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louisdkI have switched battery on an Nokia N9. At first the battery turned green when I tried to switch it on but after taking the screen off and on again, nothing on the screen at all. The battery is fully charged and recognized by the flasher.01:47
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gabriel9anyone knows something about this: /usr/bin/ld: test.o: undefined reference to symbol '_ZN15QNetworkRequest6setUrlERK4QUrl'01:58
gabriel9when i try to use simulator01:58
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phako_Kozzi: I'm slightly lost with your LG issue14:00
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Kozzioh np, anything I can help with ?14:08
phakois the tv complaining about the unsupported video format?14:08
phakoor the device?14:08
Kozzidevice, if I remember correctly14:09
Kozziwhen I try to push a recorded video from device to tv using filebox14:09
phakoI tried that with the caps from the TV you sent me and it doesn't happen :-/14:11
Kozzioh, I'm at school now so won't be able to test it. Will try againlater today, LG has been pushed a fw update recently, perhaps it works now :|14:12
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phakosure, np14:19
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juicemecan somebody tell me what's the big deal with Phoenix flasher?20:57
juicemeas far as I see it's just some cracked version of a windows flasher, so why people would want to use it instead of the proper flasher?20:58
juicemethere is no operation that can be done with Phoenix vs. regular flasher, right?20:59
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juicemethe phoenix-flashing people have hijacked the "Comprehensive Firmware Flashing Guide for N9" thread on TMO :(21:01
Jonnijuiceme: there are some tricks that can be done, but you need phoenix + some special hardware for it :), cracked version doesnt do much more21:01
juicemeyes, and the R&D certificates, right?21:01
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Jonniyou can flash r&d certs with normal flasher too :)21:02
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juicemeand I suppose by "special hardware" you mean JTAG interface?21:02
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Jonnithats fps-21 flasher box that you use with phoenix21:05
Jonniit has interfaces for secure magic card, fbus etc21:06
Jonniservice cable slots etc21:07
juicemebut sill it bugs me that people will try in vain to flash wrong images with phoenix, and they do not belive when told that it makes no difference whatsoever...21:11
juicemethey think it's some magic solution, somehow better than the command line flasher21:11
Jonniyeah it makes no difference at all21:12
thedead1440juiceme: remember many people using the n9 came from symbian and for symbian phoenix is the go-to tool21:31
thedead1440i myself had a n8 before the n9(00)s so phoneix is pretty known to people vs winflasher especially if they haven't used cmd.exe before ;)21:32
juicemeyes, it well might be that. Altough I had sybian phones since the nineties and I never used phoenix myself :)21:33
thedead1440you never flashed?21:33
juicemewith symbian, I didi not mod my devices21:33
thedead1440but for s^3 phones custom roms made them bearable and to flash phoenix was the way to go21:34
juicemeI never knew even, that there exists custom roms for symbian,21:34
thedead1440they call it cracked version because afaik phoenix is internal sw only and cracked is the leaked version that anybody can use21:34
juicemeI thought it's so closed source21:34
thedead1440you never been there? its the nirvana for s^3 phones especially21:35
juicemeno, because, well... when I was using symbian, I just took the device as given21:36
juicemeI had all the series of communicators, from original 9000 up to e90 and e721:36
thedead1440you can give your e7 a new lease of life using those roms if it has no hw issues ;)21:37
juicemeWell there were no issues ever with it :)21:37
juicemeI only started developing for mobile devices when I got a device that has linux21:38
thedead1440seems like you used it as a feature phone ;)21:38
juicemewell, kind of yes, they _are_ (or were) feature phones21:38
juicemeor so I thought, anyway21:39
thedead1440if you mean by no linux yes but the e7 was a pretty handy tool just like the n821:39
thedead1440i still miss document editing on my n9... something my dad's communicators would do so well...21:40
juicemee7 is wonderfull for it's usage, but that's just it. no console, no scripting, no python, no nothing...21:40
juicemefor "business usage" they are wonderful21:41
thedead1440i read they had some python support?21:41
juicemebut when you get used to all the linux goodies there's no going back, ever21:41
juicemepython on communicator? That would have been nice if I knew that back then21:42
thedead1440true i only miss the document editing part as well as those time-wasting apps that were available on symbian at the same time as other OSes until Elop's memo21:42
juicemeI never really cared that much for apps... except for some specifics like joikuspot and sportstracker21:45
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juicemeSo actually I currently have more apps on the app-poor N9 than I had on app-rich symbian :)21:46
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thedead1440yeah its funnily same here; have >160 apps on the n9 but less than 15 3rd-party apps on the n821:47
juicemeand just about everything I need is already existing for N9, still people are whining that there are not enough apps...21:48
juicemeIt might be I just do not understand what's good for me :)21:49
thedead1440well everyone has different needs and more the merrier ;)21:49
deram10000 fart apps missing21:49
thedead1440i wouldn't mind a proper convenient document editor for one21:49
juicememy needs are simple, I just need the standard GNU toolchain, on an open platform.21:50
juicemedocument editor, well yes, that comes handy sometimes21:51
juicemebut it's not a decision maker21:51
juiceme(hmm, maybe deal-breaker is a better figure of speech...)21:52
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thedead1440indeed; my android devices can do that when i'm pushed but a convenience is always welcomed :D21:53
juicemewhat _is_ the deal-breaker, is the opennes and extensibility of the device, instead of apps I want a device I can run scripts on21:53
juicemelooking forward to the Jolla release :)21:54
thedead1440same here; jolla and that 5" phone :p22:03
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