IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2013-04-06

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loinhello, seems that i bricked my n9 somehow00:51
loindoes anyone have a good reflash guide?00:51
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lointhanks JackaLX, i was already downloading the files01:17
loini dont like the fact that it bricked 'for no reason'01:17
JackaLXThere's always a reason, just sometimes it's not immediately obvious. :-)01:19
loinall i did was to remove facebook / skype / twitter01:19
loinand other bloatware01:19
loinnothing personal01:20
michael_Behmanloin, that's actually a very common problem.01:20
loinmichael_Behman, the fact that it bricks or the fact that many people want to remove those apps?01:21
michael_BehmanMein bricked out of no where, it was in my pocket, and then I found it turned off, and never worked again.01:21
michael_BehmanIt bricks when people remove those apps.01:21
JackaLXyup, there's a meta package that just contains the initial directory layout and not much more, but it also has dependencies on every system package which will mean if you remove one of its deps it will autoremove everything else01:21
loindid you unbrick it using the guide?01:21
michael_BehmanNot yet. Downloading the images.01:21
loini noticed that the only 'system' file that was removed as a dependency was mp-harmattan-006-pr01:22
loinvery ubuntu-like01:23
lointo bind useless crap to a system package01:23
loinso you're forced to live with it01:23
loinfine when using a pc, not so fine when using a phone01:23
loinbut my brick happened like 2 hours after i removed the apps01:24
loini took it out of my pocket and i noticed that one app was missing01:24
lointhen another01:24
loinand one by one they all disappeared01:24
JackaLXThere is a way around... you just apt-get install $DEPS_OF_THAT_mp-harm-thingy which turns all the dependencies of that package to be "manually installed" and breaks the dependency01:24
JackaLXafter that you can remove whatever you like (within reason of course)01:25
loinJackaLX, thanks for that01:25
loinbut i think i won't be removing things for a while01:25
JackaLXloin: :-) I can understand that01:26
loinits just so uncool to bind a 'system' meta-package to crapware01:26
loinand i just purchased this phone hours ago01:26
JackaLXtotally agree01:26
loindid this ever happen to you JackaLX ?01:28
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JackaLXloin: no.  The N9 was my first encounter with dpkg/apt-get so in the beginning I was very wary and used --dry-run a lot :-)01:30
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loinJackaLX, but the actual commands didn't crash the phone01:33
loinit was only hours later01:33
lointhat the phone started acting funny01:33
loinso the dry run wouldn't actually do much01:33
loin is down...01:36
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JackaLXloin: the apps that were already in memory and running would continue to run after you had deleted them (indirectly via apt-get autoremoving the deps).  they'd only crap out when they tried to get more of themselves off disc.  if you get what I mean there01:39
loinwell, i don't think i had anything running01:42
loinat least it wasn't showing in the running apps01:42
loinit might have had them in the cache01:42
loinbut i wont get in that deep01:42
JackaLXa lot of things on the N9 are "pre-loaded" on boot so that they will load up faster when the user starts them01:43
JackaLXnot always easy to see exactly what is and isn't running... look in top some time :-)01:43
JackaLXright now, according to the UI I have nothing running on mine, but ps aux|wc -l => 19301:44
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loinwell, it boots now01:47
lointhanks for the help01:47
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JackaLXyay, well done, loin01:50
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lointhe sim card doesnt seem to be recognized anymore01:52
JackaLXtry taking it out and put it back.  It's hot-swappable01:54
JackaLXjust a guess, I've never had that prob01:54
lointried that a couple of times01:56
JackaLXCould it just be that you're in a bad reception area?01:57
JackaLXSettings -> Device -> SIM card  (is there an error/warning in there saying anything)01:59
JackaLXI'd imagine if the card wasn't recognised that that would be the place to say so01:59
