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xavinuxHi people which is the better way to program apps for N9 with python, PyQt or PySide?01:26
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louis__I have problem with my phone. After some time the IMAP mail accounts stop working. It'll not check for mail anymore. If I reinstall fenix and all installed packages with "mail" or recreate my mail account it doesn't help. I've sat my email up on a spare N9 fully working. Fenix log: - Fenix Log from Nokia wth mail not working:
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louis__I've had the problem once before which was gone after reflashing. But I don't want to reflash again.16:11
jabislouis__: I regained the accounts when 1st) removed accounts, 2nd) removed the .qmf-folder and 3rd) reboot, then add accounts again and poof - working16:12
jabiscan't remember did I clear out something else too16:13
jabistho it wasn't for imap, it was with MfE at the time16:13
louis__jabis: Thanks. I'll try that ;)16:16
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louis__jabis. Thanks a lot. It worked. Deactivated my mail account, deleted /home/user/.qmf, rebooted and reactivated my mail account and now my imap account works again :)16:38
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jabislouis__: no prob, glad I could help :)16:39
DocScrutinizer05guys (and gals), you're also part of our great community :-D  We need more contributions to keep alive. Here: more volunteers for HiFo, see and and
DocScrutinizer05you might think now "who cares about" while looking at your N9 harmattan devices, but don't forget about skeiron, tmo, etc pp16:41
DocScrutinizer05for making it utterly clear: HiFo BoD is just community's treasurer basically, so it's a highly responsible position with not _that_ much actual workload to do16:46
DocScrutinizer05(for sure we should see a tiny bit more commitment from new BoD than we seen during last 4 months from that entity - at least bi-weekly public meetings and response times to requests of <1 week would be great)16:48
DocScrutinizer05and when you then manage to update the donation page more frequently than only once every 4 months, that would be already extremely fine16:51
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dashinsomebody speak russian?19:55
tehdelyi speak Мат19:59
tehdelybut that's it19:59
tehdelytoo much ru-chp19:59
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teleshoeshey, so im having some trouble with the skeiron repos on my n920:31
teleshoestries to read lzma instead of gz20:32
teleshoesW: Failed to fetch  Sub-process /usr/bin/lzma returned an error code (1)20:32
teleshoesthis happens in about 6 repos; there is no Packages.lzma, but Packages and Packages.gz are correct20:34
teleshoesif anyone happens to have an idea, id appreciate it20:34
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teleshoesdeb harmattan-incepted free non-free20:41
teleshoessame with20:42
teleshoesdeb ./20:42
jabisyour N9 is prolly PR1.320:44
jabiswhy'd you have old repos in there - just messes up your system?20:45
teleshoeswhat old repos20:45
jabisthat last one20:45
teleshoesi forget what i use from djszapi's20:45
teleshoessomething important, lemme check20:46
thedead1440jabis: Meego Harmattan 1.2 is the name of the OS and not to be confused as PR1.220:46
teleshoesMeeGo_1.2_Harmattan is just the name of the distro20:46
thedead1440teleshoes: i've alerted brkn about the error on skeiron; will post here once I have an update20:47
teleshoesoh man, thanks20:47
teleshoesare you sure its an error?20:47
teleshoesand not just me?20:47
thedead1440its a warning not an error so packages should still be downloaded fine20:47
teleshoesno its not a warning20:48
teleshoesits an error20:48
teleshoessorry, the message i pasted IS a warning20:48
teleshoesbut it also results in an error later20:48
teleshoesE: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.20:49
jabisthedead1440: yeh - pulled my head out of my ass and checked that it's been known to happen before20:49
thedead1440teleshoes: oh ok; let's see what brkn says about it20:49
teleshoesheres a pb with the apt-get update output20:52
teleshoesand here are my sources20:53
thedead1440thanks will forward them too now20:54
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thedead1440done; it seems to be one error affecting all the repos there so should be something easier to troubleshoot and fix20:56
teleshoesi imagine its just me20:56
teleshoesyou too?20:57
thedead1440i just tried one of them and got the same error so its not just you20:57
teleshoesoh ok; maybe hes in the middle of something20:57
thedead1440usually i try out every addition on skeiron but have been pretty busy with work these past weeks hence didn't verify before he put it out for all to use20:57
dashin why i can download my app from the store?20:58
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thedead1440dashin: gets a .deb for me20:59
dashinMe too, but (msg: download failed)21:00
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thedead1440nixt0r: got the same error on device21:02
thedead1440report it to store support21:02
thedead1440they must have screwed something up again...21:02
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nixt0rbut what people will think when buy the game, but can not download it? .. awwwww :/21:04
teleshoeshey, anyone know of an open source sound recorder program for the n9?21:04
thedead1440nixt0r: sadly that has happened to other paid apps recently too...21:05
jabisteleshoes: howbout
teleshoesopen source21:06
jabisuh open source k21:06
teleshoesthanks tho21:06
jabisI'm running on low beams today it seems21:06
teleshoesno worries!21:06
teleshoesi wonder why its closed anyway21:09
teleshoesi want to shoot myself when i see a gratis piece of closed software, with no ads, no visible commercial revenue21:10
teleshoesits like closed is the default, and you have to have a good reason to make it open21:12
teleshoesi have to assume that its spying on me and wants to sell my credit card info, just to restore my faith in humanity21:12
thedead1440teleshoes: sometimes i've read devs who intend to open it once they clean what they assume to be messy code but since they never manage to clean it up, its never opened up21:13
teleshoesits so stupid21:13
teleshoesall code is embarrassing21:14
teleshoespersonally, id be MUCH more embarrassed to develop proprietary software than to show someone how ugly the code is21:14
teleshoesi cant believe it, but it looks like i may have to write a sound recorder app21:16
teleshoeswhat a waste of time21:16
teleshoesis harmattan-dev STILL down?21:17
thedead1440teleshoes: skeiron has a copy of it too21:17
teleshoesoh cool21:17
teleshoesi wanna see the qtmobility api21:17
teleshoesmm, seems like its just the repo21:18
thedead1440oh you want the docs? its on skeiron but i need to find the link to it21:18
teleshoesan index.html on might be nice21:19
thedead1440indeed but brkn is too paranoid to do so due to people abusing the bandwidth presumably...21:20
teleshoesmakes sense21:25
teleshoesexcellent, thanks21:29
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teleshoesheh so the docs21:47
teleshoescontain a bsd licensed audiorecorder program21:47
teleshoesill stick it up on my github21:48
teleshoesits a terrible ui tho, not harmattan-y21:48
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teleshoesin case anyones interested22:05
teleshoesi might make it non-shitty someday22:05
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HtheBanyone alive?23:33
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RzRHtheB, I, barely23:42
HtheBi need some help though23:43
HtheBit's offtopic23:43
HtheBwebsite of my dad seems to be infected23:43
HtheBby script viruses23:43
HtheBall .html files seems to be infected :/ and.. removing one by one manual is a pain in the ass. Is there something usefull (like a command?) to remove the script in all .html files?23:44
RzRor rpl23:45
HtheBi know i shouldn't ask this, but what if I can't get access to a linux machine atm (using windows.. i know, dont bash me pls)23:49
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HtheBRzR: This did the job
HtheBThank you for the tip!23:53
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HtheB1492 html files replaced with 1 click :)23:56

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