IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2013-06-08

HtheBlike, 2 days ago?00:00
HtheBand everytime before that :D00:00
Jonniwell then some package has broken the filesystem, and its time to reflash with --erase-user-data=secure :)00:00
HtheBi was just done with everything...00:00
HtheBas you may recall it :D00:01
tehdelyHtheB: the last time i ran into that problem00:01
tehdelyit turned out i was out of inodes on one of my filesystems00:01
tehdelyin fact, it's happened to me 2x00:01
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tehdelyit breaks lots of things, but in particular the camera... i saw, by running the camera app from a shell and looking at what errors got thrown00:02
tehdelylots of "no space left on device"00:02
tehdelyrun 'df -i'00:02
HtheBthe only output that I get is:00:02
tehdelythe problem is that /home is sort of under-provisioned.  harmattan puts lots of stuff in /home that really oughta live in /home/user/MyDocs00:02
HtheBMApplication Service: registerService() registering failed00:02
tehdelythat might be something else00:03
HtheBMApplicationService: Calling launc() in other application with service : ""00:03
tehdelyand how's your filesystems looking00:03
HtheBlooks normal to me, let me put it on pastebin00:04
tehdelyk you definitely don't have the problem I was having, then :/00:06
tehdelysomewhere, there is an un-answered mailing list post by a person with your exact problem00:08
Jonniis that N9 or N950?00:08
Jonniand normal firmware or openmode?00:09
HtheBwith ubiboot00:09
Jonnijust thinking if you have PR1.2 filesystem and PR1.3 kernel?00:09
Jonnior did you flash the leaked PR1.3 filesystem?00:09
HtheBleaked yeah00:09
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HtheBso that shouldnt be the problem00:09
HtheBdidnt had the problem before00:09
HtheBsomehow, today I just found out about it00:09
Jonniand you havent installed any custom deb packages while beeing in openmode? Or if you have you have always used the mandatory AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN export before installing?00:10
HtheByesterday, I did put some .so files in /usr/lib/00:11
Jonnijust thinging if you have installed any custom servives without using the export, then aegis will prevent system camera from working00:11
JonniHtheB: most likely those so files breaks it00:11
HtheBI did remove them back though00:11
Jonnisince if you put any .so file in usr/lib manually, then you also need to update refhashlist and resign it00:12
HtheBbut after removing manually, it shouldnt be a problem anymore, right?00:12
HtheBor.. am I alraedy late?! :D00:12
*** piggz has joined #harmattan00:13
Jonniie. if you put unknown origin .so files in system that has files, then aegis will go mad. Adding custom libraries should always be done in a way that they are faked to be origin00:13
Jonniwell without seeing the dmesg aegis errors, I have no idea if your late or not, but it sure does sound like reflash time. Or if your lucky reboot might be enough if there is no custom service files or libs in the system anymore00:14
HtheBrebooted many times already00:15
HtheBso that 'luck' is no more00:15
Jonniwell if you dont see any aegis errors in dmesg, then its reflash time00:15
HtheBlets see dmesg00:18
Jonnimight be just enough to do --flash-only=rootfs, that way you stay in openmode, but have factory rootfs00:18
HtheBhmm how about the apps?00:18
Jonnigone :)00:18
HtheBthen there is no reason to do only rootfs00:19
Jonnithats why I have big dir of debs, and I just do dpkg -i *.deb after the reflash :)00:19
juicemeJonni, ping00:19
Jonnijuiceme: pong00:19
HtheBJonni: jup, have it too since the last time00:19
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juicemeJonni, I was thinking about this flashing kernel from a deb package some time back...00:20
juicemehave you ever done that?00:20
juicemecan I use /usr/sbin/fiasco-flasher for that?00:21
HtheBJonni: dmesg output
Jonnijuiceme: hmm, yes, I've played with that, but most likely those datails might go under NDA, so unfortunatly can't help you on that.00:25
JonniHtheB: nothing in that log, you did try to start camera app, before taking the dmesg?00:28
HtheBhmm yes00:28
HtheBstart and closed it back00:28
HtheBthen dmesg00:28
HtheBor should i minimize it?00:28
juicemeJonni, that's too bad then :(  see, I was thinking about packaging ubiboot to deb, because as for version -02 now, its fairly safe to install...00:29
HtheBaha, i see some errors!00:30
juicemeHtheB, I also looked at your paste, and usually there should be something about the camera I guess.00:30
HtheBmaybe i was too fast00:30
HtheBhad to wait a bit before dmesg00:30
juicemecan you check what's in /var/log/messages ?00:30
HtheBi see some errors this time on dmesg00:31
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HtheBuploading on pastebin agian hang on00:32
HtheBoh wait no00:33
HtheBseems like when I cat the file, to copy text.. it was acting weird00:34
HtheBso i saw those error messages ¬¬00:34
HtheBbut there is nothing different on the dmesg00:34
juicemedmesg records mainly kernel thingies.00:34
HtheBjuiceme: what log do you need00:35
HtheBi have:00:35
juicemea lot of more stuff, daemons, applications, etc. get logged to messages.00:35
juicemebut as I said, I don't know much about the camera side...00:36
HtheBXorg.0.log.0.gz Xorg.0.log.1.gz Xorg.0.log.2.gz Xorg.0.log.3.gz Xorg.0.log.4.gz alternatives.log apt dpkg.log pareplysms.log pasms.log syslog syslog.old ubiboot.dmesg ubiboot.log00:36
