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phakodoes offline search in maps and drive crash for anyone else as well?12:43
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mschlensphako: maps crashes for me on start-up. :-/12:59
phakohm, no. that's working fine.12:59
mschlensAh, first launch. Might have taken a while12:59
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mschlensI only got my new N9 two days ago. Haven't set everything up yet.13:00
* dm8tbr managed to fix some maps crashes by wiping the maps data from the FAT partition13:08
phakoI think I need to re-flash finally, got enough other oddities with 1.313:09
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IcyTowermschlens where you buyed NEW N9???15:01
IcyTowerI cant find here finland shop where is N9 :/15:01
mschlensIcyTower: Well, it's not exactly new, but it looks like new. Fresh 1.3 installation too.15:02
mschlensI got mine over eBay.15:02 have really cheap 64GB ones too (~260USD)15:02
mschlensI was on Android for not quite three months after ~18 months of N9 and it was painful - again.15:03
mschlensGlad to be back.15:03
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SpeedEvilAndroid has such awesome hardware.15:45
mschlensTell me about it.15:45
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SpeedEvil(in some respects anyway)15:45
leinirwell, it /needs/ awesome hardware, just to be able to run the OS anywhere near smoothly ;)15:45
SpeedEvilAnd then they put 'boot to wine' on top of it.15:45
mschlensI started out with a Motorola Milestone and went to the N90015:45
mschlensThen I got an SII and went to N9 #1.15:46
mschlensNow I had an Xperia-Z and went to N9 #215:46
mschlensleinir: ha!15:46
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chem|stIcyTower: buy in europe... not only in fin15:56
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