have my answer09:53
teleshoeswait no09:53
teleshoesbmestat is ALSO returning negative values09:53
teleshoes   battery current:       -10709:54
teleshoesits totally not charging, but bmestat believes it is09:55
teleshoescharger state:         DISCONNECTED09:55
teleshoesbattery current:       -10809:55
teleshoeswhen using a ton of power, it reads09:56
teleshoesbattery current:       3309:56
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teleshoesshitty battery maybe10:01
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teleshoesnokia told me over the phone which amazon partner to buy this battery from10:01
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