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piscine_parkerim having problems importing a self signed certificate00:30
piscine_parkerive been google for a while now cant find anything that would work00:31
piscine_parkercan you guys help me ?00:31
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piscine_parkerHurrian that does get tye certificate installed but i cant connect to my server00:38
piscine_parkeri still get the couldnt open page error :/00:38
Hurrianpiscine_parker, hmm, wait, I think the proper way was to use acmcli00:39
Hurrianwait, lemme lookup the command.00:39
piscine_parkerive tried does not allow me to install the cert00:41
piscine_parkereven as root00:41
Hurrianacmcli -c common-ca -i file.pem?00:41
Jonnipiscine_parker: well root doesnt have enough capabilities, you need to use opensh to use acmcli00:41
Hurrianah, he's not in openmode.00:42
Jonnieven in openmode you need to use opensh, unless you use neutered kernel.00:43
piscine_parkerive installed inception..does that matter00:43
piscine_parkeralso the certificate is installed now00:43
Hurrianpiscine_parker: Run the command under opensh.00:43
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Jonnibasicly for adding you would use something like this: opensh -c "acmcli -C aegis-certman-common-ca::CertCACommonAdd -lc common-ca -a CACert_root_certificate_that_you_want_to_add.pem"00:46
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HurrianJonni: wow, that's one long shared cert domain name.00:47
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piscine_parkerstill nothing :(00:51
piscine_parkerin opensh i dont get any errors but i still cant open the page00:51
Jonniis the page somewhere in internet?00:52
Jonniie that we can test on00:52
Jonniend you restarted your browser I presume00:53
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piscine_parkerquick reboot...still nothing :(00:55
Jonniis the page somewhere in internet? ie that we can test on? Are you sure that its not badly configured apache etc00:56
Jonnior just bad html syntax00:56
piscine_parkerits my homeserver..running owncloud00:57
piscine_parkermaybe there might be something wrong with the crt ?01:00
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Jonnilets see, I'll test it on my N901:00
piscine_parkerno malware i promisse :)01:06
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Jonnipiscine_parker: ah yes, its a bit tricky... default browser has some issues with that one. With N9 firefox it works.... I'll see if there is some tricks to get default browser working with that cert01:14
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piscine_parkerwell i have to get this think to work with the system goal is to get caldav and carddav from owncloud01:16
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Jonniunfortunately I have to go to sleep, I'll try to look the browser cert thingie at some later point, unless someone else manages to help you01:26
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nanashi_hi =)01:50
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piscine_parkerJonni sry i was away01:54
piscine_parkerno problem thanks alot m801:54
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bef0rdthedead1440: ping07:02
thedead1440bef0rd: pong07:02
bef0rdhey :D i'm about to upload a first version for the 8tracks client, would you mind testing it before i post the thread about it?07:04
thedead1440ofcourse i would love to :D :D07:04
bef0rdthanks, let me upload it07:08
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TimoSo, I'm going to do a full eMMC flash today. I'm back-upping now, but how do I back-up my mails? And wazapp-chat history? :)09:19
ZogG_laptopbef0rd: ping09:21
ZogG_laptopRzR: ping09:21
TimoAlready got it, btw :P09:59
TimoDoing the eMMC flash now...10:00
thedead1440Timo: told ya :p10:01
thedead1440doing piecemeal flash when you want to get to a clean set-up is never a good idea10:02
TimoYeah, I know. You said it, and I thought: He's right. Let's do it now, in my weekend.10:02
* Timo plugs in the cable10:02
TimoOoh, that gives such a scary feeling :P10:03
TimoBut, I backed up everything10:03
TimoEven my mails :P10:03
TimoIt's worth it, after restoring my sh*t I'm in open mode :)10:04
TimoIt's now flashing eMMC10:04
TimoAaaand it's done :)10:06
tehdelyhas anyone repartitioned to create a partition just for easy debian?10:09
tehdelyi was wondering whether that would be feasible...10:09
Timothedead1440: It's right that the phone reboots after enabling devmode?10:13
thedead1440Timo: yup10:14
TimoOkay, then I'll flash Open Mode :)10:15
TimoNo, first remove the bigscarywarrantyvoidmessage :P10:15
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TimoHm, that's not good. It boots, and after Nolo it just shuts down.10:24
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TimoWell, I'm in the mood now, let's do the whole flash again :P10:30
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TimoYeah, I'm in open mode :D11:29
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cityLightshow to have avahi on N9 ?12:07
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cityLightswho wrote Proximus?12:32
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TimoWhen I try to log onto my Nokia account I'm getting a 'Unknown error occured - check time settings' error. Does anybody know how to solve that?12:41
thedead1440Did you check your time settings? Is the correct time set?12:41
TimoYep, it's correct.12:44
valdur55Maybe there are some problems with certs ?12:47
TimoI guess that's the problem, indeed.12:47
TimoDoes anybody have a clean (open mode) back-up of /etc/ssl/certs which I can use for my device?12:47
valdur55It musn't be open mode back-up. It's normal backup12:48