loindoesnt say anything02:04
loinit detects the card02:04
loinsince if its out of the tray it says it is02:04
loinmaybe firmware has simlock?02:06
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loinhello, does anyone know if its possible to change the statusbar?07:59
loini'm interested in adding a 1 pixel line at the top08:00
loinlike here
bef0rdi've seen some themes that changes the background image08:08
loinwell, the background isn't all that hard to modify08:10
loinhaving a bar that dynamically changes based on system parameters requires a bit more coding and access to systemui08:10
loini think08:10
loinat least on android08:10
bef0rdI thought you only wanted the 1 pixel line at the top08:11
loinwell i did, but i want to have it functioning08:11
lointo indicate my battery percentage08:11
loinits one of those things that once used, you can't live without08:12
loinso much more convinient than having an icon08:12
bef0rdI think it can be done, it probably requires work, systemui is available afaik (toggles from MohammadAG uses a modified version)08:14
loindoes mohammad ag ever visit this chat room?08:15
loinMohammadAG, ping (if you're on)08:15
bef0rdhe lives here08:15
lointhats always good to hear :)08:17
bef0rdbut its probably better to ask in the thread of Mt-toggles, he can probably point you in the right direction08:17
loinwell, i don't really want the toggles and all that so it might be a little off topic08:18
loini found a git repository by MohammadAG this could be it08:19
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bef0rdI think there is an option to show the battery status as number instead of using just the icon, not sure if its on MohammadAG systemui or coderus08:20
loini did find a "Added battery percentage on statusbar " commit in this repository08:21
lointhanks :)08:24
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michael_BehmanThanks bef0rd for the link you've pointed me to earlier, but I couldn't find any Meego images there, just Maemo. Any ideas?08:44
bef0rdoh :/08:50
bef0rdi thought thedead1440 had a backup there too08:50
bef0rddid you check the forums michael_Behman?08:50
thedead1440bef0rd: skeiron has a backup but its not accessible since is still online08:50
loinhey michael_Behman, did you restore your n9?08:51
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michael_Behmanbef0rd, I googled and all the links pointed to dead links.08:57
michael_Behmanloin, not yet, navifirm didn't finish downloading the image to I'm trying to resume on my own.08:58
bef0rdwhat firmware are you looking for michael_Behman09:00
michael_Behmanbef0rd, DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.13-7.MEA_EMMC_MEA.bin to be specific.09:01
loinmichael_Behman, i did it successully last night09:02
loinmichael_Behman, tho the first time i did it it had a sim lock (?)09:02
loinmichael_Behman, "Replace operating system" unbricked it, but it sim didn't work, at least i got to save my contacts09:03
loinmichael_Behman, "Comprehensive reset" made my sim work again09:04
bef0rdthat one seems to work for me09:04
bef0rdif you are upgrading to the latest 1.3 firmware, you already read about using the global variant, right?09:05
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bef0rdah didn't see thedead1440's answer :)09:06
bef0rdloin: well everyone that upgrades09:06
loinbef0rd, i didnt use the global variant i think09:06
michael_BehmanI'm not upgrading but no, so I might want to read.09:06
loini used the code from the sim tray to find the version09:06
michael_Behmanloin, congratulations, good thing that it is working, mine is still bugging me.09:07
loinwell you did say that the files didnt download yet09:08
bef0rdmichael_Behman: did the link I gave you work?09:08
loinbef0rd, im not sure but i think i have the 006 version09:10
loinbef0rd, how can i tell?09:10
Jonni"flasher -i" tells current version if I remember right09:10
michael_Behmanbef0rd, Yeah, thanks a lot.09:11
bef0rdthere is one of thos *# code that shows it too09:11
loinbef0rd, DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_006 is that pr the thing?09:12
bef0rdthats PR_00609:12
loindoes that mean its branded or anything?09:13
bef0rdthe "issue" afaik is that you won't be able to apply a firmware different to PR_006 on your phone unless nokia releases a new one09:13
