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lointhanks Jonni00:32
loinactually i downloaded all the logs of #harmattan00:32
loinand i came accross00:33
loindeb harmattan/sdk free non-free00:33
loinso i added that and deb-src to the repos00:33
Jonniand that deb-src should never be added, since that is for scratchbox only00:34
Jonniand it doesnt match pr1.3 sources00:34
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Jonnijavispedros sources are extracted from pr1.3 source dvd00:35
loini just noticed that the harmattan dev sources are outdated00:35
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loinJonni, can anyone get the pr1.3 dvd?00:35
lointhe original one00:36
loinor is this it?00:36
Jonnithats the original one00:36
lointhank you00:37
Jonniand if you want physical dvd media you can just email and ask from pr1.3 dvd for opensource parts, and they will post if for you for free.00:37
Jonnibut you get it faster if you just download the iso00:38
loini did email them00:38
loinbut all i got was an automated respone00:38
loinsaying that i need to mail them00:38
loinPlease note that only written requests are accepted. We do not reply to requests by e-mail.00:39
Jonniohwell atleast they accepted by email last time I asked for the dvd00:39
Jonnibut ofcourse they might have changed the policy00:40
loindid you ever modify a package?00:40
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lointhanks for the links :)00:46
MohammadAGYou dont modify a package in the same sense that you modify an apk00:59
MohammadAGYou modify source and build from that using scratchbox00:59
MohammadAGloin: in any case this is unmodified tree
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zezazezocan you help me for whatsapp06:56
zezazezofor n906:57
zezazezoi cant dawnload to my phone06:58
zezazezoi am vist the wepsite wazapp.im06:59
zezazezobut not come dawn load07:00
bef0rdlet me se07:00
bef0rdtry that one07:02
bef0rdit comes from tgalal twitter07:02
zezazezoits not complete07:03
bef0rdit is the last version, if you have problem downloading it get it on a pc, try to use a different network connection etc07:04
bef0rdthe download works here07:04
zezazezook the proplem in my phone07:05
bef0rdyou can download it on a PC and transfer it to your phone07:05
bef0rdyou have never connected the n9 to a computer?07:06
zezazezoyes i connectd07:06
bef0rdcopy the .deb ther, use a file manager like filebox and double tap the file07:07
zezazezotell me where i give the file07:07
zezazezook thanks i try and tell you whats happen07:09
zezazezothank you so much07:09
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loinMohammadAG, i always build from scratch when using android, but when i asked Jonni if he ever modified a package i asked because i wanted to know 1. how does one get the modified package on the phone; 2. how do you safely test it before getting it on the phone08:18
bef0rdinception or openmode allows you to overwrite system packages08:25
bef0rdbut there is always the risk of reboot loops, I don't know how to fix them without reflashing but I know its somehow possible08:26
loincan't i override without inception or openmode?08:26
infobot , or "The purpose of this framework is: ... to make sure that the platform meets the requirements set by third party software that requires a safe execution environment.", or, or
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loinbef0rd, so i take it open mode and inception use a different package manager than aegis?08:32
bef0rdopenmode kinda disables aegis completly, inception uses a security flaw to take control of it, allowing you to disable its features if you want to08:33
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loinwhich one do you run?08:35
bef0rdpackage manager has nothing to do, it's just security measures in the OS, you still generate a deb, install it with dpkg or whatever08:35
bef0rdnone at the moment08:35
bef0rdoh lies, I have nitdroid so openmode08:35
loinso if i can install the deb, why do i need openmode08:36
bef0rdsecurity measures?08:37
bef0rdthey won't let you replace system's packages08:37
bef0rdif you do, it will end up in MALF mode08:37
loinno one wants malf08:37
bef0rdyea, once you reboot the system won't start08:37
loindo i need the openmode kernel08:39
loinif i want openmode?08:39
bef0rdwell yea, you need it08:39
loini don't want to void my warranty :(08:40
bef0rdinception then?08:40
bef0rdyou can always flash to stock ROm08:40
loininception doesn't void the warranty?08:40
bef0rdit's just software08:41
bef0rdif you use inception to overclock etc08:41
bef0rdthen yes, you may break your device08:41
loini don't want to overclock08:42
lointhe battery sucks as it is08:42
