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merlin1991hh ... harmattan?17:06
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thedead1440coderus: ping17:23
thedead1440coderus: try this for the first time to boot into Harmattan via telnet: mount /mnt/217:24
thedead1440 /boot/menu/ ; echo $?17:24
thedead1440 /usr/bin/disable_pm ; kexec -e ; echo $? ; sleep 1017:24
thedead1440you should get "0" from the boot menu selection17:25
thedead1440and the second line should boot things fine; after the first time you don't need to do this again for it to work properly17:25
thedead1440also use nitdroid's preinit for harmattan instead of juiceme's preinit17:27
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coderusthedead1440: pong17:32
thedead1440coderus: try what i mentioned; for first time boot using ubiboot do it via telnet17:33
thedead1440after that things are always stable17:33
coderusthedead1440: how it related to me? :)17:33
thedead1440you posted on TMO you had bme issue right? try to do via telnet17:33
coderusthedead1440: not me, my friend. i'll think how to tell him to use telnet. not sure in experience.17:34
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coderusthedead1440: maybe any modification to init to do it?17:37
thedead1440coderus: not sure but personally when i first tried booting all 3 OSes i got blank screens. Doing it via telnet for first boot made things work and subsequent boot-ups i've had no issues17:38 based on that modifying init is not something i think is really required...17:41
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coderusthedead1440: just to make changes in harmattan, if booted normally remove changes17:44
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thedead1440coderus: hmm yeah maybe for first boot. It can be posted on TMO too for people facing issues or in the README.17:47
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xavinuxHi people, I am new here. Own a Nokia N9 and have knowledge of Linux, Would like to know if I can be usefull19:29
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ladogahi xavi19:51
xavinuxhi ladoga how are you19:52
ladogaand welcome :)19:55
ladogaare you familiar with forums?19:55
ladogamaybe look there and see if you find something interesting19:56
xavinuxhi people, how are younothing to do here? someone from maemo sent me here20:00
ajalkaneWe doing cool. How about you?20:00
ajalkaneNowadays I think we mostly just chill here. Doing nothing and stuff.20:01
ladoga :)20:02
ajalkaneYou should have been here 1.5 years ago. Man, this place was on fire. Daily bitchfest about aegis. Now we just roll with it on our rocking chairs.20:02
xavinuxsorry I was not here before20:04
ajalkaneIt's never too late to start a bitchfest about aegis though. It's still entertaining after all these years.20:06
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ladogaexcept now many are using it's kind of irrelevant20:07
ladogabut bitching about nokia's failures never gets old20:07
xavinuxI understand. And what you think about the MER and TIZEN Projects, is the sucesor of Meego?20:10
wmarone_Tizen is Bada with a Linux core20:11
wmarone_Mer/Sailfish is the real MeeGo/Maemo successor, given who is behind it. What will become of it depends on the course Jolla decides to take.20:11
ajalkane^ what he said. Tizen is boring.20:11
wmarone_tizen was interesting, at least initially20:12
ajalkaneI don't remember such time.20:12
wmarone_but I have no faith in Samsung's software abilities even if they do hire people like Rasterman20:12
wmarone_and with the big push of the Bada APIs into Tizen 2.0, I suspect that the linux-ness of the platform will be subdued in favor of Bada, something Samsung has much more control over.20:13
ajalkaneAs far as I remember, Tizen was always "HTML5 FTW" and native APIs suck20:13
wmarone_They were but it was inevitable that would change20:13
wmarone_there was no hope for them to force the issue, Javascript still doesn't have the performance20:14
wmarone_and Tizen 2.0 finally added native apps.20:14
ajalkaneSo now it's HTML5 FTW and Bada APIs rocks for native API?20:14
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wmarone_not EFL, which was what kept people's attention20:15
ajalkaneThe lengths they go to avoid using Qt... :P20:15
ajalkaneEFL could have been interesting if it was truly supported native API.20:16
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wmarone_right, and everyone thought it would be20:16
wmarone_then the Bada APIs came along, and well...20:16
wmarone_great way to kill interest!20:16
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ajalkaneI knew they were using heavily EFL in the background, but all the talk they gave had me sceptical it'd be directly supported native API20:17
wmarone_Tizen as a whole isn't very open, either. It has too much of the top-down mindset that is typical for Samsung.20:17
wmarone_if you're a 3rd party that wants an open platform to leverage, Mer is way, way better as an option.20:17
ajalkaneYeah it seems just very controlled platform that you can't influence in anyway. So there's no motivation for an enthusiast for trying to contribute to it20:18
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xavinuxok I agree20:20
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wmarone_speaking of open mode, I need to move my N9 to that20:22
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ladogawmarone_: here are steps I used
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ladogathough it's good to browse through all threads on TMO about it even if lenghty and sometimes confusing20:42
wmarone_I figure open mode will suffice until Nemo becomes a fully capable replacement20:44
wmarone_and I get my hands on whatever Jolla releases.20:44
ladogafor example some more knowledgeable people than me advice against removing aegis mounts20:44
wmarone_makes sense20:45
wmarone_I suspect some of the user space expects them to be there20:45
ladogathough i haven't experienced any adverse effects20:45
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ladogaI haven't installed many apps. GPS works and I haven't seen increased battery drain (stable 3mA average idle on energy saving mode)20:49
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ladogaso circa 16days idle uptime on one charge. no apps crashing or going unresponsive either20:51
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ladogabut there's not much (if anything) to gain by removing them20:53
ladogaso better safe than sorry i'd say20:53
ladogathem* aegis mounts20:54
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jabisreflashed my niner - still no camera - bahhh only if I could back to previous firmware -.-21:00
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jabiscamera-ui bitched once about not having enough diskspace on /home/user/.omap3 something - and the file actually isn't there - when the camera fires up properly - the file is there with 0600 only permission as user:metadata21:01
jabis(ps. full reflash 1.1GB used out of the 2GB, so ye there is room to create files)21:06
jabisok - the issue is generated after system touches a user:metadata file in /home/user/.qcamera <- removing this file enables the camera-ui to start again21:10
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