loini dont think i could have before, could i?09:13
bef0rdnot sure what is PR_006, read the thread about firmware flashing09:14
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bef0rd006 - Middle East09:14
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loinwell, in my defense the guide did say Select the appropriate product code in the Variants list. In most cases, you should use the product code printed on the SIM tray09:15
bef0rd006 - Middle East09:16
bef0rddidn't see you leaving09:16
loini accidently closed the wrong window09:16
bef0rdyea, well it's not a big deal unless you want to hae the Global variant in your phone09:16
loinwhat's so special about the global variant?09:16
bef0rdI don't know, I know that some variants like china or Telmex (mexico) version didn't have twitter or skype preinstalled (can't remember)09:18
lointhat would actually help me since i bricked my phone trying to remove those09:18
bef0rdbut as I said, if you have no issues with 006 then you dont need to use the global one09:19
loini really love the look and feel of this phone09:20
michael_Behmanloin, it is in deed a really good phone but the fact that the operating system got abandoned that easily is really silly.09:21
loinmichael_Behman, they had good reasons to abandon it09:21
loini can't say i wouldn't love a quad core with this os on it :)09:22
michael_Behmanloin, well, I was convinced by there "good reasons". But anyway, this is not the place for such a conversation. The important thing is that it is still a good phone.09:26
michael_Behmanloin, well, I wasn't convinced by there "good reasons". But anyway, this is not the place for such a conversation. The important thing is that it is still a good phone.09:26
loini'm lovin' it (no copyright infringement intended009:40
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liriondoes anyone tried to get prelink working on the n9?15:11
Hurrianlirion, memory for ld is not a massive problem though15:18
Hurrianit may also interfere with booster which preloads known used libraries and binaries15:18
lirionSo it's not a good idea? I think prelink were a good thing to reduce total used memory15:23
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Hurrianfree memory is wasted memory bro.15:30
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lirionok you're right :/15:38
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sasukehi all, i recently purchased nokia lumia 920. I am facing problem with voice cmds & also when messaging its not showing mic symbol . Is there any solution for this18:28
radiofreeis this some kind of sick joke?18:29
*** Martix has joined #harmattan18:29
sasukeradiofree, are you asking me18:29
sasukeno. my english is very bad. you may find lots of mistakes18:30
radiofreetry some windows phone channel, not #harmattan18:30
*** friese has quit IRC18:32
*** sasuke has left #harmattan18:33
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loinradiofree, hello18:59
*** coderus has joined #harmattan19:02
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loindid anyone successfully uninstall facebook >20:08
*** robertjw has quit IRC20:09
*** Enforcer has quit IRC20:11
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*** robertjw has joined #harmattan20:16
coderusloin: sure, tons of times20:22
loincoderus, how did you do that?20:23
coderusfixed dpkg status and just removed20:23
loinfixed dpkg status?20:24
coderusyou not using n9qt?20:24
coderusit have my sctipt inside20:24
loini'm not using n9qt20:24
coderusbut you can download it and extract script from it :)20:26
lointhat's what i was looking for20:27
loini can't say i enjoy reflashing the phone so often20:27
loinwhen things go bad20:27
loin i tried removing facebook and other crap another time20:29
loinand the phone completely crashed20:29
loini see this is a quite common issue20:29
loinbecause along with those apps, it also removes some other meta-packages20:29
coderusits easy woth my script20:30
coderusjust use it from n9qt20:30
loini'm still searching for it20:30
michael_BehmanAnyone knows how I can actually remove this "Splash screen" from N9 to get a glimpse of what is really happening in the background?20:31
loinmichael_Behman, did you managed to flash the new firmware yet?20:31
