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coderusloin: i made it too :)11:21
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thedead1440coderus: thanks for that :)12:46
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robertjwI have some startup scripts I'd like to run on the n9 at reboot time.  Do we have an rc.local or similar where startup scripts can be invoked?17:17
mgedminthere's upstart; you can add a file in /etc/init17:17
mgedmin(an upstart configuration file)17:18
robertjwyes, that would work...   good tip17:18
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loincan anyone please explain howw  i can listen to the battery status20:10
coderusloin: which status?20:11
bef0rdor maybe procfs/sysfs expose it somewhere20:12
bef0rdmore like sysfs, procfs has nothing to do20:12
coderusloin: if you need percentage simply listen Context20:12
loinwell, i'm checking out the battery widget20:13
coderusloin: check my latest unrestricted sources20:13
loinand i dont understand it20:13
coderusjust ask20:13
loin        connect(batteryPercentage, SIGNAL(contentsChanged()), this, SLOT(batteryPercentageChanged()), Qt::UniqueConnection);20:14
lointhe syntax for one20:14
coderusContext is easier way to broadcast somestatus values to 3rd party applications20:15
loini don't know where that connect comes from20:15
bef0rdthat's slot/signal qt mechanism20:15
coderussyntax? this is simple QObject::connect method20:15
coderusconnecting to signal20:15
bef0rdwhen the signal 'contentsChanged' is triggered, the slot batteryPercentageChanged gets called20:15
coderuscheck batteryPercentage element in header ;)20:15
bef0rdautomagically, check the batteryPercentage object20:15
loini can pt that line anywhere20:16
loinand when battery changes battery perc chage will be called?20:16
coderuslet me show you...20:16
loinok coderus20:17
loinwhat is "/desktop/meego/status_area/display_percentage"20:18
bef0rdgconf/dconf key I suppose20:18
coderusah, missed20:18
loinis "Battery.ChargePercentage" some system key20:19
coderusthis is Context key20:19
loincan it be anything/?20:19
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coderusinstall package contextkit-utils20:20
coderusand do context-ls20:20
coderusyou'll see all Context keys avialable to listen20:21
coderusand this is docs for Context API:
loini noticed that somewhere this happens20:23
loincase Qt::MaximumSize:        return QSizeF(1000,1000);20:23
loinwhat is the difference between20:24
loinQSizeF() and new QSizeF ?20:24
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coderusreturn QSizeF(..) exiting function and returning QSizeF object20:25
coderusQSizeF var = QSizeF(w, h) creates new object and you can operate it :D20:25
loinisn't it leaking or anything?20:26
coderuslet's read some c++/Qt articles from beginning20:26
loinif i return qsizef?20:26
loincoderus, i guess i really should study things before i jump in20:26
loinunfortunately i don't really have time for that so i have to do it quick20:26
coderusthis is essential things you should know before you can successfuly write complex applications, like system-ui20:26
loinand dirty20:26
coderuswell, nobody want explain so essential things.20:27
coderusyou should have some basic skills before20:27
loinyou're right there20:27
ajalkaneStudying essential things don't take much time. It's the quirky parts that take much time. So dig in, and ask about the quirky things then ;)20:28
coderushello, ajalkane !20:29
coderusdo you want to add some extra triggers to profilematic? like watching gconf/context/dbus?20:29
ajalkaneNot without a really good reason. I'm a bit short on free time.20:32
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loincoderus, i get21:16
loinstatusarea/layoutitem2.cpp:49: error: 'connect' was not declared in this scope21:16
loini thought you said that connect was a qobject method21:17
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RzRthedead1440, hi i am back21:48
RzRthedead1440, I am mirroring my stuff from obs
thedead1440Hi RzR you had pinged me21:49
RzRsorry i was away21:49
thedead1440you require space for it?21:49
RzRcan mirror the whole obs too21:49
RzRwell it's not hurry someone gently provided the space and hosting21:50
RzRbut if it fails we're screwed21:50
thedead1440if you need space on skeiron let me know how much you need we can get something done21:50
RzRi will try to backup the whole build.meego if you care21:50
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RzRsources are only less than 5GB21:50
thedead1440any idea on how big the whole obs is?21:50
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RzRi can rsync it too21:50
RzRthedead1440, no idea yet21:51
RzRthedead1440, i have like 300GB to fill for now21:51
thedead1440RzR: maybe you want to mirror everything first and then we can rsync it onto skeiron at your convenience?21:51
RzRi can do that yes21:51
RzRmirroring sources 1st21:52
RzRthis is making sense right ?21:52
thedead1440obs is going to be closed next month right?21:53
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RzRit is21:55
RzRthat's the reason i am doing that now21:55
thedead1440ok then once you are done could you please let either me, brkn or Doc know the space required then we can make space for it on skeiron?21:55
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thedead1440we should back this up pretty quick; what i'm worried about is how would an alternate obs be set-up for everybody.21:56
thedead1440an alternate obs on skeiron would be too heavy and would need much more grunt maybe on maemo infra if possible21:57
RzRwill tell you21:58
thedead1440thanks :)21:58
RzRthedead1440, we could setup an alt obs21:58
RzRand use git to fetch sources21:58
RzRand then publish online21:58
RzRvs running obs on your hosts21:58
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RzRthat's a job to start once everything will be backuped21:59
thedead1440yeah once things are backed up we can chase behind this21:59
thedead1440i remember alt obs was supposed to be on the radar for migration of infra but fell off everybody's attention due to nobody pushing for it22:00
coderusloin: add Q_OBJECT to class definition22:02
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RzRthedead1440, it would be good to cleanup obs before backuping too22:04
thedead1440RzR: might as well grab everything before the plug is pulled from there and clean it then22:04
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RzRmy plan is starting backup now22:05
RzRask pple to cleanup22:05
RzRand sync before shutdown22:05
thedead1440ok sounds good22:05
RzRanyone set up an obs somewhere ?22:07
thedead1440not that i know of22:07
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loincoderus, the area its drawing seems to be 0, which means that batteryperc is 0, what am i missing?
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RzRcoderus, hi23:57
RzRwanna submit your moz hacks to shared repo ?23:58
RzRbefore backup ?23:58
RzRjust submit to home:rzr23:58
RzRM4rtinK, same23:58
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