valdur55Timo: maybe you can reinstall aegis-certifiactes package12:49
Timoso apt-get install --reinstall aegis-certificates ?12:49
Timocouldn't find package aegis-certificates...12:51
valdur55apt-cache search aegis | grep cert12:53
Timoaegis-certman-common, libaegis-certman, certman tools, certman dev, etc.12:54
TimoI guess reinstall aegis-certman then?12:54
TimoI meant that :P12:55
TimoNope, still the error...12:58
thedead1440delete /home/user/.aegis and /home/user/.accounts13:00
RzRZogG_laptop, pong13:03
Timothedead1440: Still the same error...13:06
thedead1440Timo: did your certs movement and aegisfs mounts removal go properly?13:07
TimoYep, no errors or whatsoever.13:07
thedead1440browsing to any website gives a cert issue?13:07
TimoI'll try13:08
TimoFacebook uses an invalid certificate...13:08
TimoSo, yeah, the certificates are quite messed up, I think.13:08
thedead1440could you check with ls -al /etc/aegisfs.d/ if there is anything the directory?13:09
TimoA file called '.' and one '..', owned by root.13:11
thedead1440yeah that's ok13:11
thedead1440and check ls -al /etc/ssl/certs if the certs are owned by root or aegifs13:12
TimoTwo files (. and ..) owned by aegisfs13:12
TimoAnd a folder, certs.bak13:13
thedead1440found your mistake ;)13:13
TimoI guess that one shouldn't be there as a folder :P13:13
thedead1440now do cp -R /etc/ssl/certs.bak/* /etc/ssl/certs/13:13
TimoYeah, as root, I guess?13:13
thedead1440then once the certs are copied over remove /etc/ssl/certs.bak13:13
TimoDone, I'll reboot :P13:14
TimoThat's quite a stupid mistake... Embarassing :P13:15
TimoBut thank you so much for your help! :)13:15
thedead1440np :)13:15
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valdur55OK. but why reinstalling certman-common-ca does't work?13:22
TimoEverything works now :)13:22
Timovaldur55: I don't know...13:22
valdur55It may be wrong package :P13:22
valdur55Reinstalling right package should restore certs13:23
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TimoSo, after a full flash I installed N9QT and enabled the landscape UI. But... It doesn't work. The homescreens do not turn into landscape, unfortunately. Is this a known bug or...?15:55
thedead1440Timo: because you are using FDB as your theme!15:57
TimoIs it?15:57
thedead1440FDB has almost all the theme components itself15:57
thedead1440edit the N9QT script to point to FDB instead of blanco15:57
TimoSo, first I have to remove FDB, enable landscape and then install FDB again?15:58
thedead1440or do the changes manually in FDB folder15:58
thedead1440no its already enabled but only for blanco15:58
TimoOh, that's also a possibility15:58
thedead1440ColorThemes from kebbana would work too15:58
thedead1440but FDB you need to do the changes manually or get N9QT to point to FDB15:58
TimoOkay, so how do I do that?15:58
thedead1440do what?15:59
thedead1440edit N9QT's script? use any text editor and edit it15:59
TimoChange the theme15:59
thedead1440uninstall FDB?15:59
thedead1440or use themechanger, theme settings or gconf15:59
TimoNo, change FDB to enable landscape :P15:59
thedead1440read the changes to be made by N9QT and do them manually on FDB instead16:00
TimoBut I guess letting N9QT point to FDB is the most easy solution?16:00
thedead1440yeah either way16:00
thedead1440read the scripts you'll understand it ;)16:00
TimoI guess so ;)16:00
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TimoWell, editing files on the VKB is a pain in the *ss, but I think I made it work :P16:09
TimoI also tried to enable Vesuri's mod (should work, since I'm in open mode), but that didn't work. Do I have to edit that one as well?16:10
thedead1440most probably yes :)16:11
thedead1440read the tweaks or go to their sources and understand how they are done16:11
TimoYep :)16:11
thedead1440if they are modifying the contents of base/blanco most probably you need to do the changes if the same file is in FDB16:11
TimoIt said it needed Inception, but I just let it install, and it said 'Aegis installing', I was like O.o, why didn't I do this earlier?! :P16:12
thedead1440fixed origin is required if you aren't using inception16:12
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TimoIt seems like Vesuri's mod is using .deb files.16:14
thedead1440the .deb has to be installed with fixed origin16:15
thedead1440the landscape theme .deb adds settings to base or blanco; i don't remember exactly16:16
thedead1440iirc one or two sub-folders in that are "new" so you won't need to add them to FDB but the others the modifications would need to be manually added to FDB16:16
TimoHm, so I have to edit the .deb files?16:16
TimoI have to study the changes Vesuri's mod makes and apply them to FDB.16:17
TimoI did it the lazy way: Disable FDB, install Vesuri's, enable FDB :P16:28
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valdur55How can i see fennec's javascript console ?17:58
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valdur55oh. i got it:)18:02
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Timovaldur55: What did the trick at last? :)18:17
TimoHi solari18:19
solarihow r u?18:19
TimoFine, but let's not go offtopic ;)18:19
TimoWell, read the topic.18:20
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solarido u sspeak spanish?18:21
TimoNo, I don't.18:21 english it's not so good..18:22
solarii'm from argentina..18:22
solarithis is a server for n9 users ?18:23
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* Timo sighs :P18:26
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bef0rdpng ZogG_laptop20:13
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ZogG_laptopbef0rd: late pong20:39
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bef0rdZogG_laptop: I was sleeping21:16
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