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rdilhey guys, I just got my new n9 in the mail.  I'm curious if there is a way to use it to determine the signal strength for a particular carrier in my work environment without a sim card.  Like you can for wifi with aircrack.  My work area is down in a basement and I'd like to know which carrier has the best signal strength down here before signing on with one.00:15
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Enforcerrdil, settings->mobile network->manual00:52
Enforcermay need any old sim, but it'll show you which networks show up00:52
Enforcerno signal bars tho00:52
rdilno dB eh :/01:03
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rdilI really wonder if AWS as a tech just sucks for penetration through thick buildings/basements or if it's just the carriers here having their towers spread to thin01:04
Enforceri cant remember if its 2100 or 850 that penetrates buildings better..01:07
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SpeedEvilby a large margin01:13
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EnforcerSpeedEvil, and aws is 1700?02:09
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SpeedEvilno idea02:10
Enforcerwhat bands does n900 do?02:10
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rdilaws is 170002:25
rdiln900 is quad band gsm and tri band umts 900/1700/210002:26
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Enforcerthough it was 1700, so 900/850 would be the better bands for building penetration if speedevil is correct02:50
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thedead1440\o/ Finally sold off my L80009:47
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juicemethedead1440, congrats :)10:04
thedead1440juiceme: hehe; the buyer was suddenly thinking maybe he should get a n9; i was like no no this is good take it please :D10:05
juicemewuff! :)10:05
thedead1440the funny thing is here where n9s are hard to be seen even till date a 16gb n9 sells for $20-$30 higher than a L800.10:07
thedead1440i got back home only to read there is finally a way to unlock the bootloader on the L800 but then i'm better off not trying that pos again...10:08
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juicemeHereabouts it's hit-and-miss to find new N9's any more... some stores have old stock on some back closet, but you need to go and _really_ ask for them if you want to get one... most stores just tellyou it's been discontinued.10:10
juicemethedead1440, what's the point with unlocking L800 bootloader, it will still just boot WP7 anyway :D10:11
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thedead1440juiceme: yeah you can at most maybe put roottools in it to side-load more than 10apps w/o having a developer account10:11
thedead1440stupid M$ gave my brother a developer account on msdn with the standard msdn subscription so i used to be able to side-load 10 apps but it was very cumbersome. Plug in to a WinPC to put a .xap to your phone. Once you have done it 10 times you need to remove a previous one to add a new one... The worse SW i've ever used...10:13
juicemeyes, that one... if you are intrested in developing apps for WP :(10:13
juicemeI mean, to me its just not intresting enough, you cannot _DO_ anything useful with it :(10:14
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thedead1440its really useless10:14
thedead1440it was lying in my cupboard for quite some time and although i don't usually sell my devices the L800 just felt too useless to bother keeping it10:14
thedead1440and M$ with their nonsense of WP8 apps not being backwards compatible means most new apps don't even work on the L80010:15
thedead1440Like how one guy on tmo said; never has such shit SW run on such good HW :D10:16
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juicemeI kind of wonder how its possible the apps aren't backwards compatible, since its just crap XNA "applicatins" anyways...10:17
thedead1440the kernel maybe? WP8 runs on NT kernel while WP7.8 is CE kernel10:17
juicemetrue but the apps run on top of the executing environment, which is some simple java clone10:18
infobotjuiceme meant: true but the apps run on top of the executing environment, which is some simple jvm clone10:19
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thedead1440oh not sure of that; there has been no work-around on xda till now for running wp8 apps on wp7.x so maybe its pretty locked up10:20
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juicemepropably thats been done on purpose10:21
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thedead1440yeah maybe to push people to upgrade10:25
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jake9xxthedead1440: what's the article to crack L800 ? I thought if you're not on qcBootloader you need to solder stuff to motherboard etc... ?11:01
jake9xxthedead1440: yes, so you need the ATF + soldering, knew that already11:03
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ZogG_laptopbef0rd: sup22:32
bef0rdhello ZogG_laptop!22:33
bef0rdbored, lots of stuff to do, don't want to do any :P22:36
ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles: so does sowatch supports only frame or strata as well :)22:36
ZogG_laptopbef0rd: than don't22:36
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ZogG_laptopbef0rd: still fighting UPS to return my dev B device23:03
bef0rdI returned mine, but haven't got any answers if it arrived or not23:05
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ZogG_laptopbef0rd: check the track number and spam23:25
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