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coderushello! is there any hackers, who know embedded qrc structure  and can extract arc data from compiled executable?08:55
coderuss/arc data/qrc data/08:55
infobotcoderus meant: hello! is there any hackers, who know embedded qrc structure  and can extract qrc data from compiled executable?08:55
bef0rdJonni had a script to do it08:56
coderusi need it :)08:56
bef0rdhe probably never released but said he could08:56
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Jonniyes I have extractqrc git repo, but currently its private, but if you give me the binary I can extract the data out of it :)09:20
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coderusJonni: /usr/share/twitter-qml ;)09:24
coderusJonni: we need dark theme for it.
bef0rdI thought it was megootouch09:25
bef0rdnot qml09:25
coderusbef0rd: only os apps are meegotouch09:25
bef0rdah good09:26
bef0rdthen it might work09:26
coderusjust need to extract qrc to folder and hack binary to load resources from disk09:27
coderusJonni: will you help us? :)09:28
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Jonnicoderus: just testing if my scripts works against that binary09:39
bef0rdJonni: do you keep your own git server? or use an online service09:42
Jonniits in bitbucket, so online service09:43
Jonnibut yes I also have private git server09:44
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bef0rdthanks, I keep creating more projects not sure if I want to setup my own server or just use the cloud09:47
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ZogG_lap1opbef0rd: check gitlab09:50
coderusJonni: can you give info about decompressing files in rcc?09:51
coderusJonni: i extracted compressed blocks, and need info about decompressing it09:52
Jonnicoderus: it really simple, I just made a qml plugin, which uses QDir input(":"); and I just iterate the paths and copy each file to disk. its like 10 lines of code total.09:54
Jonniyour doing it in a hard way :)09:54
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coderusthen you repairing data from binary to qrc?09:57
coderusinteresting too09:57
coderusis qrc binary stored as single block in executable bin file?09:59
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coderusJonni: ping?10:53
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Jonnicoderus: pong10:59
Jonnidid you see pm10:59
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TMavicahi, coderus11:07
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coderusJonni: not checked :)11:21
coderusTMavica: hello?11:21
TMavicatesting only, using irc chatter for n911:22
coderusTMavica: im using irssi on my remote pc via ssh :)11:24
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coderusit keeps me always online11:25
juicemehi coderus11:28
coderusjuiceme: hello? :)11:28
juicemepreparing to release new version of ubiboot, this includes your suggestion on fast-booting given (single) kernel... :)11:29
juicemethe version is the new one, that does not necesarily need mtd4 or mtd5, but van load the extension either from those locations or from mmcblk0p1/boot11:30
juicemecheck #ubiboot (irclog is on
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juicemeReleased ubiboot-02 (integrated version). See the details on TMO or check #ubiboot14:32
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coderusJonni: ping?16:30
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coderusJonni: thanks for forcing me to investigate qrc. I made script to create rcc and extract data from it by myself :)19:09
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MBOUKSIMhi every body19:48
MBOUKSIMi have a question a bout using19:48
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MBOUKSIMi can do insert update and selection form the DB19:49
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MBOUKSIMbut when i close the application all the insert is gone19:49
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coderusMBOUKSIM: what method u using?20:22
MBOUKSIMim using JavaScript to acces to the DB20:24
MBOUKSIM    var db = openDatabaseSync("DB", "1.0", "DB test", 1000000);20:25
MBOUKSIM to open DB20:25
MBOUKSIMfunction insererContact(nom,prenom,tel,ville)20:26
MBOUKSIM    var db = getDatabase();20:26
MBOUKSIM    var res = "";20:26
MBOUKSIM    db.transaction(function(tx) {20:26
MBOUKSIM                       var rs = tx.executeSql("INSERT INTO Drivers(nom,prenom,tel,ville) values('"+nom+"','"+prenom+"','"+tel+"','"+ville+"');");20:26
MBOUKSIM                       if (rs.rowsAffected > 0) {20:26
MBOUKSIM                           res = "OK";20:26
MBOUKSIM                       } else {20:26
MBOUKSIM                           res = "Error"; } } );20:26
MBOUKSIM    return res;20:26
MBOUKSIMan this is a fonction to add a contact in to the DB20:26
MBOUKSIMcoderus, i can do the insert but when i close the app and open it again for the second time nothing is there :s20:28
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wmarone_are there any other tethering apps than the joikuspot utility?20:39
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coderuswmarone_: no. nobody have NAT module working.21:02
dm8tbrwmarone_: you could probably do it manually21:03
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Jonnicoderus: I remember seeing that someone had compiled custom kernel with nat module, requires open mode, but yes, no tethering on secure mode.22:07
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juicemewhat part of NAT cannot be done on the module, I mean it should be possible to use inception to load up the tweaked modules, right?22:10
juiceme(not that I care as I use open mode anyway, just academic intrest?)22:11
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coderusJonni: i have only trolling, no real info about NAT. but. joiku have opensource NAT module. why we can't use it?22:17
coderuss/i have only/i saw only/22:18
infobotcoderus meant: Jonni: i saw only trolling, no real info about NAT. but. joiku have opensource NAT module. why we can't use it?22:18
coderusi mean this one:
Jonnibecause nat support needs recompilation of the kernel before the module can be used.22:22
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Jonnicoderus: nat kernel is in here
coderusJonni: in any words. Why Joikuspot can use this module but we cant?22:24
Jonnicoderus: joikuspot is not using real NAT22:24
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Jonnibut yes, that fake bouncer can be used22:26
coderusall we need is flexible hotspot for wlan0 and usb0 interfaces. I think it can be done by fake bouncer.22:26
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coderusanybody have access to ? :D22:32
Jonnicoderus: I used to have access, but nowadays that server is broken22:33
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bef0rdnokia still manages that one I suppose?22:35
Jonnibef0rd: managed, but the afaik the backend was shutdown around 31. dec 2012.22:36
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coderusTMO: Your file of 698.4 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 488.3 KB for this filetype.22:47
coderusWTF? 488KB, really?22:47
coderusHacked Twitter-qml to load qml files from folder, made stupid-package. If you need you can (should) repackage twitter-qml.22:50
bef0rdgood work22:51
coderuswaiting for inverted twitter body ;)22:53
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bef0rdare you working on the qml?22:58
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bef0rdmmm maybe we can also create a "simpler" qml ui faster than the built in23:00
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ed_Arkenoi, sx23:40
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