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xavinuxknowledge of Debian and Centos00:00
valdur55juiceme: how can i check rev info?00:00
juicemeJonni, is it possible there are differences in the BME hardware?00:00
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Jonnijuiceme: no idea, I really didnt follow the hw components that closely.00:02
juicemexavinux, I myself have similar background, except I am more into kernel tweaks than apps. Have done 2 packages for debian, ever :)00:02
juicemevaldur55, do cat /proc/cpuinfo, the revision is fifth last row there...00:03
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juicemeJonni, it just looks suspicious that all of those "connect charger" problems have happened to rev. 1603 devices...00:04
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juicemeThe sampls space is small of course, bu I know at least several 1501 and 1601 devices that work correctly...00:06
infobotjuiceme meant: The sample space is small of course, bu I know at least several 1501 and 1601 devices that work correctly...00:06
xavinuxjuiceme: ok so may I help with sometihing?00:06
valdur55juiceme: please give it with grep :D00:06
valdur55Oh got it: Revision        : 150700:07
juicemevaldur55, do you have 16G or 64G version?00:07
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juicemevaldur55, 1507 I have not seen anybody try yet. Have you tried ubiboot with it?00:08
valdur55and mt4 was ok but l2fix kernel didn't work and i had problem with 0% battery00:09
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juicemevaldur55, ahh too bad, there goes my theory on problems being just with 160300:10
juicemeDid you try Harmattan with other kernels (vanilla open mode, Nithdroid PR13..?)00:11
valdur55When i flashed to l2f then it booted00:11
valdur55when i used it with ubiboot, then i got BSOD00:12
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valdur55Black Screen of Death after bootmenu00:12
valdur55And i booted nicely nitroid's kernel.00:13
Jonniif it doesnt reboot it is not a bsod, its just impatient people :)00:13
juicemeI mean, when you boot from biboot to 2nd stage, did you try other kernels also, or just l2fix?00:13
valdur55yep. i used others and it didn't allways work.00:13
juicemeJonni, the problem with that is that people cannot see that something is happening there00:13
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: you alive again00:13
Jonnijuiceme: well yes, its a shame that serial consoles are not videly avail00:14
valdur55juiceme: yea. this is big problem.... Please print some info about kernel hooking etc...00:14
valdur55when it is possible...00:14
juicemeI just have to get some 1603 or similar device and see for myself what the battery error looks like...00:15
juicemevaldur55, I am looking at this idea of hooking up serial console to AUX line.00:16
juicemeThen, I caould just ask people to connect their headphone line to a linux PC's MIC in and run a SW there to demodulate the output to see the boot log.00:17
juicemeYa, it is way easier than opening up your device, soldering wires to serial pads and hooking up rs232 level shifter to you computers serial port :)00:19
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juicemeWhat it needs is a patch to kernel to switch on the audio out, and modulate the console output to there.00:20
juicemeon the receiving end a simple demodulator SW to get ccleartext out00:21
juicemeI'd imagine 19200bps should be possible even as the aux out has lowpass filtering...00:22
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Jonniwell actually it doesnt require opening up the device, it only requires removing sim card, and connection to tx rx pins that are in simslot, but yes still hard enough00:24
juicemeJonni, that so? I thought the pads are so far inside they are not directly reachable...00:27
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xavinuxjuiceme: may I help with sometihing needed from the harmattan core?00:27
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juicemexavinux, are you familiar with audio modulation / demodulation algorithms? I could use help with that...00:31
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xavinuxsorry, no. But if it can be useful can start reading about it00:33
juicemethanks :00:34
Jonnijuiceme:  J2083=RX J2084=TX you can basicly see the connectors when you look inside to simslot.00:36
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xavinuxanything where can I contribute, with harmattan core?00:36
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juicemeJonni, thanks, I will check it on my device. The levels are ttl, right, so I need to hook up MAX232 or something like that?00:40
Jonniyeah you will be needing ttl like max23200:40
juicemelast time I did that was loooong time ago, with my 8110 if I remember correctly :)00:41
Jonniand when serial-console is enabled by flasher then its 115200, 8n1, no flow control, if you ever happen to get so far :)00:42
juicemethanks :)00:43
JonniI was thinking someday to make instructions with pics, but my freetime is quite limited, as I have million other projects to do aswell :)00:45
juicemeTrue, time is always limited... :)00:46
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xavinuxjuiceme: what is exactly what you need to do with audio modulation?00:59
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Jonnijuiceme: my first version of not so beatiful custom serialsimcard(wires melted into plastic plate)  :).... later versions are a bit more professional like.01:01
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HtheBCan someone help me on my problem?01:32
HtheBMy device is acting very strange01:32
HtheBeven after flashing, same error after some time01:32