bef0rdbut as I said, even if you use openmode you can still go back to stock ROM08:43
bef0rdnot rom, stock system08:43
bef0rdsome say there is a flag that gets written when you flash, I don't know08:43
loini think inception is down08:44
bef0rdyea long time, find a mirror08:45
thedead1440inception mirror:
lointhanks thedead144009:01
loinok i think the phone is incepted09:09
loinwhen overriding a system deb09:10
loindo changes occur immediately or do they need a reboot09:10
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loini downloaded MohammadAG's unrestricted-system-ui09:30
loindoes anyone know how to build it?09:30
loinfrom source09:30
thedead1440loin: once you incept a package it takes effect immediately unless that package specifically requires a reboot...09:45
lointhedead1440, i'm trying to build the deb from source, not install the 'binary' deb09:46
thedead1440oh mine was a reply to >> <loin> do changes occur immediately or do they need a reboot<<09:46
lointhedead1440, a, thank you09:47
thedead1440iirc dpkg-buildpackage is enough to build it from MAG's source09:47
loini was wondering because on android if you push systemui, it doesn't automatically come back up09:47
loinunless you reboot it (or killall system_server)09:48
thedead1440yeah you would need to restart the process most probably too although iirc the restart is only required when installing plugins to unrestricted sys-ui not for the unres sys-ui itself09:48
lointhedead1440, dpkg-buildpackage? i'm supposed to build it from the phone?10:00
bef0rdstandard building procedures apply10:02
bef0rdscratchbox environment10:02
loinbef0rd, i never really built a deb package10:04
loinare there any tutorials online10:07
loinfor building with this scratchbox thing?10:07
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loinbef0rd, ah, that, if i remember correctly the installation would fail at some point10:18
loinbut let me try again10:18
thedead1440loin: what you can do is on your PC's /etc/hosts add a line for
thedead1440that would allow the installation to not fail ;)10:20
lointhedead1440, thanks, it seems to be downloading10:28
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MohammadAGloin: killall sysuid11:36
MohammadAGAnd dpkg-buildpackage is indeed enough11:37
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MohammadAGFor installation you need to incept the package only because its from another source11:38
loinMohammadAG, thanks11:38
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loinright now i'm still downloading the thing11:38
loinonce i have it i just go in the folder and dpkg-buildpackage?11:38
lointhat will create a deb file that i transfer to the phone, right?11:38
loindon't i need to set any environmental variables or anything?11:39
loinalso, can i safely test this in an emulator before deploying to the phone?11:39
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Jonniin scratchbox you run:  dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot11:43
loincant' wait until scratchbox is installed :D11:44
Jonniand some people use inception to install packages from unknown sources, I personally have just patched dpkg to allow AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN, so I can install unknown origin packages without ever using inception.11:44
loini think the sdk froze :(11:45
loinDownloading 224935484.0/803201832.0 bytes  (28%)11:45
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loini don't have targets12:27
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loinJonni, are you still here?12:38
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ladogaloin: i don't get it13:21
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loinladoga, installing the targets failed13:21
loini'm in the process of trying again right now13:22
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ladogai see...too bad it's gone to this. when i installed scratchbox (many moons ago) all went smooth13:24
loinwell, now x86 failed but armel passed13:26
loini only need armel anyway13:27
loinlet me try building sytemui13:27
loini only bought the n9 like a a week ago13:27
loinbrand new13:27
ladogayou might need to reboot for scratchbox to start properly. iirc13:28
ladogafor the first time that is13:28
loini did that alraedy13:29
loinsomething keeps filling up by root partition13:29
ladogaand you managed to switch to armel target with $ sb-conf se HARMATTAN_ARMEL13:29
ladogaor maybe you only have that one13:30
ladoganormally both HARMATTAN_X86 and HARMATTAN_ARMEL get installed13:30
loinladoga, i know, but mine keep failing because not enough space13:30
loini switched with sb-menu13:32