michael_Behmanloin, reflashing the system doesn't make much of a difference so I'm trying any other fixes before having to reflash the EMMC, because honestly, I don't think it's going to make of a difference too.20:32
michael_BehmanI'm just stuck in a silly bootloop and I can't do anything about it.20:33
michael_BehmanFrankly, I'm starting to think it's a problem with the hardware.20:33
loinmichael_Behman, sounds like it, are you sure you did nothing and it just crashed out of nowhere?20:33
michael_Behmanloin, believe me I was using the phone normally, listened to some music, received a phone call, received an SMS, did some shopping and got back home, to find the phone off in my pocket and not working.20:35
michael_BehmanYou think it might be something in what I bought?20:35
loinwhat did you buy?20:36
michael_BehmanBut I have to say that it wasn't giving any sign of life at first, but then it booted once after several trials to turn it on, but then everything was messed up. So stupidly enough I rebooted the phone and it never worked again.20:36
michael_Behmanloin, mainly food and stuff you know?20:36
michael_BehmanIt was a joke :D20:36
loindid you install any third party software on it ever?20:37
michael_BehmanI don't think so.20:37
*** robertjw has quit IRC20:37
loinhow long have you had the phone for?20:37
michael_BehmanI just reflashed a couple of months ago, and since then, I didn't want to install much crap on it.20:38
michael_BehmanA year and a half, but as I said I just reflashed not so long ago.20:38
michael_Behmandon't worry, it shouldn't happen to your phone in a year and a half :D20:38
*** Martix_ has quit IRC20:39
loini'm pretty sure it will because i have a habit of hacking everything i see20:39
loinevery device i buy gets bricked in less than 24 hours :D20:39
michael_BehmanI can see :D20:40
loinsoft bricked most of the times20:40
michael_BehmanWell, be sure to always backup your stuff then.20:40
loini have three hard drives20:40
loinso i'm safe20:40
lointhe only thing that was truly unrecoverable was when i burnt my new laptop's motherboard :D20:40
michael_BehmanYeah, try not to burn your hard drives then :D20:41
loini'm pretty sure your issue is not hardware related20:42
loini'd flash the emmc too, since that fixed my problem20:42
loinas i previously mentioned, just flashing the main thing fixed the bootloop but it locked my sim card20:43
loinafter the emmc it was fully functional20:43
michael_BehmanSo far I don't have any other solutions but I'm still looking.20:43
loincoderus, were you talking about "Remove/Restore not necessary icons" from n9qt?20:43
michael_BehmanA lot of people were stuck in a bootloop and got it to work without reflashing, although their solutions are not working with me.20:43
loinmichael_Behman, android has a nice "adb" program20:44
loinyou just plug the phone in usb20:44
loinadb logcat20:44
loinand you catch all the output of the phone20:44
loinmaybe n9 has something similar20:44
michael_BehmanSeems like it doesn't. That would have been helpful though.20:46
*** piggz has quit IRC20:47
*** robertjw has joined #harmattan20:48
*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:48
michael_BehmanBy the way, what's the use of the other files present in Navifirm for N9? All instructions mention the use of 2 bin files only.20:49
loini didnt use them20:51
loinmaybe checksums and other key things20:51
michael_BehmanThere's a dozen of extra files. Weird!20:52
loinwell two files are called simlock20:53
loinyou don't want those20:53
lointhen there are signiture files20:53
loini wouldn't worry about it20:53
michael_BehmanYeah, it's exactly those simlock files that fot me thinking.20:54
loindid you try to install the same version that was previously on your phone? aka the one in your sim tray20:56
loinor did you maybe try another version?20:56
*** piggz has quit IRC20:58
michael_BehmanI probably can't install the original any more because last time I flashed, I flashed the latest global version, if I recall correctly.20:58
*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:58
*** piggz has quit IRC21:03
*** ortylp has joined #harmattan21:03
michael_BehmanI think I'll just go nutts and try to install Nemo.21:04
michael_BehmanI've got nothing to lose anymore anyway.21:04
*** tonyoy has quit IRC21:05
*** VDVsx has quit IRC21:06
*** rzrmob has joined #harmattan21:09
loini'd still try installing the original21:11
loinbefore giving up21:11