juicemeit's the sysylog you want to see.00:36
Jonnijust consider that reflash and dpkg -i *.deb takes 10 minutes, and debugging can take hours :)00:38
HtheBJonni: true :)00:39
HtheBbut it could be handy for people who also has the same problem as I do00:40
HtheBif we can hunt down what the problem might be00:40
Jonniofcourse you could do grep aegis /var/log/*  to see if there is any hits00:40
HtheBas root?00:40
juicemeJonni, trying "/usr/sbin/fiasco-flasher -?" gives awfully same looking options as the regular flasher likes to get, so can it really be NDA stuff if it is analogous to the external flasher...?00:41
JonniHtheB:  and you havent installed any deb packages without AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN?00:41
Jonnias that is the most common problem that people forget to export when installing stuff in openmode.00:42
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HtheBonly 100:42
HtheBoh w800:42
juicemeJonni, if I try some experimenting with fiasco-flasher, do you think it's possible I brick my device to a state not possible to fix with reflash? Just making sure before I try anything :)00:47
Jonnimost likely you can always recover with reflash, so I havent heard anyone ever bricking the device with that00:47
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juicemethat's good to know. Maybe I'll do some experiments with it then00:50
juicemeI guess that's how the OTA update flashes the new kernel?00:50
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rikaneejuiceme: warning: you can't flash on-device in Open Mode01:04
Jonnirikanee: why not? you should even be able to dd the kernel into kernel partition if fiasco flasher doesnt work :)01:07
rikaneeJonni: wear leveling is a problem ;)01:07
juicemerikanee, I was under the assumption that kernel is flashed "on-the-metal", that there's no wear leveling blocks as it sits there on bare flash, no ubifs etc...01:10
rikaneejuiceme: Flasher/NOLO takes care of wear-leveling as it writes, hence the kernel partition being slightly bigger than the usual kernel.01:11
juicemeand how would it be different when I flas with external flasher vs. internal flasher?01:11
juicemedoes it somehow do it without NOLO?01:12
rikaneejuiceme: internal, on-device flasher apparently rejects flashing if in openmode01:12
juicemeah, you have tried it?01:12
rikaneejuiceme: you can read about it in the Openmode thread, that's why SSU in OM fails01:12
rikaneekernel and CMT can't be updated01:12
juicemeok, I'll look it up, thanks01:13
juicemetoo bad if it's like that01:13
rikaneejuiceme: I think that in Harmattan, Linux kernel is now involved in kernel flashing, which is why you need to select an ape-algo01:13
Jonnibut your dep  backage would be in secure mode install anyways :)01:13
juicemewell I was thinking of the device should be taken to open moda bedore installing the deb.01:14
juicemebut why not...01:14
juicemecould be amde so that it needs to be installed in closed mode and it triggers open mode when installed :)01:14
rikaneejuiceme, btw, I got a "Charge Battery" error while starting HARM with +L2fix (once), so maybe some tweaking is still in order01:14
infobotjuiceme meant: could be made so that it needs to be installed in closed mode and it triggers open mode when installed :)01:15
juicemerikanee, ah it' still not perfect... but the percenatge ratio is _much_ better :)01:15
rikaneejuiceme: you could have the user activate dev-mode, and use the package's postinst to both clear the warranty warning and flash the kernel in closed mode01:15
juicemeyes, that's doable.01:16
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juicemeoriginally I thought it's something I cluld never release as package, it depended on so many tweaks like the possibility of not being able to use mtd4 or mtd5 due to eraserblock shortage... but currently there are no such roadblocks any more.01:18
juicemeof course it's a bit limiting if the installation is not possible in open mode but it might still be worth a try :)01:19
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* HtheB waves good night to everybody01:27
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DocScrutinizer05mgedmin: could you please give povbot a kick so it leaves ##overflow and re-joins #maemo? thanks a lot! :-)02:37
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Malik_how to chat08:55
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coderusReleased QmlMozBrowser for #harmattan update. v0.1.6.2. Get it on TMO:
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coderusPlease list all bugs in forum thread.16:51
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HtheBseriously.... wtf22:09
HtheBno one talks O_O22:09
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Morpog_PCit's summertime22:11
HtheBdoes that turn humans into zombies?22:12
Morpog_PCsure, sun zombies22:12
* HtheB hides from sun zombies22:13
HtheBAttack of the killer sunbies22:14
Morpog_PCAll with red skin :)22:15
mschlensEvery once in a while you'll find one with blue skin.22:15
mschlensBut they are mostly drowned.22:16
HtheBgood old times22:17
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qwazixcrap, harmattan-dev is down again22:52
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Morpog_PCyep, apt-get update takes ages since yesterday because of....22:54
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HtheBbecause of what?23:00
HtheBbecause of being shitty :(23:00
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