ladogai followed these steps (ignore the packaging part, better look for proper tutorials for that)
ladogaharmattan uses standard deb packages anyway so there's plenty13:36
loinwell, i'm currently building systemui13:38
lointhe unrestricted one13:39
lointhat way i can check if it worked13:39
loini believe i should be getting the safe mode notification thing13:39
Corsacloin: it's installed in /scratchbox so unless you move that elsewhere...13:39
loinCorsac, thanks, i''m not sure how, but i found it there13:40
loini was wondering how i move files inside scratchbox13:40
loinbut i found where the folders are13:40
loinand moved them there13:40
loinbefore scratchbox-ing13:40
loinand now i'm building ...13:40
ladoga :)13:40
loinin harmattan_armel13:40
loini hope i get the correct installable deb file for my phone13:41
loinand that i don't get bootloops13:41
loinno one wants boot loops13:41
ladogai suggest open mode need to update refhashlist when changing some system files (like with inception)13:43
ladogaaegis keeps tracks of files13:44
loindoesn't the inception command automatically update that list13:44
Corsacladoga: doesn't open mode prevent you to use anything credentials-related?13:45
ladogatrack* compares them to hashes in /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist13:46
ladogaand if it doesnt match locks the file13:46
ladogaso there's good chance of malfing the device13:48
ladogawith openmode you can just modify stuff in /etc (or anywhere) at will, no problem13:48
ladogaCorsac: like?13:49
loinladoga, i successfully built system-ui_1.3.2-1+0m8_armel.deb13:49
loindo i need to know anything about that refhashlist thing before i flash it?13:49
loininstall it*13:50
ladogai haven't used modified system-ui so no idea what it does13:51
loinis there anything i should know about refhash list13:52
loinbecause you brought it up13:52
loinnot sure if i should be concerned about it13:52
ladogawasn't related to this really13:53
ladogayou just asked about inception and openmode earlier13:53
ladogai have one phone using each13:53
ladogaso just decided to state my opinion13:54
loinwell, i was concerned about the warranty thing13:55
Corsacladoga: like account credentials etc.13:55
ladogait's just software so doesn't affect warranty13:55
ladogaCorsac: all work for me13:56
ladogabut i think you have to do clean flash13:58
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ladogaaccounts created on normal mode don't work in open mode13:58
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ladogaif you flash emmc (user partition) and only create accounts when booted to open mode it works just the same as is normal mode14:01
ladogaonly difference i know of is that device lock code doesn't work in open mode14:01
loini can build unrestricted systemui but not the source system ui14:04
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ladogaas in*14:08
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ladogabut i never used the lock code anyway, so nothing lost14:09
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loinhi, i'm not sure if this is qml related, i have this source, i want to add a 1px line above this layout, to achieve this i was thinking that instead of returning layout, i should return a new QGraphicsLinearLayout (vertical) to which i add the 1px line element and then the layout itself15:54
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coderusbef0rd: loin: better way is making simple application staying on top. as in android.21:59
loincoderus, i pretty much have everything figured out22:00
loinexcept that i can't find a good component22:00
lointo use22:00
loini tried QGraphicsWidget22:00
loineither i'm not using qgraphicswidget right22:01
loinor there's something else at fault here22:01
loinbut i thought what i wrote was correct22:01
loina widget holding a rectangle that is 300 x 122:02
coderusthis is system-ui part, you will se it only when status bar visible. you don't like percentage text? :)22:02
loincoderus, i just like the line much better :)22:02
coderusaha, i see.22:02
loincan you tell what is wrong with my usage of q graphics widget?22:03
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coderusi think you should create QGraphicsObject and set it child of root QWidget and it will be showed22:03
loincoderus, worth a shot :)22:05
loinby the way, is the telephony api opensource?22:05
loini want to make my phone vibrate onAnswer and onHangup22:05
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lointurns out i can't just create a new qgraphicsobject for some reason22:13
loini suspect it's an abstract class22:13
lointhank you for the hint coderus, i'll look into it some more tomorrow :)22:16
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