HtheB(it says  Application data - Not available in mass storage mode )01:33
HtheBI can't install anything because it says that the device doesnt have enough space01:33
HtheBbut the phone isn't even connected?01:33
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nanashi_an icon the skydrive app ( skyfiles pro). thank u.01:39
nanashi_the default icon doesn't blend at all01:42
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RevDNSHi Geeks, i saw the post on Maemo Talk that someone do downgrade of the Nokia N9 firmware. Anyone know how to do that ?13:19
ladogano idea, but maybe check IRC logs
ladogai too remember someone talking about it13:32
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RevDNSladoga: Ok, I'll read it, thanks13:38
RevDNSI found post where someone said that itsnotabigtruck from this channel do downgrade of N9. I hope its true :)13:39
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rhkfinWhat was the reason that developer mode installation fails on WLAN but works on 3G?14:47
thedead1440rhkfin: there is no reason; it works on either connection14:47
rhkfinI think I've seen the same on both times I've flashed.. I guess it can also be my WLAN/DLS connection..14:48
JonniRevDNS: well I know howto downgrade, but I promised not to give that info out. :)14:48
thedead1440rhkfin: could be; maybe something your ISP is blocking14:49
rhkfinBut 3g works so no worries14:49
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RevDNSJonni: Ok, no problem, if you know any method then its possible, so i'm happy to hear that :)14:52
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JonniRevDNS: well yes its possible, but its quite unlikely that exploit is ever released to public.15:01
RevDNSJonni: So, i should have no hope to get this exploit ? I really want to have PR 1.1 i just love this version. When i bought N9 has this version of firmware :)15:09
TronicJonni: I suppose it has security implications such as changing IMEI?15:10
TronicI've seen some developers accidentally zero their IMEI, and someone actually getting under criminal investigation for (apparently accidental) use of zero IMEI.15:12
Tronic(the last part might've been some non-Nokia handset)15:12
JonniTronic: well it doesnt allow changing imei, that one is protected deep in modem side.15:12
RevDNSJonni: it's possible to find this exploit somewhere on the net ?15:14
TronicRevDNS: If it is not released to the public, then no.15:14
JonniRevDNS: nope, it has never been available in the evil internet.15:14
Jonniand pr1.1 is really buggy, so you should just love pr1.3 :)15:15
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Jonni(and if there were some softwares that you loved in pr1.1, you can just extract them from 1.1 image, and copy them to pr1.3 (and opensh/adrian sign refhashlist))15:17
Jonnipersonally I just use pr1.3 everywhere even if I can downgrade.15:18
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RevDNSJonni: it's true, but not everything working stable, and fully working. I think about sell my phone and buy n9 with oldest firmware it is simplest way to have pr 1.1 :)15:21
Jonniwell yes thats simplest way to have pr1.115:21
RevDNSJonni: There is one thing that let me thinking about this exploit. On the net are many of hacking software, so why this exploit isn't share public :)15:25
RevDNSI don't belive to exist exploit to do downgrade, if this exist propobly will be on the net :)15:29
TronicI consider the hacking argument invalid to start with. That's what they use for justifying UEFI Secure Boot, too.15:29
RevDNSOk end of topic15:29
Jonnibecause nobody wants to downgrade to shitty pr release :)15:29
TronicYet, on PC there are virtually no BIOS level rootkit/viruses at all. They are using a heavy-weight solution to attack a nil problem.15:29
TronicThe real reason for secure bootloaders is of course not the fear of rootkits but the desire for vendor lock-in.15:30
RevDNSJonni: Type on google: downgrade N9, many users of N9 wanna downgrade :)15:30
TronicPossibly also to create strong DRM systems.15:30
JonniRevDNS: well and yes many people want to downgrade their PS3's too :)15:30
TronicWasn't PS3 fully hacked and master keys publicly released already?15:31
Jonnialmost fully hacked, and hardware downgrade dongles are avail.15:31
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* RevDNS Searching the auction pages for N9 with the old firmware, brb15:35
RevDNSI have idea, there is Android OS on N9, it using multiboot loader, so maybe i able to install pr 1.1 next to pr 1.3 :)15:37
TronicI don't think so, at least not unless PR1.1 is installed in "open mode".15:40
TronicStill not sure what the limitations of the open mode are, in addition to a warning on phone startup.15:41
TronicI always preferred the Inception way.15:41
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RevDNSI love how the N9 intergrate contact from phone with this from IM, but in Poland we use Gadu-Gadu, and these contact lost after restart connection, and need to write in contact list again... :(16:05
RevDNSAnd PR1.1 have nice small fonts, and white background of update apps, status center etc.16:06
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dm8tbrRevDNS: for GG and a couple of other protocols I simply use XMPP transports. works great for me.16:36
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thedead1440RevDNS: pr1.3 has its issues but don't waste $ going after a pr1.1 device. A number of apps are pr1.2/1.3 compatible only... For the issues you can work-around them. F.e. fonts is covered here well: (instead of using Nokia RDA you can extract from a pr1.1 image too). For the backgrounds I'm pretty sure if you spend some minutes in base/blanco theme folders you would know the image16:40