*** rzrmob has quit IRC21:11
michael_BehmanThat' not even working.21:11
loindid you try?21:12
michael_BehmanIt failed to partition but I thought no problem, at least they're telling me to telnet into the device. But even telnet is not working :D21:12
lointhat doesn't sound very fun...21:13
michael_BehmanIt's either laugh or cry. I choose to laugh.21:13
loinmaybe you could try nitdroid21:14
loinfrom what i've heard, it kind of does something to the bootloader21:14
loinwhich is reversible21:14
loinso the sequence of events would be install nitdroid-> boot into meego -> if it works remove nitdroid => have working meego environment again21:15
michael_BehmanMust have access to the device's storage.21:15
dm8tbrmichael_Behman: moslo?21:16
michael_Behmandm8tbr, any ideas?21:16
dm8tbrmichael_Behman: make sure that you have the right kernel module loaded21:16
dm8tbrand you might need to configure your network interface manually21:17
michael_BehmanYeah, I was investigating the latter.21:17
michael_BehmanBut no one mentioned anything about any kernel modules.21:17
dm8tbrtry 'ifconfig -a' and check for something like usb021:17
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan21:18
*** teve has quit IRC21:19
michael_BehmanFound it but still no luck.21:19
michael_Behmandm8tbr, up'ed it and set an IP manually.21:19
michael_Behmandm8tbr, should I be doing something with the routing table?21:22
dm8tbrnot unless your networks clash21:22
michael_BehmanI don't like this: "     *        U     0      0        0 wlan0"21:23
michael_BehmanWhy is redirecting this wlan021:23
michael_BehmanThere's also a similar line after right for usb021:23
dm8tbris your wifi in the same range?21:24
*** mer45 has joined #harmattan21:24
michael_BehmanGood point. I didn't think of that. I'm used to it being:
michael_BehmanWhich means yeah it is.21:26
*** teve has joined #harmattan21:26
dm8tbrif so, then this is actually a problem21:26
dm8tbrI'm not 100% sure, but you might get around this with a host route21:27
michael_BehmanOr I can just change the wifi's range.21:28
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan21:29
*** xmlich02 has joined #harmattan21:29
michael_BehmanI lost access to my router.21:29
michael_BehmanStill don't find it funny loin? :D21:30
michael_BehmanI have no access to the router nor the internet but I'm still on IRC.21:30
*** mer45 has left #harmattan21:31
*** mer45 has joined #harmattan21:35
*** michael_Behman has quit IRC21:37
*** mer45 has quit IRC21:38 is down21:43
loinis it usually down?21:44
*** piggz has joined #harmattan21:47
Jonnithat domain has never been up :)21:47
*** michael_Behman has joined #harmattan21:48
loinwhat's it doing in the sources list then?21:50
loinoh well21:50
loini love the fact that in the about me session it says 'you can request source code on this website'21:51
loinwhich doesn't exist21:51
loinit goes on to say 'you can e-mail us to ask us for the source code'21:51
loinif you email them, you get an automatic response "Please note that only written requests are accepted. We do not reply to requests by e-mail."21:52
*** piggz has quit IRC21:53
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*** piggz has joined #harmattan22:55
michael_BehmanSo anyone knows where the contacts and the messages are stored on N9?22:57
michael_BehmanAny ideas?23:04
*** piggz has quit IRC23:04
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC23:04
*** natunen has quit IRC23:07
specialmichael_Behman: tracker.23:13
michael_Behmanspecial, and where is that?23:16
*** teve has quit IRC23:17
michael_Behmanspecial, /usr/share/tracker?23:17
*** teve has joined #harmattan23:24
*** Martix has joined #harmattan23:25
michael_Behmanspecial, I understand that I should be using tracker-control ( with -b option to backup ) please correct me if I'm wrong. And if so, any ideas how I restore it later?23:25
*** ladoga has quit IRC23:34
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*** e-yes_ has joined #harmattan23:51
loinmichael_Behman, after my device froze, i backed up all my contacts to nokia.com23:56
loina little late for you now, i'm afraid23:56
michael_BehmanI managed to get all my files. But apparently I lost all my contacts and messages.23:58
michael_Behmanloin, better than nothing.23:58
loinhow did you access the device?23:59

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