thedead1440locations and can replace them from pr1.1 images or custom images16:40
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JonniRevDNS: sure you can multiboot to pr1.1 rootfs with ubiboot16:48
Jonnior ofcourse you can install pr1.1 small fonts etc on top of pr1.3 image.16:49
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RevDNSdm8tbr: Yes, but in XMPP people out of your contact list cant write to you :(17:43
RevDNSJonni: Could you tell me how to do that with Ubiboot ? It's interesting17:44
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RevDNSthedead1440: It's fact, that many apps won't run on PR 1.1. For me, i using only system apps, like IM, browser, camera... no nonsystem apps17:45
RevDNSJonni: if you have the patience to me, write for me small instructions how to install pr 1.1 next to pr 1.3 via ubiboot, i will be very grateful17:49
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dm8tbrRevDNS: always worked for me with GG transport. had interesting 'random' people message me17:53
thedead1440RevDNS: in stock apps except for fonts and backgrounds what else is better in pr1.1 than pr1.3? Really weird that you would buy a new phone with an old FW for some obscure reason... But then its each to their own :D17:55
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RevDNSthedead1440: Really want old appearance. And maybe i suppose, but pr1.1 was faster ? :)18:33
thedead1440lol pr1.1 was only a small update whose main feature was the addition of music controls on lockscreen :D Like mentioned earlier appearance features you can apply on pr1.3 too but go-ahead with a new device if you so wish :)18:35
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Jonnithats a myth, it wasnt any faster, most likely bugfixes in pr1.3 makes it faster. Getting pr1.1 backgrounds and smaller fonts is easily done with css changes18:35
RevDNSOk, i can change fonts cos i done it before last update to pr 1.3. But i cant change backgrounds of the apps. I have done with status center, moving from pr 1.1 to pr 1.2 but its isnt fully working.18:37
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RevDNSJonni: Install secound Harmattan via Ubiboot is simple ?18:41
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JonniRevDNS: just like installing nemo, extract rootfs and and corresponding kernel... and edit fstab accordingly.. most likely18:45
Jonnias easy as getting small fonts into pr1.318:45
RevDNSJonni: I know, you all have right, but i remeber when i changing in hex editor timestep etc. and it was flashed by this, but with error, so its my little wish to back to pr1.1. :)18:47
RevDNSOk, i put my phone in charger, i will install pr 1.1 next to pr 1.3 today, if i have a question can i write to you, Jonni ?18:54
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suosaaskiso, how secure is bt? is it preferred over the crap wep encryption offered by n9 for internet sharing? and is it secure to keep bt on all the time if it set to be nonvisible?21:48
suosaaskiand hows the batterylife bt vs wlan?21:49
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rhkfinWhere do i find a non-openmode kernel zImage for N9(50) PR1.2? Did my trials with Nemo and having openmode kernel is no good for Harmattan (password storage, device lock..)23:01
valdur55Use your rootfs and flag --flash-only=kenrel23:04
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rhkfinvaldur55: I've only managed to find that I'd expect flashes everything23:08
rhkfinI'll go with that23:09
*** suy has quit IRC23:09
valdur55err. i misreaded...23:09
rhkfinFeel free to correct yourself if you have some ideas ;)23:10
valdur55do you want ho go back to normal mode?23:10
rhkfinOr have I understood correctly that password storage & device lock don't work because of open mode?23:11
valdur55yep. almost.23:11
rhkfinWould like to have working harmattan & nemo but can't sacrifice work (outlook) e-mail :/23:12
valdur55~ aegis23:12
infobot , or "The purpose of this framework is: ... to make sure that the platform meets the requirements set by third party software that requires a safe execution environment.", or, or
rhkfinHOw does aegis help me overcome this?23:12
infobotmethinks aegis-no-thanks is, or, or
rhkfinso open mode disables aegis?23:13
rhkfin"(device lock code, however, does not work -- UI always says "code incorrect" when you try to set one)23:14
valdur55read aegis-no-thanks liks23:14
rhkfinthat's where the quote is from23:15
rhkfinfrom tmo link23:15
rhkfinbut I will, thanks23:15
rhkfinAnd back to original question.. Where do I find original zImage..?23:15
valdur55asd you can gec accounts working when you remove accounts, aegis etc. folders.23:16
valdur55i already talked about it23:17
valdur55my first response.23:17
valdur55oh. ... flash mith rootf and correct flags23:18
rhkfinyes, and I answered to it saying I only found Linux_OCF_02-6_RM680-RM680-OEM1.bin that flashes it all23:18
Jonniand yes you need to flash it all to get back into secure mode23:22
Jonniif you flash kernel only you are still on openmode23:23
rhkfinJonni: thanks, that clarifies it23:23
Jonni(and as a spoiler I can say that even in openmode you can have working device lock and mfe... I have it) :)23:23
rhkfinGooood for you... Any pointers ;)?23:24
Jonniunfortunately it requires custom .deb packages, so only hope if to wait and see if someone releases them to forums someday.23:25
valdur55Jonni: ane you st23:28
valdur55storing device lock code in mt part?23:28
Jonnivaldur55: storing it into aegis store.23:29
valdur55Can you sgare your custom debs? :)23:30
infobotvaldur55 meant: Can you share your custom debs? :)23:32
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rhkfin+1, I'm sure there are some people interested..23:38
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